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Danny R. Rouse, Paroled, Murder Redux

It’s clear the laws relating to murderers need to be revisted.

Rouse was convicted in the 1979 murder of a 5-year-old boy and stabbing of the child’s mother. He was paroled in March after spending 26 years in a Kansas prison.

This man, paroled by our gracious system, had a ticket to strike again. And strike again he did.

LOGANSPORT, Ind. — Authorities in Indiana said a restaurant worker has confessed to killing a co-worker — a 16-year-old girl whose body was found in a field.

They said Danny R. Rouse, a 51-year-old convicted child murderer, told them where to find the body of Stephanie Faye Wagner.

She was found dead in a cornfield about a mile from where her car was found abandoned, police said.

I can hear it now, what some likely think… “Merri, he served his time. What, you would want to put him away forever, Merri? He’s so sorry for what he did…what makes it right keeping him behind bars for his whole life?” Well, had he been behind bars his entire life, a 16-year-old girl would still be alive and the “cost” of putting a murderer behind bars for life in order to keep everyone safe is worth the price. I’d much rather see this beautiful girl coming into work every day, going to school and living a full life than see this man get freedom from prison after he murdered a 5-year-old and his mother.

Nancy said:

It's senseless. Once convicted of MURDER there should BE no parole. There should BE no rights. There should BE no second chances. (Maybe this would get some of those punkass hoods to think right the FIRST time) Just buh-bye, asshole. What the hell kind of employer would hire a convicted felon, ESPECIALLY one convicted of MURDER? What the hell kind of employer would put his OTHER employees at such risk by hiring a murderer? Rouse may have actually killed this girl....but I would also point my finger at some others as well: the parole board for releasing him and his employer for not warning his other employees (opps....privacy acts probably prevented that little tidbit of information from getting out)

Chris said:

What kind of repeat offender rate is there for people on death row? ha ha

sunnie said:

Once a murder always a murder. What was the owner of the Indian head thinkin the guy said he had been to prison he should have done a background check, i mean maybe that poor girl would still be alive if people werent so god damn stupuid.

A.M.Y. said:

should the "death penalty" be next, so there won't be 'strike 3?'
i feel for learst, wagner and also rouses family too. more so for the victims and familys. not for danny rouse himself though.

Kate said:

I'm the first victim of Rouse and I've been the victim everytime this monster was up for parole. I had to relive the crime over and over and over when addressing the parole board because that was my only way to keep Rouse in prison and still, it didn't work. No one listened to me, my son's father, my current husband. We all implored the parole board that Rouse would probably come after me again because I put him away. What you don't know is Stephanie looked like a younger me, but I wasn't accessible because I live outside the U.S. I feel such deep feelings for Stephanie's family. No one knows what this kind of insanity is like.

Also, don't go after the innocent who hired Rouse, no one, not even the county sherrif knew of Rouses's background. Those responsible are the parole board of Kansas, the Interstate Compact agency between Kansas and Indiana, the parole officer, and Rouse's relatives who took him in and must have known he had a hunting knife (a clear violation of his parole).

Merri said:


I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have been through each time Rouse came up for parole. I'm so sorry for your loss and for all of what you have had to likely endure. He never should have been eligible for parole in my opinion. My position on anyone who murders is that they should never have another moment of freedom once they make the choice to take the life from another human being. I don't know that it would have brought you peace, but perhaps you wouldn't have had to endure each parole hearing and relive everything over again.

I can appreciate your thoughts on the employer who hired him. There are many things broken in the system, and the database is one of them. I've seen situations in my work life that demonstrate it. Sometimes the background check doesn't uncover felonies, etc., because the state systems don't always talk to each other, there might be a human error, there may be a lag with entries into the system, etc. And it likely wouldn't have mattered where he worked, or if he didn't work...he would have likely killed again anyway.

I truly pray that you can find some level of peace in your life. God bless you!

Jane said:

Dear Kate, I dont even know what to say, Im so sorry for you and your son and what you went through. Like Merri, I'll be praying for your peace.

I hope the sleezy slimey scumbag gets what he deserves and suffers. Thanks for trying to keep him in and the rest of us safe.

Alvin fry said:

This man killed my cousin we were realy cloe last time he diserved the chair this time he deserves the chair even more he took some one I loved because he had a chance he should that he should not of had

AC said:

Stephanie was my cousin's daughter.

Kate, my prayers go out to you. I pray that someday you will be able to wake up one morning and be able to forget this man. I know thats an understatement. I know the hells you have been through. I myself have been through an attempted murder by an evil man. I still live in fear.

My heart goes out to you.

~J~ said:

I agree very strongly that the laws need revised. I live in Logansport and work for the Sheriff's Department. I was not working the terrible night this all took place, but it struck out community and has shocked everyone! I believe that once you've Murdered once, you'll do it again, there is no recovery that can take place. You were "sick" enough to do it once, you are going to more than likely do it again. There is nothing you can do to cure this "sickness" It sickens me that this man was let out to beging with. The people of Kansas will have this on their conscious and this town will never forget what happened. We are going to be scared forever. My thoughts and prayers go out to Stephanie's family!

Merri said:

I agree, J...I feel the same about pedophiles as I do about murderers. If someone makes the decision to murder and/or harm a child, they will do it again and God help us all if we continue to try and rehabilitate them.

Leann Hass said:

Try being around this monster and having him around your daughter not knowing he is a murderer my child was invited to spend the night with her friend that was his neice he lived in the home with his brother and sister in law and they never told me or anyone for that matter that he is a murderer other wise I would have never let my daughter stay the night in the home that this crazy man lived in I really want to know what this mans sentence is no one is telling what he got...

sally said:

i was the woman engeged to him and let me tell you i never felt like he was a serial killer he was always good to me and we did love each other very much.i feel he just needed so help mentally. he kept a job acted just like a normal guy.i feel something just when wrong in his mind he didn't know what he was doing at the time of the killing .if you knew him like i did you would see a different man . i also feel he shouldbe put to death for what he did .

Merri said:

Sally....that's usually the standard with these types of murderers - you wouldn't necessarily *know* they are capable of killing - that's how they snare their victims. Of course something went wrong in his mind - how else would he be capable of doing what he did twice over?

AC said:

What do we know so far considering a trial? I cant find anything on the web.

Shelly said:

This just came out in the news in Indiana ;
my heart and prayers go out to each person that has hurt one way or another over this man.


Convicted Child Killer Pleads Guilty to Teen's Slaying

Oct 30, 2007 11:48 AM CST

LOGANSPORT, Ind. - A convicted child killer has pleaded guilty to murder in the death of a 16-year-old waitress he worked with at a northern Indiana restaurant.

Danny R. Rouse was charged with killing Stephanie Wagner, whose body was found in a Cass County farm field last Nov. 1. She had been strangled and stabbed.

Rouse worked as a dishwasher at the Indiana Head Restaurant in Winamac, where Wagner also worked.

Wagner's body was found near where officers discovered her abandoned car in her hometown of Royal Center.

Rouse was paroled in March 2006 after serving 26 years in prison in Kansas for the murder of a 5-year-old boy. He is to be sentenced Dec. 14 in Cass Superior Court

AC said:

Thank you for the update.

Indiana Mom said:

I just wanted to let everyone know that not only did Danny Rouse kill that 5 year old boy AND Stephanie....he managed to escape the death penalty, because he confessed to TWO additional murders in rural Indiana BEFORE he ever killed in Kansas.

AC said:

You have got to be kidding me. He needed the death penalty. Are there any current news feeds on any of this? Nothing comes to my area about it.

amanda said:

what i say is screw second chances! this guy killed a 5 year old boy, so u let him out so that he could murder my cousin!! Our
family loved Stephy and she knew that, but i hope he gets what he deserves and gets what he put out. Steph was an awsome girl and so didnt deserve what she got,no one deserves that-except DANNY ROUSE himself!!!!!

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