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White Trash Wednesday - The Real White Trash Woman

I haven’t posted much for White Trash Wednesdays the last few weeks, but I’m certain I found the epitome of a White Trash Beeeotch that everyone can relate to:





I pray for those men and women who are conducting the rescue missions, making the areas safe from looters, and those starting the arduous task of preserving what they can in order to rebuild.  I pray for those affected directly by this tragedy - that they may have the strength to get through these most challenging times.

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Seth said:

I was in Nawlins several years ago when there was flooding, and it was nothing nice. Some friends and I were en route to a dinner party in Metaire, an adjacent Jefferson Parish suburb. There was a powerful rain falling. The water on the ground was about a foot high when we finally got out of town and swelling fast. After being locked up in traffic on the interstate for nearly three hours, we arrived in Metaire to find about three feet of water accumulated, trash cans and detritus floating along and the most heartbreaking site was the families standing in the open doorways of their homes, the water waist high right into their living rooms. The expressions on their faces were tragic, as could be expected.
And that weather incident was not even in the same league as this hurricane.
New Orleans averages about a foot below sea level and its only defense against waterborne annihilation is the levy system.

Raven said:

Awesome post Merri...I will do one of my own later. It's really overwhelming when you think about it all. Those killed, maimed, homes and business gone; helpless people and children...nature can be cruel at times.