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I Know March is a Long Way Away, But…

The next season is coming in March 2006, and they are adding eight "bonus" episodes!  I miss The Sopranos.  Only seven months to wait…

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Stop the ACLU! Blogburst - It’s a Druid Thing

I’ve been ranting for quite some time about the ACLU and their, well, wacky ways.  Just when I think I’ve seen everything, they manage to raise the stupidity bar a tad bit higher.

Now they are demanding that the city of Greer, S.C. drop charges and say "sorry" to a couple that are insisting they were picked on by police because they had a religious bumper sticker on their vehicle. 

Tony and D.J. Gainey said police pulled the couple over in May because of the bumper stickers on their car. 

One of the stickers read, "It’s a druid thing."

The Gaineys said they believe in druidism — a nature-focused religion.

Okay.  So the Gaineys say that the bumper sticker saying "It’s a druid thing" is the reason the officers pulled them over.  Um, I think the Gaineys overlooked some other rather important reasons:  driving with a suspended license, not having proper license plates or proof of insurance. 

But the ACLU, in all of their "social cause" wisdom, support the Gaineys and have demanded that all charges be dropped and an apology be issued because they were being singled out due to their religious beliefs.  …and ole Mr. Gainey has some pearls of wisdom, too:

"I shouldn’t been driving. I am guilty of that, but the stop never would have taken place if they wouldn’t have violated our rights," said Gainey.

HOW SMART YOU ARE!  You are so right!  You shouldn’t have been driving with a suspended license, no insurance and improper plates.  You were <gasp> BREAKING THE LAW.  Because you were BREAKING THE LAW, you were pulled over by law enforcement.  This isn’t being singled out….this is some guy trying to get out of a criminal offense. 

The ACLU continues down a path that excludes logic, rational thought, common sense and credibility.  Part of me wants to rant forever about how idiotic the ACLU’s position and actions are as they relate to this case.  But the wiser, more reasoned part of me knows it isn’t necessary.  Their actions and their positions speak louder than any words I could possibly utter.


Weekly, Stop the ACLU! has a blogburst with multiple participants shedding light on the wacky ways of the ACLU.  Please stop by! 

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A Few Quick Thoughts

Due to a major headache that doesn’t want to go away, even rubbing two brain cells together wouldn’t create enough of a spark to inspire me to write anything of any significance.  However, there’s plenty of action around today, so never fear!

I’ve been quoted on a side bar!  An American Housewife has a quote from one of my posts on her sidebar - go check it out.  Certainly send any requests for my autograph to my publicist as I am now famous!  Here’s the quote, and I’m certain you know which group I am referring to:

"It never fails to amaze me that this pedophile-worshipping, teen-abortion-exhaulting, "poor criminal" advocating group tends to align with the individual(s) who set out to cause harm. Screw the victim’s rights, screw the safety of our troops, screw the facts."

For those of you who *don’t* know which group I’m referring to may want to tune in tomorrow….

Speaking of my publicist…  My dear hubby has further thoughts on the mother of war hero Casey Sheehan that I wrote about on Sunday, with a little Mo thrown in.  Please put your seat in the upright position and buckle in - you will be in for a wild ride!

"Poor Sex Offender"  Sex offenders in Cedar Rapids, IA are worried that a court decision may require that they move from their current homes if they are too close to a school.  In my rather non-lady-like opinion, FUCK’EM.  I don’t care how they feel.  What they do to their victims has changed their lives forever - who gives a shit about their "inconvenience" in having to move?  Some people believe what goes around comes around.  I’d only call it that if his cell buddy "Bubba" did to him what he did to his victim.

White Trash Wednesday.  Because I suck, I didn’t get a post in this week for White Trash Wednesday.  Be sure to check out the other participants by clicking on their links in the list on the left!  Tell ‘em Ray Dawn sent you!


A call for help….from Kathleen at The Middle Ground, a very worthy project:

Hello friends, family and fellow bloggers, I’m emailing you to let you know about a new project for wounded soldiers through that fantastic organization Soliders’ Angels and ask for your assistance. The new project is called Project VALOUR IT (Voice Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops). This project is to help get laptops with voice activated software to our wounded troops recuperating at military hospitals. From Soldiers’ Angels: "Project Valour IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss, provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the ‘Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse. The experience of CPT Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss, a partner in the project who suffered hand wounds while serving in Iraq, illustrates how important this voice-controlled software can be to a wounded servicemember’s recovery."

To find out how you can help, please go visit Kathleen for more details. I work with patients who use the voice activated laptop systems…it’s amazing what can be done and it’s another way to say THANK YOU to the troops. Cross Posted @ Flightpundit, Cat House Chat, Vince Aut Morire & @ And Rightly So

& Caos Blog

It’s Cotillion Time!

Please join the women of the Cotillion tomorrow for the weekly tour lead by hostesses small dead animals, Darleen’s Place, baldilocks and Maxed Out Mama.  You won’t regret stopping by! 

Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels

Amidst her wedding planning, three current television shows, the launching of a new magazine, and tons of cookbooks, Rachael Ray is rolling out another show:  Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels!

From Food Network’s site:

Where can you get a burger for a buck in the Big Apple? How about fresh oysters on the half shell at 2am in Boston? Travel guru Rachael Ray is back with insider tips and travel secrets that will turn your next vacation into a delicious, affordable feast. From the sweetest ice cream shop to the perfect spot to stage a picnic, Rachael shares tips from around the country and the world. Hop on board for some Tasty Travels!

This new series will debut on August 26 and be on every Friday at 9:30/8:30 PM Central Time.

I think I will like this show more than $40 A Day as there will be no focus on the money end of it.  I just am not fully convinced that she tips the servers enough on her show (I know, I know…it’s in the script!).  Maybe I’m just a generous tipper. 

Anyway, there’s always something new rolling out and I plan to tune in!

Let Your Son Be a Hero

Casey Sheehan, a soldier, was killed in Sadr City, Iraq, on April 4, 2004 fighting for his country.  His mother, Cindy Sheehan, is staging a protest in Crawford, TX and plans to continue protesting until she can speak to President Bush personally.  Her reasons?  She wants to ask President Bush: "Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?"  She wants troops home because, in her opinion, the troops were sent into a war for no reason - there were no WMD or chemical weapons, so she feels her son died needlessly.

I can’t pretend to understand Ms. Sheehan’s grief as I have never lost a child, but looking at this from a distance, I’m saddened that Ms. Sheehan can’t allow her son to be remembered as a proud defender of freedom.  It is because of his efforts, alongside other soldiers, who have allowed a country of people held hostage under a brutal regime feel less fear.  Their efforts have allowed children to attend school and learn what the world is all about - some, particularly girls, had never been to school at all.  Their efforts have allowed the Iraqi people to wake up each day knowing that a family member won’t be brutally captured and murdered, for no good reason other than someone’s whim or desire to bring dispair. 

Ms. Sheehan, your son wouldn’t have joined the military if he didn’t feel as though he had a reason to serve his country, and he served her proud.  You may think that he died needlessly and without cause, but there are many Americans - including myself -  who admire your son for his courage and his willingness to step up for the cause to defend our freedom and to acquire freedom from tyranny for so many others.  His mark on history has changed lives forever.  Please let him be a hero - because he is one.



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Peter Jennings Succumbs to Cancer

Peter Jennings was a fixture in my home growing up.  My parents both loved the guy, and always watched him on the news - ever since I could remember. 

Moving on into adulthood, I moved away from watching him on the news as it seemed his views - very noticable to a young republican - weren’t always unbiased.  Still, this is a man with a career that spanned through 5 decades and undoubtedly he touched many lives through his coverage and broadcasts.  He passed away today, Sunday, at the age of 67.  May he rest in peace.

Random Thoughts

I’m pretty tired tonight, and was looking for something to post on.  There are so many stories that have been blogged on particularly well today, that I really didn’t feel I had much to contribute tonight.  There have been so many things that have surfaced in my thoughts so thought I’d chronicle some of them…

My husband’s mom is ill and we don’t know exactly what is wrong, but it is affecting her significantly.  I worry about her as I lost my own mom early this year.  We await tests.  I’m happy that it seems like she has been connected to a good physician.

My kids both just got over pink eye, but a couple of mornings they have both woke up with slightly gunky eyes - I am thinking it may be making a comeback.  I wash my hands with fervor multiple times per day.

My house is a pit - when do people find time for laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, dusting and all other things "unholy?"  Don’t those damn dust bunnies know I’ve got a blog to take care of?

I may be wrong, but I think our stupid breeder mouse momma is pregnant again.  I hope I’m wrong - she just had babies not that long ago and our snakes won’t be able to keep up with her.

My son starts school in 3 weeks.  School clothes shopping….gak!  Why can’t we have tax free days like Iowa is having this weekend?  Damn greedy Nebraska government!

Why can’t people learn from their mistakes in their job?  My least favorite part about managing a department is having to separate a person.  If people would just work hard and stay focused and positive it would make things so much easier.  Um, yeah….I guess I can dream, huh!

I had to have my radiator & thermostat replaced in my truck the end of June….a few days ago, the "check engine" light came on.  That caused me some level of paranoia, but happily the light isn’t lit any more.  Which now cases me some level of paranoia…

Why is it that I am the only one that remembers a "between cartoons" animated thing called Dr. Henry’s Emergency Lessons for People (H.E.L.P.)?  Why do I remember full lyrics from songs popular in the 80s, but I can’t remember what I need at the grocery store?

This is one screwed up world…why do adult women rape boys, adult men rape girls (and boys), why do our judges let pedophiles and sex offenders out after a slap on the wrist when they know they’ll generally do it again, and worse?  What goes on in the mind of a person who decides to murder another human being?  What is messed up in the mind of a terrorist who is willing to blow himself or herself up just because of a level of hatred toward us they can’t begin to explain?  How do I protect my kids from this evil, or should I?  What will life bring for them as adults, what will life be for their children? 

Why did I worry about the mandatory testing I had to do at work?  I aced all of them.  Sheesh.

I’m so happy that the gardens are doing so well here….fresh green beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers….I love summer!  My favorite veggie stand is right across from my favorite meat place.  Nothing better than a steak and fresh grown sweet corn….and a salad….yum!

Why is it that we have to now practically beg our son to eat a hot dog, but he has great joy in downing a steak he used to turn his nose up at?

How is it possible that a grocery cart, not even overflowing, can still bring a food bill of $150 or more?  Oh, wait….it’s probably the STEAK. 

What do 7 year-old-boys think about?  Ours bit his 4-year-old sister because she was "annoying him."  How was she annoying him?  She was dancing to the beat of the music coming from the video game he was playing.  …and I quote "I don’t like it when she keeps the beat to my music, Mommy."  So he bit her on the shoulder and was upset when I took the game away and sent him to his room.  Our 4-year-old daughter is okay, and will recover following ample amounts of drama.   

Well, there you have it.  A small walk around my brain.  I’m sure it’s frightening, but boy do *I* feel better!

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A Meme - Because Beth Told Me I Had To!

Beth normally doesn’t like memes, but when I saw she did this one, and she asked me to participate threatened me to within an inch of my life, I agreed. 


Overview: This post is a community experiment with two broad purposes. The first is to create publicly accessible data about bloggers’ personalities, which may have sociological value in addition to being just plain fun. The second is to track the propagation of this meme through blogspace. Full details and explanation can be found on the original posting: http://pixnaps.blogspot.com/2005/06/meme-worth-spreading.html

Instructions (to join in the experiment):

1) Take the IPIP-NEO personality test and the Political Compass quiz, if you have not done so already.

2) Copy to the clipboard that section of this post that is between the double lines, and paste it into your blog editor. (Blogger users may wish to use ‘compose’ mode to preserve formatting and hyperlinks. Otherwise, be sure to add hyperlinks as necessary.)

3) Replace the answers in the “survey” section below with your own.

4) Add your blog information to the “track list”, in the format: “Linked title - URL - optional GUID“.

5) Any additional comments should go outside of the double lines, including the (optional) nomination of bloggers you wish to pass this experimental meme on to.

6) Post it to your blog!


Age: 36 (younger than Beth!  :::ducking:::)
Gender: Female
Location: Nebraska, USA
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: A Manager of Supervisors with a comfy chair in a cubicle
Began blogging (dd/mm/yy): 23/12/04

Political Compass results

Left/Right: 5.38
Libertarian/Authoritarian: 3.18

IPIP-NEO results

Friendliness 77
Gregariousness 89
Assertiveness 90
Activity Level 82
Excitement-Seeking 61
Cheerfulness 88

Trust 76
Morality 45
Altruism 52
Co-operation 64
Modesty 40
Sympathy 0 (like Beth says ”suck it up”)

Self-Efficacy 89
Orderliness 22
Dutifulness 72
Achievement-Striving 81
Self-Discipline 43
Cautiousness 67

Anxiety 14
Anger 7
Depression 19
Self-Consciousness 29
Immoderation 72
Vulnerability 16

Imagination 53
Artistic Interests 0 (doesn’t listening to Metallica count?)
Emotionality 44
Adventurousness 61
Intellect 47
Liberalism 0

Track List:

  1. Philosophy, et cetera - pixnaps.blogspot.com - pixnaps97a2
  2. Majikthise - 6ea37d10-e9b9-11d9-8cd6-0800200c9a66
  3. Ezra Klein - http://ezraklein.typepad.com
  4. Rox Populi - http://roxanne.typepad.com
  5. Verbatim - http://verbatim.blogs.com
  6. Black Currant Jam - http://blackcurrantjam.blogspot.com/ - black7currant7jam5
  7. TypeBlogs - http://typeblogs.com (offshoot of marlaswoffer.com)
  8. Ramble Strip - http://www.ramblestrip.com/blog/ - kal97ramblestrip
  9. basil’s blog - http://www.basilsblog.net/ - basilandhisblog
  10. My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - http://bamapachyderm.com/ - ctide12×1
  11. Merri Musings - http://www.merrimusings.typepad.com - merrimusings


Oh, what poor victims to pick on?  Well, since Beth already picked on my hubby, I need to find someone else…soooooo….




tee bee

Certainly there’s no pressure to participate - I just thought it was fun!  Wheeeee….I actually liked this one!

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Civil Rights Vs. The Uncivil

The NY chapter of the ACLU, NYCLU- is barking up that tree of selfishness again, putting at risk the lives of people who live in NYC.

The New York Civil Liberties Union will file suit against the city Thursday to keep police from searching the bags of passengers entering the subway, organization lawyers said.

The suit, which will be filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, will claim that the two-week old policy violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection and prohibitions against unlawful searches and seizures, while doing almost nothing to shield the city from terrorism.

It argues that the measure also allows the possibility for racial profiling, even though officers are ordered to randomly screen passengers.

“While concerns about terrorism of course justify — indeed, require — aggressive police tactics, those concerns cannot justify the Police Department’s unprecedented policy of subjecting millions of innocent people to suspicionless searches,” states the suit, a partial copy of which was provided to Newsday.

The policy does nothing to sheild the city from terrorism? How do they know that? Based on what happened in London (and Madrid, and over 2000 other places since 9-11) it doesn’t take a PhD to see that had the terrorists been caught before the bombs went off, lives would have been saved.
I haven’t been around to keep up on too much of this story, but I would have read about any alledged racial profiling carried out by the NYPD. They have searched old ladies and kids; not the young, angry, nervous, sweaty and sultry Muslim men. I would have searched the very people who appear to be likely to carry out an attack. Racial profiling or not- it has to be.

Names of the plaintiffs — subway riders who object to the searches — were redacted in the copy, but are expected to be released Thursday morning.

A city Law Department spokeswoman said that since officials had not yet received the suit, she could not yet comment.

The city is named as a defendant, along with the police department and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Thursday, before the suit was released, Kelly said that the searches were “just one more layer, one more tool.”

“No one thinks that will be the solution, but it does give a potential terrorist something more to think about,” he said.

And I bet these plaintiffs were hired by the ACLU/NYCLU to stand in and do this. I bet they purposely drew attention to themselves to warrant a search. That’s how these civil liberty groups work. It’s all a play, complete with actors who are willing to play these stupid roles. It’s a symptom of a much bigger issue- toying with the safety of the American people in general. Coughing up big lawsuits with lots of media coverage; the MSM will attach itself to this and promote it on all the AM talk shows. The NY Times will place this on it’s front page…There is a pattern.

The civil liberties union has criticized the searches as over-reaching since Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the measure on July 21, after terrorists targeted London’s mass transit system for the second time in two weeks. It also calls the stops ineffective because terrorists can walk through entrances where police are not screening.

You mean to tell me that if the police did their searches outside the entrances of the subway stations, these groups wouldn’t be putting up such a fuss? Yeah right.

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the right of law enforcement to conduct random searches, said Barry Kamins, a professor of criminal procedure at Fordham and Brooklyn law schools. But it found that those checks can be considered unlawful if their primary purpose is for law enforcement, such as searching for evidence of a crime. Rather, police must use the stops chiefly to preserve public safety, he said.

The suit comes as elected officials continue to tussled over racial profiling. Nine City Council members Thursday asked Bloomberg to direct officers to note the racial or ethnic identity of people searched.

The call came after a city councilman and a state assemblyman suggested young Arabs should be targeted for searches to prevent terror attacks.

Robert Lawson, a Bloomberg spokesman, said that the police already have adequate safeguards. “The mayor has repeatedly stated since the start of this policy that there would be zero tolerance for racial profiling,” Lawson added.

Zero tolerance wouldn’t be my policy, but I’m not interested in being in charge of this. Those in charge need to, they must have the safety of the public in sight when they decide upon this stuff. Civil liberties are important; but we must never forget the enemy is not interested in being civil with us.

Duncan Tied To Another Murder

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A convicted sex offender suspected of murdering three people in Idaho and abducting two children, one of whom was later found dead, is under investigation in the 1997 kidnapping and killing of a 10-year-old Beaumont, Calif., boy, the Riverside County sheriff said Wednesday.

As furious as I am, I can’t say I’m surprised that this evil, heartless heathen, Joseph Edward Duncan III, would be connected to another child murder.  He is linked by a single fingerprint to the scene of the killing of 10-year-old Anthony Martinez. 

For the sake of little Anthony’s family - I hope that they are able to find some relief in knowing their child’s killer has been identified and that he is not wandering the streets. 

I personally do *not* find any comfort in the fact that this man was a repeat offender, who "served his time" only to come out of prison and not only molest children, but kill them as well.  Laws need to be tougher, and these sick, child-molesting murdering slimeballs should not be out on parole, protected by laws that don’t take a victim’s welfare into account.  It has been proven time and time again that these types of criminals are NOT rehabilitated, and they tend to come out and commit crimes of an even more egregious nature.  When will this lesson be learned - when the cemeteries are full of children whose lives were stolen when they had barely just begun?

Out of Tragedy Comes Life

Susan Torres, a 26-year-old researcher for NIH, who kept alive through life-support with hope of delivering her child, passed away today.  Susan had melanoma, which spread to her brain and caused a stroke, leaving her clinically brain-dead.

Her family decided to keep her alive to give her fetus a chance. It became a race between the fetus’ development and the cancer that was ravaging the woman’s body.

Doctors said that Torres’ health was deteriorating and that the risk of harm to the fetus finally outweighed the benefits of extending the pregnancy.

Torres gave birth to a daughter, Susan Anne Catherine Torres, by Caesarean section on Tuesday at Virginia Hospital Center. The baby was about two months premature and weighed 1 pound, 13 ounces. She was in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Dr. Donna Tilden-Archer, the hospital’s director of neonatology, described the child as "very vigorous." She said the baby had responded when she received stimulation, indicating she was healthy.

Following the birth of her daughter, Susan was removed from life support early Wednesday with the consent of her husband, after she received final sacrament.  Even in the midst of his grief, Jason Torres, Susan’s husband, thanked everyone who has prayed for and supported his family.  Susan’s courage, as well as Jason’s courage is amazing.  I imagine their wee one will be a fighter, too.   

A Web site was set up to help raise money for the family’s mounting medical bills, and as of two weeks ago, people from around the world had donated around $400,000. The family said it must pay tens of thousands of dollars each week that insurance does not cover.

May God bless this family and give them strength.  I’m certain Susan is one of the most beautiful angels in Heaven watching over them.

WTW - Our Favorite Sitcoms!


In my quest to provide my audience with a true depiction of white trash living, I have failed to point my beloved readers to a place that has chronicled and recorded a veritable smorgasbord of white trash personalities - the television.  I now take you on a journey through years gone by and hope to bring to you fond memories of our white trash past…

Who could forget the ever lovable cast of "WKRP in Cincinnati" - that adorable Les Nessman, the guy who brought you the news.  Or your general manager and mine, the "always in charge" Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson.  …and the most fabulous representation of trashiness, receptionist Jennifer Marlowe.  Who could forget all the mayhem of running this radio station in Cincinnati.  What a hoot!

Meathead, Archie, Edith - what an amazing cast of everyday folks in the early 70s.  Who better to epitomize that era than "All in the Family" - a family full of love, respect and affection for one another - well at least as much love, respect and affection that Archie could muster.  Archie also drank beer in a bar where people were smoking.  Yes, smoking was allowed on TV in the 70s.  See why this White Trash history is so important?

Ahhhhh…remember Schneider?  He truly made this show, "One Day at a Time."  What other show made light of guys who were always breaking into women’s apartments without their permission?  Who else ran around the set with a jean vest and cigarettes wrapped in his t-shirt sleeve?  …and what about his sage advice to these two young girls?  A memorable quote from Schneider to Barbara (persuading her to not lose her virginity):  "Always remember, and please never forget: A man is like a bow-and-arrow, and a woman is like a target. Bow-and-arrow needs practice. Target doesn’t."  Pearls of wisdom, I say!

Mel or Flo?  Who would YOU vote for the best representation of white trash?  I find it hard to decide.  You’ve got Mel, with his greasy, disgusting white t-shirt and crazy hat (but he can cook!).  Then you have the ever out-spoken Flo and her famous "Kiss my grits" one liner.  But she was usually saying it to Mel.  Do you ever wonder if they got together in the end?

The Ropers just had to get mentioned.  Not only did they take care of Jack, Janet and Chrissy’s apartment complex, but they were the hippest, best-dressed couple in the place.  Mr. Roper’s polyester vests paired with wide collared shirt were history-making.  …not to mention Mrs. Roper’s perm.

Last but not least, the king of white trash sitcoms and best representation of society as   we know it "Married…with Children."  Al, Bud, Kelly, Peggy "Wanker" Bundy….and Marcy, her first husband Steve and second husband Jefferson.  Hell, even Buck the dog was white trash.  This series covered the very heavy hitting topics of shoe salesmen, strippers, parental bedroom action (or the lack thereof), acne, bills, and old cars.  You name it, we learned it from the Bundys!

I hope I brought you some fond memories of your past, and that you will hold a special place in your heart for these, our most revered, white trash families and friends!

Please go visit all the other trailers in the park - and bring your Mad Dog 20/20:

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The Cotillion - The Weekly Party is Over!

The party is almost over and our amazing hostesses had some shindig!  Please stop by The Cotillion and link to some great posts by some extraordinary ladies!

Thanks so much to our hostesses this week:  Sisu, Portia Rediscovered, Ilyka Damen, and KelliPundit.  You all did an oustanding job!

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