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Something rotten in Denmark?

This is just not right!

“Dad, she’s close,” George Anthony said his 22-year-old daughter, Casey, told him during a jailhouse visit on Sunday, according to MyFOXOrlando.com. “Dad, she’s close.”

This case is really stinking to high Heaven! First Casey’s not cooperating with police. She says she’ll talk with the FBI because she doesn’t trust the local police. (I haven’t seen a report that would eloborate on that statement).

Friends have reported a very long history of lies.

Pictures surface of her alleged clubbing while her daughter is missing????

Finally, is it just me, or do you feel the demeanor of the whole family is just odd, for a family missing a daughter, granddaughter and niece?

I, as does the country, pray for little Caylee’s safety and return, despite the very strange family.

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Nigel said:

Well...at least SOMEONE is blogging over here!

This whole thing makes me freakin' sick. Sure, I'd like to believe that Caylee will be found...but let's be real. Caylee's gone and the mom needs to take the needle...

(Merri...thanks for the drop in over at my site...we miss you!)

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