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Poster Child for Tree Huggers Everywhere

Whatever you do, don’t trim her trees!!

FREMONT, Calif. (AP) - A woman incensed at utility tree trimmers was arrested after allegedly chasing workers with a chain saw and twisting the fingers of an arresting officer, police said.

Diane Kaiser, 57, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, theft and resisting arrest. She posted bail and was released.

She had been notified that workers would be coming to trim trees away from her powerlines.  When the workers knocked on her door and she didn’t answer, they proceeded to start the work.  She apparently didn’t like that too much.

When workers walked to the back of the house, Kaiser allegedly ran from the home cursing and screaming.

She then picked up rocks and began throwing them at the workers, according to police reports.

Kaiser then allegedly picked up a tree trimmer’s chain saw and pointed it at the workers, causing three to flee and call police. A fourth worker climbed a tree to escape.

Tree huggers everywhere are probably applauding this woman, honoring her as the Cindy Sheehan of vegetation! 

Oh…tree workers?  If you are ever in Nebraska, we have a tree that we want REMOVED.  Come on by, we’ll even serve you beer and food. 

Seth said:

Of course it had to be right here in California. Here we've got legions of moonbats of every variety, and a complement of judges and DAs are part of that crowd. In most places they would call Diane Kaiser's actions Assault(multiple counts), Assault with a deadly weapon(multiple counts), Attempted Murder(multiple counts). She might also have been held overnight or longer in a local psyche ward for observation.
Here, she fits right in with the local wingnuts, so she walks with bail right off the bat.
I'm curious what they charged her with and how much her bail was.

Anonymous said:

Apparently the upset was not over the tree but over the last time they had worked in her yard. She claimed that they had broken her fence on the previous time they had trimmed that tree.