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Rachel, how COULD you???

I USED to like Rachel Ray, now I have to reconsider. How COULD she invite Rosie O’Donnell to be a guest on her show? She’s mean and extremely hateful! Laugh if you must, Rach, but tell me what’s so funny about her jokes at the expense of other people? (I guess those with very low self-esteem do that.)

She’s been on my hit list since the day she blindsided my love, Tom Selleck, on her now defunct “talk” show.

I guess my dinners are going to start taking me an hour.

Disclaimer: The opinion above is mine (Stroosinator) and not necessarily that of the owner of this site, but I’d be thinking twice if Rosie should happen to call Rachel a “Cutie Pa-tootie”. GAK!

Merri said:

Hahahahah.....Nancy, I actually thought the same thing, but this was AFTER she had Barack and his wife on her show earlier in the week. She was practically washing his feet with her hair the way she was fawning over him. She also had Maria Schriver on the show this week - I think it was Liberal Week on Rachael Ray.

I look at it this way - I discovered Rachael Ray for her 30 minute meals and that's pretty much where my interests will stay with her. I've been a bit blind-sighted by some of the topics she has had on her show, and some of the guests (um....she's had Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Rosie and about every other liberal-minded freak out there). She had Laura Bush on the show once. She may have had a couple of other more conservative guests, but not for sure. If anything, we know where her political bend is. BUT, her receipes and cooking technique are still good! :-)

Angela said:

Rachel AND Oprah both have dissapointed me this year. More dissapointment towards Oprah as compared to Rachel.

But yeah, I saw that she had Rosie on her show and thought I was going to THROW UP!

ptg said:

I was a big fan, was long as she stuck to cooking. Now it seems her guests ruin my appetite. Now I see her as just another TV airhead. Oprah always seemed like a foolish clown to me.

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