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I am Not Alone….

Apparently I am not the only one who can’t stand to be around Cindy Sheehan…

Update:  …and tee bee ain’t takin’ it any more!


The sanctity of marriage is integral to the family and the community but, considering the circumstances, I can't say I blame him. She also lost her job in Napa which is also the President's fault (because she's logical, like that).

tee bee said:

We need to start a "Mothers Against Cindy Sheheen's Abuse of [dead] Children Association," or something like it. I'd also like to spotlight all the people "supporting" poor, deranged Cindy, so other mothers can show their support. I think I'll be blogging that shortly...

Merri said:

It is so evident that she is now really milking the publicity for all it is worth, all at the expense of her son's patriotism. You and I both know that his death was not in vain.