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Memorial Day: God Bless Our Fallen Troops

History does not long entrust the care of freedom
to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

God bless our fallen troops!! They have sacrificed so much so that we can wake up with the knowledge that we live free because of their selfless actions. I am so thankful that they cared so much they would be willing to put their lives on the line to protect such a gift.

We recognize these heroes once a year - at least on paper. I thank God for their sacrifices each and every day.

The Birthplace of the Process of Illogical Logic linked with Memorial Day
LiveLeak Pusses Out

Oh, well. The Jawas have uploaded it in God knows how many places. Here’s my Google Video version:

Geert Wilder’s Fitna: The English Language Version

Robert Spencer On Jawa Radio

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, and author of The Truth About Muhammed, was kind enough to grace us schlubs with his presence.

Can You Believe It?

The Navy SEALs need our help! They’re conducting a fundraising drive to build a memorial to their fallen comrades.

We have officially entered into the UDT/SEAL Memorial fundraising campaign. This memorial will be dedicated to all of the Naval Special Warfare men who have sacrificed their lives over the past century.

I think I can dig up some loose change somewhere, how about you?

Something New On Merri Musings

Not really.

Screw Super Tuesday

Listen to Jawa Radio instead!

Never Forget Them

I made this by special request for my Jawa co-blogger Vicki.

“The Hidden War” (Not So Hidden!)

My man is now published!

Please check out his published column over at KFAB’s website (not because I told you to, but because it is a must read and it is GOOD!!!)!

Update: ptg is at it again! But really, Scott, listen to him…he knows what he is talking about…you need “linkability!!!”

September 11, 2001

Following is the complete version of a post I put up regarding September 11, 2001. It was a post I put up two years ago, on the anniversary of 9/11. Much has changed since that post was up, but much has remained the same.

My son is now 10 and my daughter is 6. We are still fighting the war on terror, but continue to fight a bigger war at home…those who would much rather we withdraw than ensure we have the situation under control. The MSM, Hollywood idiots, and the Dems who voted for the war but will now tell you they were fooled….all of these people are bound and determined to increase the blood loss in the WOT. How soon they forget the thousands of lives lost that day, including A. Todd Rancke!! How soon they dismiss the hundreds of reports of good coming from Iraq, Afghanistan. Will they report THAT? Will Hollywood write a movie about the thousands of Iraqi children receiving education? Hell no, they single-mindedly would rather destroy our military’s image along with the pride of each and every soldier out there…and for what? Their almighty wallets. Their fucking American Express Cards. Their drug habits. Their $3000 purses and their attorneys to combat the nude photo leaks to the tabloids. The politicians know an election is coming and will do everything in their power to get as far away from the war as possible, even forgetting what platform they may have been voted into office on. I’m sick of the bullshit. Do people realize that if we pull out of Iraq the terrorists have won? Do they realize that we may be “ending” one war, but inviting yet another in our own back yard? Does it take another few tumbling buildings to remind them what happened six years ago?

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I asked my son if they talked about September 11 in school today. He said they hadn’t; I told him to ask his teacher to talk about it tomorrow. This is not something that should be shoved into a corner, put in a box and forgotten. We have to remember what happened that day, we need to honor not only those who lost their lives in the WTC, Pentagon and Shanksville, we need to honor and support the soldiers who go to battle for our freedom every day.

What were you doing and thinking on that fateful day six years ago? What will you do today? What will you be doing six years from now?

September 11, 2005

As anyone would probably tell you, September 11, 2001 started out as any other day for me. It was a Tuesday and just two days after my son’s fourth birthday. My daughter, born on May 1, 2001, was only slightly over 4 months old, and fussing for her morning bottle. Working nights, I was always tired, but woke up like any other day to get the day rolling. My routine in those days was to get my daughter’s bottle ready first, then go to her room and change her diaper, then settle down to feed her while I watched the morning news on Fox. At the push of a button, that day was no longer “routine” or “ordinary.”

Timing seemed to be everything. At the point I had turned on the news, they weren’t showing images of the planes, but just the explosions. I immediately got a feeling of extreme doom in my heart. My first thought? We were being attacked by missiles or something similar. My second was of complete distress…what kind of world will my kids grow up in if we are, indeed, being invaded? About that time, my husband burst through the front door and all I could muster was “What the HELL is happening?!?!?!?” …a moment etched in both of our minds forever.

As the day unfolded, there were many tears shed and as many moments of sheer anger. And grief. I had to go find the pictures of the World Trade Center - I felt so fortunate that I had a chance to see those amazing buildings during a trip to New York. I felt that I had to look at them just to let the whole idea that they were gone sink into my heart and my head.

Before I knew it, the time had come for me to go to work. It was so hard to peel away from my family, and from the news, but I thought that work could bring just a bit of “normalcy” to my day. Of course, I was wrong.

Getting to work was a challenge. We shared an office building with a local radio station and the parking lot, as well as the roads in, were clogged with cars. People were donating money to aid the victims and their survivors. I had *no* issue with being late that day because of this. Once I got into the office, you could feel the distinct change in atmosphere. A place normally abuzz as hundreds of employees talk with customers on the phone, an eerie quiet was in the air. We barely were getting phone calls, which makes complete sense. Those that did call in felt guilty, and said as much. Then there were those who called in because they just needed to talk with someone. Those were the hard calls, because America’s people were grieving whether the knew anyone affected by the events at the WTC, the Pentagon, or in Shanksville. A wonderful lady who reported to me was at work, even though a very close cousin of hers was missing, working in the Pentagon. She asked me if it would be okay if she kept her cell phone on, which is usually not something we allowed on the production floor. Of course I told her okay, but also encouraged her to be home with her family. She came to work, she said, because she had worried all day and wanted something to take her mind off of it. I cried for her. I didn’t know what else to do but offer her support and prayers. Finally a moment of sheer joy hit our production floor when she got that cell phone call. Her cousin, while seriously injured, was found and okay. It didn’t matter if a customer was on the phone, the whole room burst out in cheers, clapping and tears.

We were all still focused on the news. Everyone had the Internet up, checking on the news. We made sure the break room had a television on. I had been very used to eating at my desk over lunch and taking breaks at my desk, but decided in those days to eat and break in the break room. I remember the speeches by GWB and how everyone, no matter their political affiliation or background, was inspired and touched by Bush’s words, and more importantly, his actions.


In the days that followed, when there was no air traffic, I tended to get spooked out. Late at night, for about an hour, I was the only person in the building I worked in. It was so quiet, you could hear every noise, every rattle, every creak. And a few nights, you could hear the jets taking off from Offutt AFB (we were in the midst of their flight path). Imagine yourself, already spooked, sitting alone in a huge building late at night, knowing planes aren’t supposed to be flying. At that most panicky moment, that’s when the large jet managed to zoom past the building. The first night that happened, I swear I was under my cubicle, thinking I was about to die. Then when I ran and looked out the window, I did the whole “DUH” thing (slap on forehead included), but proceeded to pack up my stuff and got the hell out of there. My heart was still racing - even when I pulled into my driveway. That’s when I realized, that for such a “distant” attack, it had even changed *my* life forever.

I remember the day that Bush declared we were at war with Afghanistan. I remember thinking “Hell, yeah….those bastards deserve everything we’ve got!” …and got it, they did. I remember watching the footage each night and day, an eerie green-hued Steve Harrigan etched into my mind. I would stay up until 3-4am, just to watch the footage, only to start it up the next day. I remember my 4-year-old son asking if Osama bin Laden was going to kill us. My son, I will say, is brilliant. At the age of four, he was asking me about the news, and the mastermind behind a major terrorist plot - but at the same time, my very sensitive son had fear on his face - he was genuinely concerned. I explained to him that the army guys were “beating him up” and he’d never be able to hurt us. From that day on, “Army guys” were my son’s heroes.


Each year, there have been vigils and memorial services to remember those lost in the 9/11 attacks. They have served, for me, as a reminder of what we have lost.


They have also served to keep my beliefs and ideals firmly in place, especially when I watch my young children participate in these services. This is a world they are inheriting - not by anything they have done, but at the hands of extremists who hate our country.

There was a unity for some time in this country. Flags flying, people crossing the aisle to say “let’s work together and support this cause.” We don’t see that anymore - at least on the outside (i.e. the media). We have the Michael Moores and Cindy Sheehans of the world who will tell you that GWB and anyone who believes in his leadership is putting soldiers in harms way for no reason. However, most “every day Americans” have faith that the Bush Administration is leading us in the right direction in the War on Terror. President Bush has never said that road would be easy, and he never said the war would be swift, no matter where the war took us. He did let us know these efforts will preserve our freedoms and that soldiers would die for this cause. That’s what war is - freedom has a price. 3000+ Americans paid a heavy price on 9/11 and I believe in assuring their deaths were not in vain.

Blue Star Chronicles linked with In Memory of Lt Michael Warchola
This Goes to 11 linked with My 9/11 Memory
I’m Lucky I Wasn’t Paying Attention…

Cindy “Shee-Hag” Sheehan was here in Omaha today. Boy, it’s good I wasn’t paying attention, or I’d have been there, protesting her very presence in my state. BUT…on the contrary, I’m glad I wasn’t there as I may 1) be in jail right now or 2) may be adding fuel to the fire as she doesn’t care what type of attention she gets…just as long as it’s attention, right?

For two years she’s been the most public face of protest to the war in Iraq.

Well, her and about a bazillion Hollywood types.

Among Sheehan’s messages, “one person can make a difference.”

Yes, Shee-Hag, that’s true. Your son made a significant difference in the war on terror by going to fight for our freedom. He lost his life, but you’ve stolen his dignity.

Protestors to Sheehan’s message were visible Sunday. It’s something Sheehan has faced all along, but in the last year she says it’s decreased dramatically.

Let me guess. She’s going to blame Bush’s lower approval ratings for the decrease in protests at her little self-fests.

“And if I would have been here a year ago after my first Camp Casey there would have been a lot more protest and opposition. And it is dwindling as support for George Bush and the war dwindles opposition to our message also dwindles,” says Cindy Sheehan.

Yep, she went there (duh!). Of course she fails to realize that less and less just don’t give a shit what she has to say as it matters so little.

And for those who did protest, they were there for the right reasons…

Other people say they wanted to show the troops they have support on the homefront.

Ian Daharsh of the UNO College Republicans says “Our point is to have a positive rally to try and support our troops to try and counter some of Sheehan’s anti-war, anti-troop message. We just wanted to do something positive today.”

Shee-Hag…don’t let the large foot of this very Red State kick you in the ass on your way out. Wait…go ahead. Let it…and you don’t need to come back!

Love Global Warming linked with Well Known AntiWar Activist Visits Omaha
I’m Sure You Haven’t Heard This….

This graphic, via Fox News, says it all:

If possible, I believe Hell has got slightly more evil tonight. The world, however, is far better without him taking up square-footage.

Thank You, Rummy!

It’s a thankless job, especially during times of war. Especially with a media hell-bent on tarnishing the concept of the war, making it seem as though it should be as easy as a trip through Burger King’s drive through.

I’ve always admired Secretary of Denfense Donald Rumsfeld’s tough, no-nonsense approach to all things post 9/11. We don’t need some pansy-assed “let’s throw an olive branch at the terrorist leaders of the world” kind of approach to terrorism. Did you ever watch one of his press conferences?

Rummy is in Iraq - his 15th visit since the war began.

Rumsfeld’s trip follows an emotional farewell Friday at the Pentagon, where the defense secretary defended his record on Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said Friday that the worst day of his nearly six years as secretary of defense occurred when he learned of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse.

His last full day in office will be on December 17. I only wish him the best.

Mr. Rumsfeld - thank you for your service. Thank you for how much you have done for our soldiers, for this country. Godspeed to you!

Who’s Teaching YOUR Children?

Granted, this is an isolated incident, but…

Khalid Chahhou, who was in his first year of teaching in Johnston County, gave students a worksheet in which they were to translate words and find them within a word-search puzzle.

Some students started uncovering strange words in the process.

“There were words like ‘kill,’ then I saw it said ‘destroy America,’” Eric Herrera said.

Not to mention:

“Allah help destroy this body of evil making humanity miserable.”

In his defense, the teacher says:

Chahhou, who also teaches Arabic at a religious school affiliated with the Islamic Association of Cary, told WRAL in a telephone interview that students got the wrong message from the assignment.

“When I made the assignment, I was upset and angry about a story I recently saw on the news. If any message appears, it is more of a message to myself, not to my students. I never meant to hurt or upset any students or parents,” he said.

Yeeeeeeah, right, Mr. Chahhou. Most teachers insert messages to themselves into school assignments when they’re upset over a news story.

What’s most troubling about this to me isn’t that he pulled this with his public school students, it’s that he teaches at a Muslim school as well.

God only knows what he’s teaching them in Arabic.

I urge you to listen to the words of an American citizen calling for shari’a law.

Stein hoist: Tim via the Sandcrawler

Saddam Found Guilty for Crimes Against Humanity

My first assessment of this would be a resounding “DUH!”

The sentence is now in the hands of the tribunal, who has an unlimited amount of time for review, but once their review is complete, they have 30 days to complete the execution (by hanging).

We all know he’s guilty, so it’s all tap dancing and drama from here. It will be interesting to see how long this takes and what wrangling will occur.

Update by Merri’s hubby Vinnie: Here’s my video contribution to the verdict:


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