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Cotillion’s “Fireside Chat”

Have you ever wondered what the ladies of The Cotillion are like? Well, we’re all a little crazy, a little sassy and quite a bit of fun. We want to get to know one another a little better and will be doing a little “30 things” carnival. I thew my name in the hat to participate so here’s, well, 30 things about me:

1. What time did you get up this morning? 8:47am

2. Diamonds or pearls? I like pearls, but I LOVE diamonds!

3. What was the last film you saw at the movie house? Cars - on opening day Friday - and I *did* have kids with me! I also saw the remake of The Omen on 6/6/06 (NO kids that day!).

4. What is your favorite TV show? 24 is by far my favorite, but I like 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray, too!

5. What did you have for breakfast? Special K Berry

6. What is your middle name? My Momma always said it was “Trouble”

7. What is your favorite cuisine? I have a soft spot for Italian food - anything pasta is sheer heaven to me!

8. What foods do you dislike? I don’t like cabbage and I don’t like fruit in my salad (who came up with that ANYWAY?)

9. What kind of car do you drive? A Bauer-mobile! (Black Ford Expedition)

10. Favorite Sandwich? A BLT - but not just any. Nice, thick cut and crispy bacon, toasted bread with a thin layer of Miracle Whip on both slices, just one leaf of lettuce, and home grown fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper on them. YUM-O!!!!!

11. What characteristic do you despise? An entitlement mentality. Nothing pisses me off more than people who think they should have something just because [fill in the blank…just because they have more time in than anyone else, just because they went above and beyond once, just because they are related to such-and-such, etc.]. I see it every day in my job, in the newspaper and around the ‘net and it is one of my BIGGEST peeves.

12. Favorite item of clothing? I know it isn’t clothing, but it is an accessory….my pretty black Coach purse. I LOVE it!

13. If you could go anywhere in the world for a holiday where would you go? Australia

14. What color is your bathroom? Light peach (but hopefully not forever!)

15. Favorite brand of clothing? “on sale”

16. Where would you like to retire? Somewhere with a beach, lots of sunshine and nice fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them.

17. Favorite time of the day? Evenings, particularly when there’s a brilliant sunset!

18. What was your most memorable birthday? In 7th grade - at Skateland!

19. Where were you born? Nebraska….paint it red, babeeeee!

20. Favorite sport to watch? Husker Football….DUH!

21. What are you wearing right now? t-shirt and shorts

22. What star sign are you? Libra

23. What fabric detergent do you use? Tide Coldwater or Woolite

24. Pepsi or Coke? Coke!

25. Are you a morning person or a night owl? More of a night owl, but as I get older, have a harder time sleeping in!

26. What is your shoe size? 7.5 to 8

27. Do you have any pets? Oh yes…three dogs, 2 parrots and 2 snakes!

28. Any new exciting news you’d like to share with your family and friends? Not long now for that vacation to Florida!!!

29. What did you want to be when you were little? A teacher!

30. What are you meant to be doing today? Grocery shopping, picking up a wedding gift and cleaning house - when is that vacation again?!?!

Update: Cassandra at Villainous Company did a nice summary of the Cotillion’s “30 things” meme over at her place and at the Cotillion site. Enjoy!

Cotillion linked with Diamonds And Pearls
Villainous Company linked with Diamonds And Pearls
The Domesticated Cotillion Round-Up!

I have to admit I’ve been a slacker and didn’t get a post in for the weekly Cotillion round-up. But glove-covered hand clapping goes out to the Girl on the Right for putting together a great round-up (and for reminding me that my domestic side has been horribly neglected due to work and many episodes of 24).

Please stop by and see the round up and let RightGirl know I sent you!

The First Cotillion of 2006!

This is my first post of the new year, and none better than to link over to the Cotillion Ball this week!  I finally had some time to submit a post, and the Cotillion’s own Wonder Woman at A North American Patriot highlights our posts with outstanding finesse!  Beautiful job!!!  Oh, and I also discovered her mutual love for SpongeBob.  I, too, am a fan! 

I also encourage you to take a look around at those amazing sites referenced in my sidebars.  I am experiencing huge volumes of work due to year-end and all of that, so my posts will be sparse this week (at least until I meet a Thursday deadline…ack!). 

You may also want to take a look around these four walls as some changes are a’comin!  No secrets revealed just yet, but let’s just say the new year represents a time of change!

The Cotillion’s Basil Interview

So you wonder what goes around in the minds of women, but don’t want to read about it in "People Magazine?"  I have just the place for you!

Basil’s Blog interviewed a number of us ladies from The Cotillion, myself included.  Please stop over and learn all about what women want (real women, not those liberal-minded peacenik women who don’t shave!).

Many thanks to Basil and to Beth for coordinating the whole thing for us.  What fun!

11/08/05 Edition-Cotillion

It’s THAT time of the week again! Go see what we’re all writing about this week. Want to know more about what we are, why we are, what we look for in conservative womens’ blogs? Go here. You can’t just join us, you have to be invited.

This week’s edition of the Cotillion

Our Members:

The Cotillion - Portia Rediscovers Me!

So, we’ve been having a Cotillion each and every week, and I just haven’t been playing the past few weeks (for one reason or another…let’s leave it at "real life" getting in the way).  I did have a chance to get a post submitted this week, and it’s part of the great round up at Portia Rediscovered (you’ve just GOT to take a look at her new digs!).

As always, the post is also over at the Cotillion.  Many thanks to Portia for a great round up and to all of the fine ladies for many great posts!

Portia Rediscovered linked with Trackbacky badness
Cotillion & King O’ Cotillion

I’m a day late…argh!  Let’s just thank some pesky database updates and a lack of patience to wait for those updates, dammit!

Please take a peek over at Beth’s place to see who was crowned King of the Cotillion.  Could it be…..B.C.?  Of course, inquiring minds want to know!

Also take a look at the spooky Cotillion Ball this week.  I didn’t get my links in, which allowed Girl on the Right to get Instalanched…a deserved ‘lanche, too!  Had I submitted my link, well, let’s just say Murphy’s Law ain’t got nothin’ on me!

There you have it…while I’m a day late, the reading is worth the wait, don’t you think?

King of Cotillion - Finalists!

Time to start the final round of voting for… King of Cotillion (also known as "Cotillion Beefcake")

We have the top four candidates in the final round, ready for objectification! Some of the photos will have changed at their request, as you will see, but you can still ogle check out the pictures from last week HERE. Let the objectification begin!

First, we have MacStansbury, Beth’s co-writer here at MVRWC and proprietor of the excellent MacStansbury.org blog. MacS hates this picture because he was exhausted and "covered with sand," but I like that he was showing his USM pride in the middle of a live combat area:

Next up, and also dashing in his desert camo, is Thunder6 from 365 and a Wakeup, beamed in from the front lines in Iraq where he is now.

B.C. didn’t dig up his photos with him in his flight suit from his days in uniform, but he provided a more current photo, this one showing him enjoying the good life–beer-drinking on a boat–and looking not so torturous away from the Imperial Dungeonâ„¢ at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

Also in a sunny paradise is Bullwinkle from Random Numbers. Bullwinkle may be a big ol’ moose, but he likes little furry animals other than just squirrels. Here he’s feeding a baby coati mundi that he rescued, now just a couple weeks old. Bullwinkle with baby coati mundi 'Monita'

There you go, y’all! The Final Four! Now go on over to their sites, poke around, and most importantly, VOTE (in the sidebar)! You can only vote for ONE this time, but you can still vote every day. Voting will close on SUNDAY NIGHT again, around midnight (Central time), and the winner will be announced and crowned King of Cotillion / Cotillion Beefcake? on TUESDAY. Thank you from all of us in Cotillion to all the guys who participated last week–we consider all of you our Princes for participating and for supporting us!

Vote for “King of Cotillion”

The ladies are at it again! 

Stop over and see the Cotillion’s mini-carnival today, hosted by A North American Patriot.  Welcomes go out to Romeocat from CathouseChat, too.

Now for something completely different (heh!) thanks to Beth at MVRWC:

Time for the Inaugural Edition of our own Blogger Babes competition for

King of Cotillion

So without further ado, let’s ogle the nominees! See the bottom of the post for further details.

(most photos can be clicked for full-size)

B.C., Imperial Torturer
(The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler)

Hardcore Conservative


Retired Geezer (Blog Idaho) with his wife
(and someone you might know in the middle)

Bullwinkle (Random Numbers)

Mark (Mark My Words)

Hubris (cheater!!)

Timmer (The Daily Brief)

Gregg (Impacted Wisdom Truth)

Casey (The Gantry Launchpad)

Patriot Xeno (Right Hand of God)

Citizen Grim (Right Hand of God)

Alan Woody (Woody’s News & Views)

Xavier (Xavier Thoughts)

Jay (Stop the ACLU) - with family

Masked Menace (Villainous Company, sorta)

Thunder6 (365 and a Wakeup)

Rick (Brutally Honest)

Please vote over in the sidebar. You may PICK MORE THAN ONE, but don’t be ridiculous and click every single one, OK? ;-) Next Tuesday, we will have FINALISTS, at which point you can vote again. This vote, again, is for the FINALISTS. Get it? Next Tuesday, you’ll be doing the final vote for King of Cotillion!

Blogger Babes, please tell your readers to come over and vote! The polls will be up at multiple Cotillion blogs, so if it’s not at your favorite one (and of course it is!), you can go over to Beth’s site to vote. 

The prize: Bragging rights, massive and multiple linky love, and what the hell, Beth will toss in a free Blogad for two weeks if you want it. Voting this week ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT around midnight (CST) or something.  Beth says she keeps stupid hours, so it could be 4am, for all she knows.

A million zillion thanks to the guys for participating–this has already been a lot of fun! Y’all are extremely Kool for playing!

The MAN Project

The Cotillion happens to have their usual goings-on over at the main site and at The Gray Tie, but there’s a new gig in town.  Check out our latest project over at Beth’s site.  C’mon, we just need a few good men!

In the meantime, here’s obligatory eye candy for you, Ladies!


Cotillion - Ladies Mas Fine!

It’s that day of the week again!  Please stop by the Cotillion and check out what the best female bloggers in the ’sphere have to say (certainly more than me lately!!!).  Thanks bunches to our hostesses this week:  Crystal Clear, Fistful of Fortnights, Soldiers’ Angel - Holly Aho and Knowledge Is Power - SondraK.com.

Update:  It appears that my post was missed in all the melee - all is good though.  You can read it here

Tra la la Boom de ay…it is Cotillion Day!

It’s that day of the week again!  Please stop by the Cotillion and see a round up of the best female bloggers in the ’sphere.  And a special thank you to our hostesses this week:  TFS Magnum, e-Claire, Portia Rediscovered and Mary Katharine Ham / Townhall C-Log.  Thanks for a great roundup, ladies!

Letter to ACLU Members

A Letter To ACLU Members: One of the most common comments and hate mails I get besides the "you are a nazi that hates freedom" ones, is the infamous "You just inspired me to give $100 to the ACLU", or the "I just re-upped my ACLU membership" ones. This post was inspired by you people.

Dear Mr. or Ms. ACLU Member,

Please work with the ACLU to reform some of their policies. Please get them to disclose their Policy guide so everyone can see what they truly stand for. If they are truly about freedom, they should have nothing to hide.

Please work with them to reform their position on the second amendment. If they are truly to be the defenders of the Constitution, it should be the entire Constitution and not just what is in line with their agenda. Tell them that the First Amendment applies to everyone, not just those that agree with their interpretation. Let them know that Pro-life demonstrators should have their free speech defended as well, and not ignored. Civil liberties should not be a selective process if you are to claim protecting it for all. If the ACLU cared as much for pro-life free speech as it does for NAMBLA their integrity on their claim to be might not be so questionable.

Ask them to work with the government instead of against it in homeland security issues. I’m sure they will come to some dead ends and disagreements, but a positive outreach to show they actually care about American security more than the imaginary rights of some terrorist could do wonders for their tarnished image. Refusing money from loyal contributors because they don’t want their money to go towards the advancement of terrorism makes many Americans leery on giving their money too. It also might help if they didn’t work with organizations known to have terrorist ties.

Please talk to them about completely dropping their position on child porn distribution legalization. It’s just plain sick. Let them know that comparing Christians to terrorists is not a good way to get new membership. And tell them I said to have a Merry Christmas this year, and to take it easy on the baby Jesus stuff. Nobody is trying to create a theocracy. Tell them to relax, and enjoy the "winter break." And give everyone else a break about too.

Best of luck with that membership,

Stop the ACLU Blogburst team.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU blogburst. Over 100 blogs are on board. If you would like to join go to our portal and register. We will add you to our mailing list and send you the simple instructions to be a part of our movement.

Note from Merri:  A comment was left on this post that made perfect sense to me.  In my opinion, in a time that people are suffering and homeless, it is much more important that my site encourages donations that go to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, more so than efforts of other organizations such as Stop the ACLU.  That being the case, I have removed the donations button from this post and encourage you, if you are wishing to make donations, to consider some of the great organizations that are collecting money for victims of Hurricane Katrina (I have a few links in my left sidebar).  I want to make it clear that this is my opinion, and since I own this site, it’s important to me that it reflects my ideas, opinions and beliefs.  Thanks!

Our Heroes: Both Great and Small

As everyone would agree, this week has been a trying one, especially for our fellow citizens down in the gulf region.  The ladies of the Cotillion have truly highlighted much about Hurricane Katrina, from the moment she made landfall through thousands and thousands of rescues, volunteer workers and charitable dollars raised.  What is evident throughout this tragedy is the strength of the heroes both great and small - the rescuers, the volunteers, the survivors.  Those who have given everything they can to help.  Those who have opened up their hearts and their wallets to support the rescue and recovery efforts.  Join me, and my fellow hostesses annika’s journal, Girl on the Right and Not a Desperate Housewife as we highlight a rather challenging week for America.

Jody at Steal the Bandwagon shares an outstanding roundup of charities the Cotillion ladies recommend, along with some thoughts about the disaster and the rescue efforts.  Jody also reminds everyone that Katrina couldn’t possibly be a member of the Cotillion - she was simply too mean.

Over at Who Tends the Fires, Denita has a great list of charities that are collecting for the rescue and recovery efforts from Hurricane Katrina.  Denita also reminds us to "do what we can!"

Mary Katharine Ham at Townhall.com C-Log reminds readers of the role private charity has in large-scale disasters such as the one in the Gulf:

Private charity allows the generosity and ingenuity of Americans to meet the unpredictability of life head-on in a way a staid government program never could.

Charity can work quickly. It can be tailored to the needs of specific victims. It can move in unorthodox ways to fix unprecedented problems. And the results can be astounding.

Zendo Deb at TFS Magnum speaks of consequences and responsibility when it comes to hurricane preparedness:

If people are going to rely on the state for rescue, they then need to obey the orders of that state when told what to do. You can’t both have responsibility (not following the orders on your own judgment) and not have responsibility (for facing the consequences of your actions and decisions).   

I have sat watching the news this week and often wondered how different the rescue efforts may have looked had citizens who stayed - even with the ability to evacuate - decided to evacuate.

On the other hand, The Anchoress brings to light others who will likely face the consequences of their inaction.  She speaks about a photo filled with submerged buses that could have been used, in advance of the storm, to evacuate those citizens without the financial means to leave on their own:

Why were school bus drivers, city bus drivers, local truckers, not enlisted to drive these buses around the city, picking people up and taking them out of harm’s way? It’s staggering - just staggering - to contemplate this. This is a profound negligence or incompetence (or both). In a world where people love to look for “root causes� of problems, I think this photo is evidence of one of the “root causes� for the unimaginable experience too many people have just lived through - are still living through.

E.M. at The American Princess pours her frustration into thoughts that have undoubtedly moved through the minds of many:

What do you do to help people, even militarily, when they shoot at Army personnel, threaten them, and refuse to obey their orders. What do you do when people who are in a horrible situation refuse to act like human beings? Is it so much to ask to treat your fellow man with human dignity? The people who are attempting to help are often in the same boat as those who loot and pillage–many of the New Orleans police officers have lost their homes, their families, everything that they have lived for, and yet they are still remaining in the city, trying, often in futility. to control those who cannot control themselves.

Any time America sees a great tragedy, the "blame game" must commence.  Fausta, at The Bad Hair Blog enlightens us with some possible "reasons" this tragedy unfolded.  Germany’s environment minister hinted that Americans may be to blame for the hurricane due to "the U.S. refusal to cut greenhouse gases, which many experts say cause global warming."  However, Robert Kennedy, Jr., has another angle - he blames the GOP.

Beth of Yeah, Right, Whatever provides a number of observations following the destruction in the Gulf.  Beth wonders whether everyone has had the opportunity to blame Bush for the events in New Orleans.  She also highlights a question posed in a number of interviews seen on the news networks:

Everyone is turning this into a race thing.  I’ve heard things like "if it was a predominately white community, everyone would have been taken care of." Yes, there is still racism in this country (there’s racism of one kind or another all over the world- unfortunately, that’s one of the uglier sides of humanity). But I am offended that people presume that this country doesn’t care about the people just because they are black.

Some of the speculation and rumor is simply irresponsible, as Cassandra at Villainous Company shares.  Amidst the thousands of rescue missions, criminals shooting at rescuers, the massive relief efforts, Randall Robinson reports that "black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. Four days after the storm, thousands of blacks in New Orleans are dying like dogs. No-one has come to help them."  Thanks, Cassandra, for setting the record straight.

Just as the volunteer workers are trying to establish some normalcy for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Holly of Soldiers’ Angel reminds us that life goes on.

…if you need a good laugh or some entertainment this podcast is for you! Program notes…find out what a soldier recently back from Iraq, a soldier injured in Iraq, a radio talk show host, a stay at home mom, flooding and ghostbusters have in common. It’s bizarre but true! 

America is filled with every day heroes who never think twice about helping those in need.  Shelter volunteers, employees at companies pooling donations, companies donating goods needed for victims, airlines, cruiselines, hospitals, churches and individual citizens donating to charitable organizations - we will bring comfort and support to the families in the Gulf who need us.  They will give back by rebuilding both their homes and their lives.  Undoubtedly, America will see another tragedy in her future.  But even the youngest have learned what it is like to take care of one another.

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It’s Cotillion Time Again!

Please join the gathering place of cool, conservative women at the Cotillion tomorrow for the weekly blog tour hosted by Villainous Company, The American Princess, Soldiers’ Angel - Holly Aho and The Bad Hair Blog.  You’ll have plenty to read and plenty to think about!

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