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24: The Bluetooth Man Group Edition

The world is out of whack, my friends! For those of you who watched “24″ tonight, you’ll understand why!

How could the big baboon, the head cheese of the Bluetooth Man Group be Jack Bauer’s brother, Graham?!?!? And how could Graham be married to such a hottie? Money, perhaps? It certainly doesn’t seem to be love given the look in her eye when her bald-headed, bluetooth wearing freak of a “husband” uttered the word “Jack.”

Somehow I knew Jack came from a somewhat dysfunctional family, but wow…putting a plastic bag over your brother’s head? That’s some sibling rivalry!

Can someone please shut the Sherry wannabe up? Enough already!

I’m still not so sure about Assad, but I will say this about Fayed. As long as he keeps working with the wannabe Robin Leach, he might not get any help, other than “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” One could only hope, huh? Four more visitors - let’s hope there’s no room at the inn for them!

Another interesting night of television and less than 168 hours until the next episode (less than 10,080 minutes for those of you who are really counting down). I WANT MORE BAUER NOW, DAMMIT!

Until next week….

24: Rest In Peace, Curtis!

Whoa boy…what a second set of hours on “24″ tonight. Curtis (AKA Cola as any Blogs 4 Bauer fan would know), you sure will be missed. We understand why you did what you did, but you *knew* Jack would pull that trigger. C’mon, man.

So, Mister-Former-Terrorist-Who-Says-He-Is-Renouncing-Terrorism-and-Got-A- Pardon-Out-of-It-Guy, you better be for real and this had better not be some part of a twisted, sadistic plot. You wanna know why? Because Jack had to pop a cap in the neck of his boy Curtis for you. If Jack killed him and you are lying about what you are doing, you are soooo screwed. Because Hell hath no fury like a Jack scorned. You’ve been warned, Assad.

Something... and Half of Something linked with Okay, so I'm grouchy
Bauer’s Back!

See that picture? Yep…the one above. It’s started and I’m hooked…again! Another season of “24″ started at 7:00pm Central Time and we were planted in our chairs. It was AWESOME! The folks at Blogs 4 Bauer are hitting it hard again, and you really do need to go check them out. Any fan of “24″ will absolutely love the place. I visit it faithfully following each “24″ episode. Although I think I should write for them. I have the same crazy stuff going around in my head. There were two explicit things that they called out in their live blogging that I said to hubby during the show! First off, Prez Palmer’s (aka Michael Jordan’s) sister, the ACLU Islamotard-lovin’ phreak. I told hubby that she reminded me of Sherry Palmer (may she not RIP). Second comment was regarding the portion of the script that sounded like it was written for Yoda. See, ya’ll. I could be helping you out. Instead, I sit riveted to my HDTV-loaded, plasma-filled screen, yelling out things that could be live blogged. Er…perhaps that’s easy street. :-)

Jack Bauer and ‘24′ Winners at the Emmys

Kiefer finally gets his well-deserved Emmy. And a rotten day at the office turns out to be Emmy-award-winning for ‘24.’

Finally, Hollywood gets something right. :-)

TV Guide Gave Me My Jack Bauer Fix!

I was at the grocery store today and in the checkout I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that piercing gaze gracing the cover of TV Guide Magazine. Could it be? Yes….there he was. Jack. Jack Bauer. I’ve missed you, Jack!

I snatched that magazine up and took it home. They had me hook, line and sinker when they stated on the cover: “PLUS a sneak peek at Day 6.” I’ve been waiting MONTHS for any kind of inkling of what happens in Day 6. $1.99 for a sneak peek? Dinero WELL spent!

So….I bet you are wondering, aren’t you? What is this sneak peek all about? Well, they don’t give us much, but enough for complete droolage. I just love what Kiefer Sutherland says about playing Jack Bauer:

Kiefer Sutherland can’t pinpoint the exact moment Jack Bauer became a living, breathing creature, but he thinks it happened sometime around Day 4.

“Before that, people would come up and say, ‘I love this movie you did’ or ‘I love your work,’ but suddenly I was getting, ‘I love Jack Bauer,’” he says during an interview in Hollywood.

Dressed in expensive-looking jeans and a white T-shirt, Sutherland looks happier and better rested than the counterterrorism agent he plays on 24, but then again, who doesn’t? It probably helps that his show, coming off its most successful ratings season yet, is up for 12 Emmys, the most nominations for any TV series. Sutherland landed his fifth straight nomination for lead actor in a drama, a feat he insists he’s only partly responsible for. “Sometimes it’s like I have nothing to do with Jack Bauer anymore,” he says with a most un-Bauerlike grin. “It’s almost like I’ve become a conduit or his brother or something.”

I can see that. I looked back at all my Bauer posts, and the words “Kiefer Sutherland” rarely came up. I’m sorry, Kiefer. I’ve now used your name at least 5 times in this post. I hope you’ll forgive me! :-)

Of course the electronic version of this article in TV Guide Magazine doesn’t give you the down low on Day 6, so it looks like I’ll have to give you a summary (all quotes from the article):

“We’ll start with Jack next season at the lowest point anybody’s ever seen him,” Sutherland says, explaining that Day 6 opens two months into his Chinese incarceration.


While other seasons gradually bring the terror to light, the new season (which kicks off in January) begins “in the midst of America being terrorized,” Cassar [the director of 24] says, likening the explosive opening to the early hours after 9/11. “Something horrible has already happened, so we start in a mood of national paranoia and fear and go from there,” he says.

Jack has been in Chinese custody for two months and has been tortured physically and mentally. “He’s not the same Jack we’ve seen before, ” Cassar says. “He’s beaten down, a weakened shell.” A la Jack’s Season 3 return from drug abuse, Season 6 will track Jack’s comeback.

Drooling yet? Thought so. But I would add that buying the magazine would be really, really good. The interview with Kiefer is good (you do know the show is nominated for 12 Emmys, right?), but even better, there are some great, dreamy pics of him for those of you who, ahem, are into that kinda thing.

January’s way too far away, dammit! But I believe Day 5 will be on DVD this fall (I remember hearing October somewhere). It may be time for a pre-season “refresher!”

Jo's Cafe linked with Specials of the Day 8/15
For you “24″ Fans

Um, clearly another takeover is needed.

CTU was a shambles, so of *course* Homeland Security came in and saved the day. Thank GOD they arrived. I don’t know what would have happened without them.

But there’s so much hate. So much finger-pointing. So much that needs to be protected and fixed.

Which leads me to only one conclusion. The best way to fix this would be to stage another takeover.

…but this time it will be done right. Instead of sending in a department such as Homeland Security, an agency should come in that is impartial and only does what is right for everyone. And this agency has an acronym, so they would fit right in.

Bring in the ACLU!*


*um, if you believe I’m serious, you are either 1) a card-carrying member of the ACLU or 2) you are merely crazy or 3) all of the above.

One of the Best “24″ Lines Ever

There are many great lines that can be quoted from 24, but this one, via Bill Buchanan is one of the best (and is soon to be a classic):

“You don’t know what you’re dealing with, you little ass kisser.”

Oh, yeah. Now *that’s* what I’m talkin’ about!

24 Nite

It’s Bauer nite. And I can’t wait - only 3 more minutes until Tivo is done and I can watch. Um, no, I’m not addicted. Not at all. Nope. Not me. :-)

Jack’s Back for Three More!


Oh Yeah! Three More Seasons!

NEW YORK — Jack will be back — despite all the firepower the bad guys rain down on him. Kiefer Sutherland has signed on for three more seasons as superhero agent Jack Bauer on FOX’s “24.”

…and just as I’m drooling for the Tivo’d episode tonight!

24….the Reason for Heart Problems

Soooo….the most important thing to say here is that my HUBBY FELL ASLEEP ON BAUER NIGHT! Oh, and the second most important thing to say is that I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow so I can TALK to someone about this episode. ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!

So….not to spoil anything should hubby hop over to my blog, but I do have a couple of things I *have* to say….

I TRULY hate that weasel Homeland Security Guy…who does he think he is?

…and Audrey…..whaaaaah? …and Chloe….yeah! …and Bill. Well, and Bill….

…and Jack…and Wayne….and ole Red….oh, and the VEEP….and that one girl….and…..DAYUM!

GAH….I give up. I’m going to go count cracks on the ceiling as I *try* to get to sleep without TALKING about this episode! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

UPDATE: Whew, so hubby watched the episode tonight (Tuesday). Thank GOD! I watched it with him (so what…Jack would *demand* I watch it twice, right?) - mostly so I could watch his reaction at the end. “WTF? Logan???” (okay, something like that…maybe not exactly, but close).

All I gotta say is that next week will be a good one, I’m sure of it!

Give Me a Terrorist and I’ll Raise You A Traitor

Whew….is it just me, or does 24 need a warning message for those with heart conditions? Tonight was no exception!

For all the dirt, check out Blogs4Bauer, for my high level thoughts, read on!

I *KNEW* Audrey was innocent, but she slept with Jack, so she must be tortured! Oh, and what’s with the tongue action. Wasn’t she just kinda tortured?

That scummy girl from Section 5. She better not go after Chiggy Killer! I think Chloe should touch her on the shoulder. Whatever.will.she.do?

What does Wayne Palmer know? Why is it the assistant to the First Lady that knows stuff? It can’t be the first lady, so the people that girl are closest to are Mike Novak (my number one choice for traitor…wouldn’t be the first time, eh?), the VEEP (he’s evil…I just know it) or both. I don’t think President Weasel is even capable of being part of such a big scheme. He can barely sign his name without crying. Wayne…shed some light. You gotta do it for Davey, do it for Davey! This plot line is getting very interesting! And Aaron….dayum, he kicked some butt just like Vinnie said he would!

…and why wasn’t Kim in that room at the natural gas distribution site? Oh, never mind…just a small wish of mine. Heh.

The Department of Homeland Security. I’m looking forward to Chiggy Killer’s all out assult on those who are all that are unholy and wrong. At least on 24. Now, if they could protect our borders with the same zeal they go after Audrey…Jack…CTU. Heh. Oh yeah, this is just TV.

I hate waiting a whole week for the next episiode. Just hate it. But I LOVE Monday nights!

Two Hours of ‘24′

Oh my. Two hours of 24 tonight…and things were absolutely nuts! I couldn’t swear by it, but I think I had a couple of heart palpitations. No, really…

I can’t believe that President Weaselboy would sell out his wife - telling a high ranking RUSSIAN official that she was mental. I’m sure it’s all for the sake of security. I think that’ll come back to bite him in the butt later.

Whose that VP anyway? Who does he think he is? When is the *real* president ever going to wake up from his coma….or did I miss something between the crash and now? We need someone who can *REALLY* be in charge.

Holy crap - Jack shot the evil corporate guy’s wife in the leg! And RoboCop didn’t care. What a jerk. I bet he never got her that ring she wanted for Christmas either. Bastard! But did you see the look on his face when he realized Jack was alive….again? Woo hoo!

Wow…the chick from Pulp Fiction and her slimy boyfriend got whacked. Who would have ever thought they’d get $20k for a keycard…they must have been on drugs or something…

Okay - so Aaron came in to see the first lady - did she hand him something? Or was she really trying to get some, um, comfort from him? Leave it up to Mike to interrupt. But he does get the first lady and her man slave back together. Hopefully she can kick some ass in high places (sooper sekrit hint…VEEP…get RID of that guy!).

Good to see Tony up and about….sad to see him learn about Michelle. Poor guy! But it’s stuff like this that gets him motivated to beat the crap out of people. I see him being a major player….and soon!

Kim’s back….and she brought Ponyboy with her. Dayum….he needs to put on a few pounds, dye his hair lighter brown and get rid of the goatee. Or put a bag over his head? I can’t believe I had a crush on that guy back in 8th grade. Or that Kim’s dating him. Chase was much more of a catch, but apparently he didn’t know how to talk to a woman. This guy had to get a degree to do just that. All the guys are drooling about Kim, and I’m sure they didn’t even see Ponyboy. Now they gotta do it for Jackky…ahem.

Sam-not-so-wise finally got up the nerve to tell the man that his Pulp Fiction druggie of a sister had stolen his CTU access card. But guess what…too late. What a stupid idiot. Hey, at least 60% of CTU was saved. 40% of their team was lost, and half of that was Edgar. It was kind of good to see Chloe cry. She really does have a heart…or was that just her allergies kicking in?

Favorite line from Chloe (when talking to Kim about Jack) “…so cut him some slack.” HA! That’s our girl Chloe!

I hate that Edgar died….all because he was checking on the sexy girl that was being written off the show. Edgar - priorities, priorities.

Wow….this was amazing, but it looks like I’ll need to get some heart medication for the next one…even the previews had my heart skipping beats - and it wasn’t even because Jack looks especially hot. Heh.

It’s Bauer Night!

The 24 FANatics over at Blogs4Bauer are at it again, liveblogging the events from tonight. Be sure to stop by and visit…but not just the live blogging post - there’s tons of great stuff over there!

My favorite lines (or actions) from tonight:

…the slap. Pow, right on the Prez’s face. Go get ‘em First Lady!

“Shut Up, Edgar!” ~ Chloe

“Trust me. You don’t want to go down this road with me.” ~ Jack, at his finest

…dangling, dangling, Cummings is dangling…do you think Mike had anything to do with that? Guess the First Lady’s comeback speech can be placed in the shredder…time to start over.

Oh…and those poor guys - teased with the anticipated arrival of Kim. Ya’ll should have KNOWN she wouldn’t be there this week. It’s in the script yanno!

Sigh…I hate it when it’s over - an hour isn’t long enough. At least there are blogs to lean on. You’ve got to go check out Blogs4Bauer…you’ll be glad you did!!

Now…off to see more of season three!

F*&%#ng Groundhog!!!

We’ve been spoiled in Nebraska. Since mid-December, our high temperature has been well above 32 (the average for this time of year). I’m talking days in the 60s, even. Well, until yesterday…and today. It’s freaking cold and the 7-day forecast doesn’t get any better. I blame that f*&#ng groundhog…I think it’s all a big super seekret conspiracy…they’ve been planning 6 more weeks of winter for months now, dammit!

His day job:


The *real* groundhog:


What?!?! I ain’t been watchin’ Bauer on 24 for nuthin….!

Blogs 4 Bauer

How could I resist joining a web ring for 24 fanatics? Hubby did, and he has a picture of Kim posted. Um, isn’t she like 12 or something? Me, I go for Jack…eye candy, ain’t he?


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