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Is NAMbLA Paying a Child Killer?

If you are not familiar with this case, it is because it seems to have dropped far off the front page.  Charles Jaynes is a member of NAMbLA, a group that approves and endorses sexual relationships between adult males and young boys.  Charles Jaynes, along with Salvatore Sicari, brutally murdered and molested 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley, before tossing his body into a river.  It seems as though it is possible that NAMbLA has been helping Charles Jaynes out financially, and the reluctance to release Jaynes’ prison records may send the civil case to a higher court.

After a federal judge quashed his motion to release the records in April, Lawrence Frisoli, the attorney for Barbara and Robert Curley, Jeffrey Curley’s parents, requested information about Charles Jaynes’ incarceration from Gov. Mitt Romney and the Department of Corrections last week.

The Curleys, who filed a $200 million lawsuit against the North American Man/Boy Love Association in 2000, allege that Jaynes is receiving money from NAMBLA while in prison and is actively recruiting inmates for the organization. They are seeking information regarding Jaynes’ mail and phone activity, canteen account and employment. 

Frisoli said if the request is denied, he expects further litigation to ensue, possibly to the Supreme Judicial Court. "However, we gave the Massachusetts chief executive officer [the choice]," he said. 

Diane Wiffin, spokeswoman for the DOC, said lawyers were still reviewing the request.

NAMbLA is also being represented by the ACLU, who apparently is on board with NAMbLA’s goal to "educate the general public on the benevolent nature of man/boy love."  I guess both of these groups tend to forget that such "love" inspired the death of a 10-year-old boy.

In 1999, Barbara Curley was given access to Jaynes’ criminal records that pertain to Jeffrey’s murder, on the basis that she is a victim. But in his April opinion, the judge stated it isn’t clear whether Jaynes’ prison records pertain to the crime.

I cannot believe the short-sightedness of this particular judge.  It is reported that Jaynes carries around little Jeffrey’s autopsy report, among other things.  Of *course* his prison records pertain to the crime, and the continued crime being perpetrated if Jaynes is on NAMbLA’s dole.

One affidavit, signed by an inmate at MCI-Concord, alleges that NAMBLA sends Jaynes’ mother money on his behalf, which she deposits into his prison canteen account; that Jaynes passes around Curley’s autopsy report to inmates; keeps a journal of rape and sexual assaults; engages in sexual acts with other prisoners; and "use[d] to participate in a fatherhood group so he could listen to fathers talk about their children."

I am all for the right to privacy, for citizens who are not murderers living on my taxes.  Jaynes is convicted of murder - I’m certain there is a hesitancy to release his records because 1) he has a "right" to privacy and 2) because the reports are probably accurate - he probably *is* getting paid by NAMbLA and they’ve enlisted the help of the ACLU to avoid being found out.  After all, if NAMbLA is not funding his canteen account, the release of his records would clear the record for them, right?  So if they aren’t funding his account, why the hesitancy to release the records?

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