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It’s a Druid Thing? Nope, it’s an ACLU Thing…

About three weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding a couple who were pulled over for traffic violations and had a bumper sticker "It’s a Druid Thing" on their vehicle.  The couple claimed they were only pulled over because of this bumper sticker, seeming to leave out the part about all of their violations.  The ACLU took up their cause and demanded an apology. 

Recently, a police officer involved in the traffic stop left the following comment on my blog:

"I am the Police officer that was involved in the traffic stop. For almost three months I have been silent. I have noticed that the internet has mostly slammed me.

Most of the sites and chat rooms are not interested in the total story, just the lies told so far.

I am ashamed that so many people will listen to the loudest voice regardless of what is being said.

Most recently the ACLU called me a stalker and asked the Greer Police department to issue a restraining order against me.

To view more of these details, visit my churces website and look at the MLB in the news link.

There have been a lot of Christian support and I am very thankful for websites like yours. You are however in the minority as most sites side with the ACLU.

Ex-Officer - Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart was a reserve officer for the Greer, S.C. police department for 14 years when this event unfolded.  When the couple’s allegations came forward, officer Stewart was placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation took place, and was cleared, with the issues that this couple brought forward unsubstantiated - well, by the internal investigation team anyway.  Enter the ACLU, coming to the defense of these troubled and picked on people.

Now, Officer Stewart, as a reserve officer, did not issue tickets (he never drove a cruiser or wrote tickets during his time of service).  The actual traffic stop and citation(s) were not initiated by Officer Stewart.  However, he has faced a mountain of accusations - one of them being stalking - from any number of websites, news bureaus and, of course, the ACLU.  Around the time this issue was escalating, the four reserve officer positions, including Stewarts, were cut and he was without a job.  The timing seems very interesting to me, but here is what Tony says about it:

The motives for the Gaineys to make charges against me were two fold. One of those was to make enough noise so as to force the police department to drop their charges. The dismissal of all four of the reserve officers due to budgetary reasons came at an unfortunate time, which may have looked suspicious to some. I can only say that I hope a creative approach to solving their budget problems will one day allow them to reinitiate this program, as it was a resource that helped the other officers do their jobs more safely. I doubt that I would ever be asked to return, but I have no hard feelings. I enjoyed serving the people of Greer.

With all he’s been through, he is most gracious, isn’t he?

I encourage you to go see Tony’s comments on his church’s website.  There is a lot he can’t disclose or discuss due to the pending legal matters surrounding the case, but on the flip side, he does give you some perspective of what happened and what he is going through.

One particular item in Tony’s comments caught my attention:

As a Christian and a volunteer police officer, I constantly desired to help people. That night I heard a cry for mercy from a lady who told of hard times and living on food stamps. I heard that the trip to Walmart to get needed groceries was unfairly interrupted by the arrest of her husband. And the towing of a car that could not be legally driven without insurance or tags would add further burdens to a family she described as without hope. I heard that some of the groceries would spoil and that they had no money to replace them.

This was the chance that I prayed for.  I responded by asking her if I could mail her a letter about a bible study and Mt. Lebanon Baptist church where I told her the search for answers to the questions she asked could begin.  I wanted her to meet my Pastor Mark Smith who god used every day to show people the way to better days.  I wanted her to know what the support of a church family like mine would do for her.  Before we parted I resented her with $40 dollars to help with the spoiled groceries.

Why did that catch my eye?  Well, my initial throught was that an officer should not be witnessing to a person while on the job.  Not so much the church versus state idea, but more along the lines of keeping it "about the job."  I truly believe his intentions were good.  Do I think he should defer from witnessing about his faith while on the job?  Perhaps.  Do I think that his witnessing in the case of this couple had a direct impact on the officer’s descretion in handling the situation from a law enforcement perspective?  Absolutely not.  The driver was driving with a suspended license, had no insurance and other such significant violations warranting the traffic stop.  The sole reason for the traffic stop was related to their violations, NOT whether they were druid, blue with stripes, orange with dots, Catholic, etc.  Hence, the danger of the ACLU. They don’t use common sense and rational thought, while looking at the big picture. If there had been any evidence tying the traffic stop merely to the bumper sticker, I wouldn’t be writing about this.

…and what of Ex-Officer Tony Stewart? He has many opportunities coming his way such as public speaking opportunities and because of his faith, Mr. Stewart sees the blessings in this course of his life.

Mr. Stewart, best of luck to you in your endeavors. Hold onto your positive outlook and you will get through this trying time and it will have made you stronger. The ACLU doesn’t win them all - I don’t think this will be in the “winner’s” bracket for them, either.

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White Trash Wednesday - The Real White Trash Woman

I haven’t posted much for White Trash Wednesdays the last few weeks, but I’m certain I found the epitome of a White Trash Beeeotch that everyone can relate to:


Sunday Night Linkfest (AKA Lazy Blogging)

Due to a company picnic, fighting a cold, cooking, cleaning and generally being lazy, I haven’t blogged anything since Thursday!  That’s a long time for me!  I guess I just haven’t felt creative and/or had the time to write the one post that I have dancing around in my head.  Soooooo…I think I’ll send you off to read some posts much more interesting than anything I can come up with at the moment!

Please keep those in the South (i.e. Louisiana, Alabama) in your thoughts and prayers.  The bitch of a hurricane Katrina looms off the coast, and it doesn’t look good.  Beth has got the right idea and is driving away from the coast.  Be safe, Beth!  You are in our prayers!

Well, due to the weather and other circumstances, the Cotillion isn’t having their weekly gala.  However, to see what one crazy day in the life of the Cotillion is like (behind the scenes), look no further than Cassandra’s round up.  Yeah, we’re all slightly crazy!

Speaking of the Cotillion…it appears there is a new little bundle of joy in the Cotillion "family."  Go over to Right Thinking Girl and congratulate the family on their new arrival, baby girl Parker Grace!

Darleen over at Darleen’s Place has a great post up about Cindy Sheehan, that b….oh, Darleen says it best and she has a great photo of the new Cindy Sheehan doll as well.  This is a a MUST view photo!

Lastly, it’s been awhile since I talked about my favorite Food Network guru, Rachael Ray.  She launched yet another new show, "Tasty Travels."  The first episode was Friday night, and was shot in New York City.  Her sweetie John Cusimano was also in the show, for those of you who find their way here.  I like the concept of this show more than "$40 A Day."  It’s not just about restaurants.  In this particular show, Rachael took you to the store she buys her funky dishes from, and also takes you to the market she buys her groceries from.  Next stop….Los Angeles!  Hmmmm….wonder if she’ll ever be in Omaha?  Heh!

Well, that’s it for now…off to finish some laundry and other such boring types of stuff.  Work again tomorrow, darn it!  But we’re coming up on a 3-day weekend…that will help me get through the week!

Stop the ACLU! Blogburst - Yet Another Double Standard

Back in July, I did a post regarding the ACLU and their position against putting additional security cameras in cities with a higher propensity for terrorism and other criminal activity.  The ACLU cited concerns with the intrusion on privacy for every day citizens (even though they were in public places!).  Well, when the ACLU wishes to follow Americans who want to protect our borders, they have no issue tailing them and capturing their actions on camera - a practice not too far removed, it seems, from every day paparazzi:

SANTA FE - Used to be, Gary Buie and his family could go down to a local buffet in Birmingham, Ala., and fill up on comfort food and familiar eats.

Slowly, the all-you-can-eat buffet began to change. Six months ago, he and his family made the trip and were the only ones speaking English, he said in a telephone interview from Birmingham.

Alabama’s immigrant population is growing, and residents like Buie are noticing.

To help the U.S. Border Patrol, the 53-year-old civil engineer and others from that state plan to drive to New Mexico in October to watch for and report undocumented border crossers.

Members of the group, the Alabama Minutemen Support Team, aren’t anti-immigrant, Buie said, but "rules apply to everyone."

"I can see that through uncontrolled border access, people are coming through, and we don’t know who they are."

Organizers say they hope 125 people will make the trip. About 30 have signed up so far.

These travelers will not be alone.  In addition to being joined by the New Mexico Minutemen, members of the ACLU won’t be too far away.

While the Minutemen get ready for their duty, ACLU members today will start training legal observers, who will follow, photograph and videotape the Minutemen.

Ray Ybarra, an Ira Glasser Racial Justice Fellow with the national ACLU, will conduct the training.

"I hope the people of New Mexico aren’t going to sit and let these vigilantes come to their communities and wreak havoc," he said.

Oh, c’mon, Ray.  VIGILANTES?  These are American citizens with one idea in mind - to peacefully protect our nations borders from being crossed by individuals who are entering our country illegally.  The hope is that they can prevent potential terrorists, criminals, illegals and other known law breakers from entering our country.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  The ACLU is on the side of the terrorists.

This isn’t the first time the ACLU has "observed" minutemen.

Ybarra said about 150 observers were on the scene in Arizona in April, when a similar Minutemen operation was conducted. He also plans to hold trainings in Las Cruces and El Paso.

The ACLU conveniently forgets that the governor in New Mexico called for a state of emergency due to the issues they have faced with the surge of illegal immigrants crossing their border.  While New Mexico is doing everything they can to increase police and border patrol in the area, 125 willing volunteers certainly can’t cause any harm in the interim. 

I just have to ponder…who would come to these volunteers’ rescue if they raise concern that their "right to privacy" is being infringed upon by the very group who screams for that right on behalf of so many others?


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It’s Cotillion Time Again!

Please join the gathering place of cool, conservative women at the Cotillion tomorrow for the weekly blog tour hosted by Villainous Company, The American Princess, Soldiers’ Angel - Holly Aho and The Bad Hair Blog.  You’ll have plenty to read and plenty to think about!

Shame on you, Chuck!

Chuck Hagel is at it again.  It is embarrassing that he is 1) from Nebraska and 2) representing the Republican party.  Well, he really isn’t representing the Republican party, is he?  Read below (emphasis mine):

WASHINGTON (AP) - A leading Republican senator and prospective presidential candidate said Sunday that the war in Iraq has destabilized the Middle East and is looking more like the Vietnam conflict from a generation ago.

Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, who received two Purple Hearts and other military honors for his service in Vietnam, reiterated his position that the United States needs to develop a strategy to leave Iraq. Hagel scoffed at the idea that U.S. troops could be in Iraq four years from now at levels above 100,000, a contingency for which the Pentagon is preparing.

"We should start figuring out how we get out of there," Hagel said on "This Week" on ABC. "But with this understanding, we cannot leave a vacuum that further destabilizes the Middle East. I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur."

Hagel said "stay the course" is not a policy. "By any standard, when you analyze 2 1/2 years in Iraq … we’re not winning," he said.

No, Senator Hagel.  The war in Iraq isn’t looking like the Vietnam conflict, you WANT it to look like the Vietnam conflict.  You need to hop the tour bus with your gal pal Jane Fonda and take your message to the smelly, sandal-donning, hemp-weaving hippies who might actually listen to your line of bullshit.  I’m embarrassed that you are representing my state and my party.  Perhaps YOU should be the one getting out.

Sexual Predators Should Be Removed from Society

Anyone that hangs around here for more than a few seconds knows my position on child molesters and pedophiles - they should be removed from society because they are repeat offenders.  I came across a great opinion piece over at Fox News written by Carole Moore, a former police officer who is a crime reporter.  She sums up my own opinions eloquently in one article.  I encourage you to read the entire article over at Fox News, but I wanted to point out an excerpt that I really liked:

But in most cases, it doesn’t last. Until they finally kill a child — and amazingly, sometimes not even then — most child rapists will one day be back out, free to steal a child’s innocence or even his or her life. It’s time to tip the scales in favor of the kids.

Finally! Someone in Robes Slapped Down the ACLU!

Does this look ominous to you?  Frightening?  Does it cause you pain and discomfort? 

This monument, donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1966, is on property adjacent to a public park.  I can remember walking by this monument on my way to the park on many occasions as a kid.  I thought it was beautiful and it never crossed my mind that anyone would think it was offensive and needed to be removed.  Then "John Doe" comes along in 1991 to complain that he is an atheist and he has to see this monument on his drive each day and doesn’t think it should be there.  The ACLU jumped up quickly to support "Mr. Doe" in his efforts.  The citizens of Plattsmouth were not amused, and even discussed selling the property the monument was on for $1 (to a private citizen) so they could preserve it.  Oh, and the Omaha World Herald outed "John Doe" (his real name is Ron Larsen), and of course he felt that his life was in danger after that - poor victim that he is. 

Following much legal wrangling, appeals and other legal stuff, it appears as though there might be a win for the citizens of Plattsmouth! 

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a ruling last year from one of the court’s three-judge panels that said the monument must be removed from the park.

The appeals court cited a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that said it was constitutionally permissible to display the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Texas Capitol. In that case, the high court said the monument was a legitimate tribute to the nation’s legal and religious history.

Lawyers for Plattsmouth had argued that the monument is simply a gift from a prominent civic group and not an endorsement of religion.

It’s nice to see that common sense *can* prevail in society - and it just happened to be in my old stomping grounds.

Update:  Be sure to stop by my hubby’s Cafe Press store to buy some fun stuff - he even has a design inspired by this story!

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Poster Child for Tree Huggers Everywhere

Whatever you do, don’t trim her trees!!

FREMONT, Calif. (AP) - A woman incensed at utility tree trimmers was arrested after allegedly chasing workers with a chain saw and twisting the fingers of an arresting officer, police said.

Diane Kaiser, 57, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, theft and resisting arrest. She posted bail and was released.

She had been notified that workers would be coming to trim trees away from her powerlines.  When the workers knocked on her door and she didn’t answer, they proceeded to start the work.  She apparently didn’t like that too much.

When workers walked to the back of the house, Kaiser allegedly ran from the home cursing and screaming.

She then picked up rocks and began throwing them at the workers, according to police reports.

Kaiser then allegedly picked up a tree trimmer’s chain saw and pointed it at the workers, causing three to flee and call police. A fourth worker climbed a tree to escape.

Tree huggers everywhere are probably applauding this woman, honoring her as the Cindy Sheehan of vegetation! 

Oh…tree workers?  If you are ever in Nebraska, we have a tree that we want REMOVED.  Come on by, we’ll even serve you beer and food. 

Stop the ACLU! - People Praying is Comparable to Terrorists?

In yet another display of their radical views, the ACLU has opened mouth, inserted foot yet again.

A local ACLU director [Joe Cook, ACLU of Louisiana] equated al-Qaida terrorists with members of a Louisiana school board seeking to open their meetings with prayer.

Excuse me?

Referring to the school board, Cook said, "They believe that they answer to a higher power, in my opinion. Which is the kind of thinking that you had with the people who flew the airplanes into the buildings in this country, and the people who did the kind of things in London."

Mike Johnson, senior counsel and southeastern regional coordinator for the Alliance Defense Fund, said it best:   

"It shows the ACLU has become more and more extreme and marginalized," said Johnson. "So, to that extent, I like it when he talks, because he simply reveals who they are."

Johnson said the ACLU tries to "come across as champions of liberty, but the truth of the matter is they are extremists."

Yes, Mr. Johnson.  I would agree that he is the poster boy for ACLU propaganda.  Hammer to the nail, I say.

I can’t say I find this the equivalent to terroristic activities:

The board – which has opened each of its meetings with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, for more than 30 years – argues the invocations impose no restriction on any religious viewpoint, and any person who wants to lead the prayer may do so regardless of his religious beliefs.

Of course, someone had to complain and the ACLU had to come running.  I picture Joe Cook, tongue dangling out of the corner of his mouth, salivating at another chance to put the kibosh on prayer.

In an ACLU-mandated world, a person can’t pray, but they can watch child porn.  If a person doesn’t like their spouse, who just happens to be on life support, they can pull the plug without their confirmed consent.  Gosh, criminals are now the victims, and the victims are the one who have to do the community service.  For that matter, let’s pay child abusive murderers, who are card carrying members of NAMbLA so they have an easier time in prison.  Remove the Ten Commandments because they are just so offensive, take "Under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance as it is inappropriate and remove crosses and other symbols from the public eye.  Do not *ever* utter the words "Merry Christmas" and be sure to put the "It’s a Druid Thing" bumper sticker on your car so you can get out of those tickets you don’t want.  Laughable?  Hardly.  Almost all of this is happening today.   

When will the pendulum swing the other way?  At some point, will the ACLU come to my defense because I want the right to pray before a school board meeting if I so desire?  Will they defend me if I say that I reserve the right to say "Under God" because I believe in God?  Will they defend me if I say that I got a speeding ticket only because they pulled me over when I didn’t have my "It’s a Druid Thing" bumper sticker proudly displayed?

The ACLU’s extremist views continue to poison our society with ridiculous notions about what is "right" and what is "wrong" and the organization seems to get away with comments that were comparable to a famous talk show host, who ended up without a job because of the outcry following his comments about the "brave terrorists."  Where is the public outcry with this moron?  I, myself, will continue to speak out against the evils of the ACLU for as long as I can, or until they pry my rosary and my crucifix from my cold, dead hands.


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I Can’t Say I’m Surprised…

Back in July, I brought you the story of 22-year-old Matthew Koso, who married a 13-year-old girl he got pregnant.  The girl’s mother approved and consented the marriage, which took place across the state line in Kansas, where it is legal for kids under the age of 18 to get married, as long as there is parental consent.  However, it is illegal in Nebraska, and charges of first degree sexual assult were filed against Koso by Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning.

The Omaha World Herald brings us an update to this twisted saga - the title stands alone:  "Child Bride’s Love Had Eye for the Girls."  Sickening, isn’t it?

FALLS CITY, Neb. - Matthew Koso, the 22-year-old local man who married his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend in May, was involved with at least three other underage girls before her.

Relatives of two girls told The World-Herald of the relationships.

In one case, Koso’s relationship with an 11-year-old girl came to an abrupt halt when her father discovered the two had been going out. Koso was 19 at the time.

"I nipped it in the bud," the father said.

Another girl’s uncle said he intervened when he saw his niece, then 12 or 13, riding in Koso’s van. He told Koso to stay away from the girl.

In the third case, Andrew Timothy, a cousin of the girl whom Koso married, said he once saw the father of a preteen girl pull Koso out of the city pool, punch him and warn him to stay away from his daughter.

A half-dozen other people who know Koso or his bride, including some of her relatives, said Koso’s interest in young teens and preteens was widely known.

"He’s been dating little girls for a long time," said Patty Smith, an aunt of the girl Koso married.

The girl’s mother cited his past behavior when she sought a protection order to keep him away from her daughter.

"He has a history of the same, similar with other young girls. And he needs to be stopped here and now," the mother wrote in her affidavit.

Of course Koso didn’t mention any of this to his attorney.  Koso’s mother said that he didn’t go on dates with anyone, especially young girls.  C’mon, Mom.  I think you are in denial - he impregnated a 13 year old!  Okay, maybe she’s right…does statuatory rape count as a date?

I have to share this sad tale - of course none of this is Matthew’s fault - he had ADHD:

Peggy Koso described Matthew, her youngest, as a child who struggled a bit in school. He had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and wasn’t strong at academics or sports. He had few friends, and those he did have were a couple of years younger.

"He never got along well with kids his age," Peggy Koso said.

Matthew Koso also had a few brushes with the law and, after graduating from high school, a brief stint in the Marine Corps.

He attended Falls City Public High School, graduating with his class in May 2001. His wife will be a freshman at the school this fall.

That’s just revolting…and the article states this as if it was some kind of wedding annoucement "His wife will be a fresman at the school this fall…"  How quaint.  How romantic…how sick.  He’s a pedophile!!

Throughout his life, it seems as though Matthew has had run-ins with the law, has cut himself to get attention and had problems with school because, his attorney says, of "Koso’s limited mental capability."  And he’s procreating now?  Greeeeaaaat.  The last famous words of Koso’s attorney:

"It’s not like we have some rampant criminal-type character out here," Yoesel said.

Um, I would beg to differ…

The Cotillion - Stop by and Visit!

Please join the conservative women of the Cotillion today for their weekly round up hosted by A Mom and Her Blog, Girl on the Right, Mary Katharine Ham / Townhall C-Log and Not a Desperate Housewife.  With all that is going on in the news this week, you shouldn’t be disappointed! 

I am Not Alone….

Apparently I am not the only one who can’t stand to be around Cindy Sheehan…

Update:  …and tee bee ain’t takin’ it any more!

Is NAMbLA Paying a Child Killer?

If you are not familiar with this case, it is because it seems to have dropped far off the front page.  Charles Jaynes is a member of NAMbLA, a group that approves and endorses sexual relationships between adult males and young boys.  Charles Jaynes, along with Salvatore Sicari, brutally murdered and molested 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley, before tossing his body into a river.  It seems as though it is possible that NAMbLA has been helping Charles Jaynes out financially, and the reluctance to release Jaynes’ prison records may send the civil case to a higher court.

After a federal judge quashed his motion to release the records in April, Lawrence Frisoli, the attorney for Barbara and Robert Curley, Jeffrey Curley’s parents, requested information about Charles Jaynes’ incarceration from Gov. Mitt Romney and the Department of Corrections last week.

The Curleys, who filed a $200 million lawsuit against the North American Man/Boy Love Association in 2000, allege that Jaynes is receiving money from NAMBLA while in prison and is actively recruiting inmates for the organization. They are seeking information regarding Jaynes’ mail and phone activity, canteen account and employment. 

Frisoli said if the request is denied, he expects further litigation to ensue, possibly to the Supreme Judicial Court. "However, we gave the Massachusetts chief executive officer [the choice]," he said. 

Diane Wiffin, spokeswoman for the DOC, said lawyers were still reviewing the request.

NAMbLA is also being represented by the ACLU, who apparently is on board with NAMbLA’s goal to "educate the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love."  I guess both of these groups tend to forget that such "love" inspired the death of a 10-year-old boy.

In 1999, Barbara Curley was given access to Jaynes’ criminal records that pertain to Jeffrey’s murder, on the basis that she is a victim. But in his April opinion, the judge stated it isn’t clear whether Jaynes’ prison records pertain to the crime.

I cannot believe the short-sightedness of this particular judge.  It is reported that Jaynes carries around little Jeffrey’s autopsy report, among other things.  Of *course* his prison records pertain to the crime, and the continued crime being perpetrated if Jaynes is on NAMbLA’s dole.

One affidavit, signed by an inmate at MCI-Concord, alleges that NAMBLA sends Jaynes’ mother money on his behalf, which she deposits into his prison canteen account; that Jaynes passes around Curley’s autopsy report to inmates; keeps a journal of rape and sexual assaults; engages in sexual acts with other prisoners; and "use[d] to participate in a fatherhood group so he could listen to fathers talk about their children."

I am all for the right to privacy, for citizens who are not murderers living on my taxes.  Jaynes is convicted of murder - I’m certain there is a hesitancy to release his records because 1) he has a "right" to privacy and 2) because the reports are probably accurate - he probably *is* getting paid by NAMbLA and they’ve enlisted the help of the ACLU to avoid being found out.  After all, if NAMbLA is not funding his canteen account, the release of his records would clear the record for them, right?  So if they aren’t funding his account, why the hesitancy to release the records?

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No Wonder They Go Postal…

Okay…no one should blame anyone working for the post office for being a bit stressed out.  First of all, they have to deal with their management staff, which ain’t any walk in the park.  And then they have to deal with us, the crazed public…

HOUMA, La. (AP) - A mail carrier got bitten - by a barking man, police said.

Mark D. Plumb, 20, of Butler, Mo., was arrested and charged with simple battery Wednesday after he ran barking from a house and bit the letter carrier on the shoulder, police spokesman Lt. Todd Duplantis said.

This guy says he bit the carrier as a joke.  Police say he doesn’t have a record or history of mental illness.  Um, well, now he does.

What a whack job.  Sheesh!  Now I know why carriers carry pepper spray…it ain’t for the dogs!

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