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April Rogers Found Guilty

Back in December, this story was in the Omaha news. In a nutshell, April Rogers killed Alex Tay, a little baby who Rogers admitted to repeatedly slamming his head to the floor while she was caring for him in her home last December. Little Alex was injured and later died. April Rogers has been found guilty of child abuse resulting in death.

Rogers had a brief trial before Judge Michael Coffey last Thursday morning. The defense did not present a case.

Rogers’ lawyer, Steve Lefler, said he was not surprised by Thursday’s verdict, and he plans to appeal based on the minimum 20-year sentence.

“They could have charged her with manslaughter, for which she would not have to go to jail for at least 20 years,” Lefler said.

Lefler said that at sentencing, he’ll talk about the stresses and pressures Rogershas was facing at the time of the death, as well as her spotless record before it.

She killed a baby by slamming his head onto the floor over and over. Because she was facing “stresses and pressures” at the time of his death. Yeah, and that’s little Alex’s fault because….? Quit with the fucking excuses already. She *should* go to jail for at least 20 years. In twenty years, little Alex would have grown into a young man but because of her, he’ll never see adulthood. Face it. There are, and should be, consequences for her actions - I don’t care if she doesn’t have a “record.” If she had put a gun to someone’s head, pulled the trigger and killed them, would you feel the same way, Mr. Lefler? Didn’t think so. As a matter of fact, what she did was far worse. At least an adult may have been able to defend themselves. She took the life of a helpless baby who relied on her to CARE FOR HIM. The fact that this woman is out on bond until sentencing dumfounds me.

Douglas County attorney Stu Dornan is pleased with the verdict and expects to pursue a strict sentence at the hearing in December.

“It was a difficult case for everybody concerned. We try to achieve justice in the best way that we can. In this case, the first step towards justice has occurred, and that is the conviction of the offender, and the first step towards accountability,” Dornan said.

Bingo. Um, isn’t that the point of a sentence….a first step toward accountability? It’s too bad that most defense attorneys don’t believe in that philosphy. Instead, they want their client to get the minimum slap on the wrist….perhaps so they can get a multiple case discount down the road?

Angela said:

I remember when that happened. I was horrified for the little boy and his parents. I believe at first she tried to say that another child in the daycare did it by playing rough. If you really stop and think about it, not only did she do it, but she tried to fool us all into thinking another daycare child did it. That to me doesn't sound like the mind of somebody who's been having a hard time in life. That sounds like the mind of somebody that knows what she did was wrong and attempted to cover it up.

Merri said:

She's completely guilty in my opinion, Angela and I think you are spot on in your assessment of the whole thing. The fact that she would stoop so low as to blame a child for what she did was an indicator that she was trying to cover up because she knew what she did was wrong.

Chris said:

The legal system drives me nuts. I can't believe how little time people are getting for violent crimes. I thought that was the point, to get them out of society. I'm going to move to my own island and start over. Ya'll want to come along? I need a good judge:)

Angela said:

It's so sad to think that your child is safe while they are at work. Could you imagine being called at work to find out that somebody had killed your baby? I think it makes sacrificing to stay home with your kids worth it if you can afford to, ya know?

Mary said:

She gets a new trial, wants a new judge to hear the case and wants out on bond for $15000 so that she can spend time with her family. What a rip. Your tax dollars at work. This nut case needs locked up and the key thrown away. She has a daughter that is a year younger than baby Alex, who she killed, that she wants to spend time with. The family of Alex Tay will never be able to spend any time with him...no first tooth, first steps, not even his first birthday. Alex would have been four in May. Why in the name of all that is holy would this woman do this to either family. Does she not realize what she is putting her own children through again or does she care? God help her for what she is doing to the Tay family as well as her own.

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