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I Can’t Say I’m Surprised…

Back in July, I brought you the story of 22-year-old Matthew Koso, who married a 13-year-old girl he got pregnant.  The girl’s mother approved and consented the marriage, which took place across the state line in Kansas, where it is legal for kids under the age of 18 to get married, as long as there is parental consent.  However, it is illegal in Nebraska, and charges of first degree sexual assult were filed against Koso by Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning.

The Omaha World Herald brings us an update to this twisted saga - the title stands alone:  "Child Bride’s Love Had Eye for the Girls."  Sickening, isn’t it?

FALLS CITY, Neb. - Matthew Koso, the 22-year-old local man who married his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend in May, was involved with at least three other underage girls before her.

Relatives of two girls told The World-Herald of the relationships.

In one case, Koso’s relationship with an 11-year-old girl came to an abrupt halt when her father discovered the two had been going out. Koso was 19 at the time.

"I nipped it in the bud," the father said.

Another girl’s uncle said he intervened when he saw his niece, then 12 or 13, riding in Koso’s van. He told Koso to stay away from the girl.

In the third case, Andrew Timothy, a cousin of the girl whom Koso married, said he once saw the father of a preteen girl pull Koso out of the city pool, punch him and warn him to stay away from his daughter.

A half-dozen other people who know Koso or his bride, including some of her relatives, said Koso’s interest in young teens and preteens was widely known.

"He’s been dating little girls for a long time," said Patty Smith, an aunt of the girl Koso married.

The girl’s mother cited his past behavior when she sought a protection order to keep him away from her daughter.

"He has a history of the same, similar with other young girls. And he needs to be stopped here and now," the mother wrote in her affidavit.

Of course Koso didn’t mention any of this to his attorney.  Koso’s mother said that he didn’t go on dates with anyone, especially young girls.  C’mon, Mom.  I think you are in denial - he impregnated a 13 year old!  Okay, maybe she’s right…does statuatory rape count as a date?

I have to share this sad tale - of course none of this is Matthew’s fault - he had ADHD:

Peggy Koso described Matthew, her youngest, as a child who struggled a bit in school. He had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and wasn’t strong at academics or sports. He had few friends, and those he did have were a couple of years younger.

"He never got along well with kids his age," Peggy Koso said.

Matthew Koso also had a few brushes with the law and, after graduating from high school, a brief stint in the Marine Corps.

He attended Falls City Public High School, graduating with his class in May 2001. His wife will be a freshman at the school this fall.

That’s just revolting…and the article states this as if it was some kind of wedding annoucement "His wife will be a fresman at the school this fall…"  How quaint.  How romantic…how sick.  He’s a pedophile!!

Throughout his life, it seems as though Matthew has had run-ins with the law, has cut himself to get attention and had problems with school because, his attorney says, of "Koso’s limited mental capability."  And he’s procreating now?  Greeeeaaaat.  The last famous words of Koso’s attorney:

"It’s not like we have some rampant criminal-type character out here," Yoesel said.

Um, I would beg to differ…