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Sexual Predators Should Be Removed from Society

Anyone that hangs around here for more than a few seconds knows my position on child molesters and pedophiles - they should be removed from society because they are repeat offenders.  I came across a great opinion piece over at Fox News written by Carole Moore, a former police officer who is a crime reporter.  She sums up my own opinions eloquently in one article.  I encourage you to read the entire article over at Fox News, but I wanted to point out an excerpt that I really liked:

But in most cases, it doesn’t last. Until they finally kill a child — and amazingly, sometimes not even then — most child rapists will one day be back out, free to steal a child’s innocence or even his or her life. It’s time to tip the scales in favor of the kids.

Jo said:

What I hated when I was in Texas was their 3 strikes rule at the time .. 3 convictions for a sex offense and then LIFE in prison. Why 3 victims? Isn't one enough? Geez ...

Seth said:

Like a lot of issues, the assholes who should enact stronger penalties are obviously afraid of offending their liberal "rights for criminals" voters. As usual, these types won't pay sufficient attention to the need to say "Screw these perverts' rights, what about the children they destroy?" until it happens to one of their own kids. Then watch how they do a 180.