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No Wonder They Go Postal…

Okay…no one should blame anyone working for the post office for being a bit stressed out.  First of all, they have to deal with their management staff, which ain’t any walk in the park.  And then they have to deal with us, the crazed public…

HOUMA, La. (AP) - A mail carrier got bitten - by a barking man, police said.

Mark D. Plumb, 20, of Butler, Mo., was arrested and charged with simple battery Wednesday after he ran barking from a house and bit the letter carrier on the shoulder, police spokesman Lt. Todd Duplantis said.

This guy says he bit the carrier as a joke.  Police say he doesn’t have a record or history of mental illness.  Um, well, now he does.

What a whack job.  Sheesh!  Now I know why carriers carry pepper spray…it ain’t for the dogs!


Did anyone think to have him tested for rabies?

Merri said:

Hmmmm....might be a good idea. I don't know too many people who bark and bite the mailman - maybe he *is* rabid?

Raven said:

Don't laugh. In medical facilities, when a patient bites anyone, they get tested for rabies, HIV among other diseases... LOL I've been bitten at work and it sucks. Gotta go to the local ER for tetanus shot and radical cleaning of the wound...HIV counceling and testing...it's a PITA but needed. I'de be surprised if this guy didn't have to have these tests.

Seth said:

USPS would probably be pretty insistant about that, purely from a liability perspective. Since the mailman got bitten on on the job, any complications resulting from the bite could be grounds for an employee lawsuit. In that case, they have to be able to convince a court that they took every step known to humankind to prevent any complications. It also gives them some leverage for an out-of-court settlement by removing ammo from the plaintiff's "arsenal."

Seth said:

Ooops, sorry about the on on, that's the first time my typing fingers have ever stuttered.