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Good News!

This is good news:

LEXINGTON, Neb. — A female schoolteacher was arrested in Mexico and the 13-year-old boy she allegedly ran away with was turned over to his relatives, a prosecutor said Saturday.

Kelsey Peterson, a 25-year-old sixth-grade math teacher and basketball coach at Lexington Middle School, was arrested in Mexicali, a city on the border with California, Dawson County Attorney Elizabeth Waterman said.

They were found and apprehended by Mexican authorities without incident Friday evening. Peterson was in FBI custody and transported back to the U.S. early Saturday, and the boy was released to relatives in Mexico, Waterman said.

What’s with this whole teacher and young student thing….and female teachers with boys? I mean, I remember the whole “boy student having a crush on his female teacher thing,” but while it used to be the teachers had a level of maturity and common sense about them and never entertained the idea of fulfilling that boy’s fantasy, now these women seem to have lost that discretion. I could never have imagined being interested in an 8th grade boy when I was 25. How disgusting is *that*??????????

Throw the book at this woman, please. I would never want my son or daughter exposed to such a poor example of an adult.

A Reason Why There Are Such Things as Jail

Just look at that image for a minute. First of all, the man beat this child. Then he tried convincing the mother of this child that he “fell off the couch.” How could *anyone* do anything like this to such a beautiful child….to ANY child? What could this child POSSIBLY have done?

La Vista police said the injuries were caused by Keith Parker, 28, the live-in boyfriend of Aiden’s mother. He was arrested Monday morning on felony child abuse charges. Parker made his first court appearance Thursday, where his bond was set at $250,000.

The baby will be fine, authorities say, this injury the result of multiple skull fractures. The mother of Aiden believed her boyfriend at first, because it didn’t look this bad, but the bruising kept developing and after 3 days took the baby to the hospital.

Yanno, Parker may be protected from the general population behind bars, but that doesn’t mean he’s protected from those behind bars with him. Parker would make a good whipping post…have at him! Let’s see how he likes it.

UPDATE: Here’s what an evil, vile, sick, disgusting child abuser looks like:

I thank God that Aiden is healing and will be okay…at least on the outside. I pray that he never sees such evil again in his life. As for Parker, I pray that justice will be served. That man should never see the outside of a 6′ hole again, but at the very least, he should never again see the outside of a prison cell.

Non-Parents Strike Again!

So I turn on my computer this morning with two screaming headlines: Parents Realize Next Day They Left Son At Chuck E. Cheese and Parents Charged With Trying To Solicit Truckers For Sex With Child. Both a case of non-parenting and harmful to the child!

So - what happens when parents don’t ensure their 6-year-old gets taken home from his own birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A 6-year-old Florida boy who was accidentally left behind by his family after they celebrated his birthday at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant will temporarily remain in state custody.

A judge said the state Department of Children and Families will likely determine Tuesday whether Michael Emanuel can live temporarily with a relative.

Emanuel’s family said they accidentally left him Saturday night and didn’t notice he was missing until the next day. Each relative thought the child was with another family member.

Employees at the Boca Raton restaurant called police and the child was taken into state custody.

Now, I’ve never proclaimed to be a perfect parent, but barring some idea that arrangements were made to have the 6-year-old stay with another family overnight (who were also at the birthday party), the parents sure seemed to lack any concern for their child. Forgetting for an hour is one thing (albeit it doesn’t make sense to this obsessed mom who makes sure I see the kids go exactly where they are supposed to every moment of every day), but to forget for the entire night? That’s ridiculous!

An attorney for the boy’s mother told the judge there were 12 youngsters at the party and as they all piled into cars to leave, the boy was simply overlooked.

Again, simply overlooked is driving home, waiting for another car to come by with little Timmy and, when it doesn’t show up, start calling around. “Simply overlooked” is not noticing your 6-year-old missing for an entire day!

I get disgusted at some of the stories that are coming out of Nebraska, but this one is so absolutely disgusting and sad!

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. — The father of an 11-year-old girl has been charged with trying to solicit truckers to have sex with the girl.

Last week, the girl’s mother was arrested in North Platte and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Both mother and father now face charges of felony child abuse and pandering.

I cannot even imagine what this 11-year-old girl’s life is like. Mom contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Dad soliciting her out for sex. What kind of monsters *are* these people? How sad for this girl to have to grow up so quickly at the hands of people who treat her like a posession versus their child! …and to think there are men out there who would entertain the idea of actually having sex with her…

Lt. Rick Ryan said that on May 30, the girl was found sitting — fully clothed — on the top bunk of a semitrailer’s sleeper cab. The driver was sitting on the bottom bunk — just talking, he told police. The mother reportedly had been on a CB radio, soliciting listeners to have sex with her daughter.

Funny how the article only points out that the father has been charged trying to solicit truck drivers to have sex with her when the mother had been on the CB, asking listeners to be with her daughter. Disgusting! Thank God these people were so stupid they got caught so their daughter can get to a safe place away from them!

I read stories like this and my blood boils. Something has got to be terribly broken in these people to forget about their kid or to prostitute their 11-year-old for money. In the end, my wish is that the children in both cases get to be in an environment where they are loved, supported, and taken care of. That’s the way it should be for *all* kids.

Left For Dead

Good news, and yet, tragic news.

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - A 1-year-old girl spent up to three days alone with the bloody bodies of her murdered family, her face kicked or beaten and lips cracked from dehydration, police said.

“She was left for dead,” Lt. Mike Handfield said Tuesday. “If she would have been here any longer, she could have perished from lack of food and water.”

Police found the bodies of Phuong Hung Le, 30, his wife, Trish Dawn Lam, 25, and Lam’s 6-year-old son, Tommy, on Monday when they conducted a welfare check at the family’s home, on a street lined with two-story stucco houses about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles in Orange County.

I wish that I were that officer:

The girl smiled at the officer who found her, Handfield said. “She clung to him and he hugged her. She was glad to be next to a warm human body, to have somebody with her.”

So the cloud appears to have a silver lining after all. But, it’s still a cloud. I rejoice in the fact that the baby was saved.

But, poor six year old Tommy. What did he do to deserve this? He could talk, that’s all.

Andrea Yates and Other Criminals

As I’m sure everyone has heard, Andrea Yates, who decided to meticulously drown all of her children is now pleading "innocent" by reason of insanity.

During her original trial, jurors rejected Yates’ insanity defense and found her guilty for the 2001 deaths of three of the children drowned in the family bathtub: 7-year-old Noah, 5-year-old John and the youngest, 6-month-old Mary.

Evidence was presented about the drownings of the other two children — Paul, 3, and Luke, 2 — but Yates was not charged in their deaths.

Yates was convicted of two capital murder charges and sentenced to life in prison.

As I’m sure you heard that her original conviction was overturned and we now will start the circus all over again.  I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but AGAIN there’s more worry about this less than human being than the 5 children - her OWN children - that she stalked, and methodically drown one-by-one.  Noah, John, Mary, Paul and Luke certainly have no say, do they?

I’m all for assuring this pig of a human being never sees the light of day, but it’s a tragedy that this has to play out again and will be "media’d" into the ground.  We will hear it over and over…but will it be about the kids she slaughtered?  NO…it will be about poor Andrea Yates. 

Just when I think I can’t be disgusted any more, my hubby throws this link over my way:

Omaha police said a 4-week-old girl was treated Friday at Creighton University Medical Center for multiple fractures to both of her legs.

The media, in all of their brilliance, report that it appears to be abuse.  No, really?  I thought maybe she played a spirited game of rugby and suffered a bit of a fall.  Of COURSE it should be treated as potential abuse…this little one is only 4-weeks old.  What insane piece of human waste could do this to a child?  I can only wait patiently to see how this will turn out.  But I predict, somehow, that the law will be more in the interest of the criminal versus the well being of the child.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Update:  The infant in the last story is actually 4-months old, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was abused.  Guess who is charged?  The baby’s "mom" whose name is Anna Mis-Guiterrez.  A mother, breaking her four-month-old little girl’s legs.  What did this innocent little girl do to deseve it?  Nothing.  Will this woman, should she be convicted, get a just sentence?  Sure hope so.

Criminal Victims and Other Such Stupidity

I’m sorry to need to update you on the story I brought you here and here.  Where we left off was that this in-home childcare provider, April Rogers, had murdered a 6-month-old little boy left in her care.  She had tried to pin his injuries and subsequent death on a toddler in the daycare, but eventually got caught.  Following her arrest, it was revealed that she was also pregnant and used that as an excuse to attempt to reduce her bond, which was denied by the judge.  Her original plea was "not guilty" even though she admitted she had slammed this innocent 6-month-old’s head repeatedly into the floor.  Her new plea?  Not responsible by reason of insanity. 

The former home day care operator charged in the death of a six-month old boy has changed her plea.

April Rogers initially pleaded not guilty to the charge of felony child abuse resulting in death.

She changed her plea to not responsible by reason of insanity.

She will be evaluated to determine whether depression was a factor. Investigators say Rogers admitted to shaking Alex Tay and slamming the baby’s head against the floor.

The "not responsible by reason of insanity" plea is such a bullshit plea and in my mind shouldn’t even exist.  Um, don’t you think anyone who kills anyone is theoretically insane?  Do you think it is sane to kill your own parents (Menendez brothers)?  Do you think it’s sane to stalk and murder dozens of women (Ted Bundy, I-5 killer, BTK killer)?  Do you think it’s sane to murder men and eat them for dinner (Dahmer)?  Do you think it’s sane to beat an innocent six-month-old child’s head repeatedly into the floor until he is dead (Rogers)?  NO!  But if a person commits, and ADMITS, to any of these crimes, they are responsible and should be charged and sentenced accordingly.  If there is something wrong with a person’s mental condition - Rogers’ case suggests post-pardem, depression, and hormonal changes with her 4th pregnancy - I think it’s much more prudent to protect others from the potential harm that person could induce versus slapping them in a hospital a few months and declaring them "cured" or "rehabilitated."

Just thinking about this case, and how it could potentially progress infuriates me because of the protection and leniency that tends to be shown to these "victim" criminals.  There’s also this huge focus on "rehabilitation" for the criminal so he or she can go back into society.  Did you happen to read the story of the man who repeatedly raped a child for years and only got a sixty day sentence?

A sexual deviant who repeatedly abused a child over a four-year period got a slap on the wrist in a Vermont courtroom this week and will be free to walk the streets in as few as 60 days. That is an appalling and unacceptable outcome.

Mark Hulett of Williston admitted to assaulting the girl for years, beginning when she was only 6. Prosecutors wanted Hulett jailed for eight years, although he could have received life in prison. But when the Corrections Department refused to offer treatment to Hulett in jail, Judge Edward Cashman set the jail term at a minimum of 60 days — with a clear emphasis on the shorter sentence and conditions that included treatment for his deviancy.

This judge placed the interests of the criminal ahead of the child.  This beast ruined this child’s life by repeatedly raping her from the age of six to the age of ten and now this heathen could be walking the streets with the same child in as few as 2 months.  What does the judge have to say about his decision?

Cashman said he’s more concerned now about rehabilitation.

"The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn’t solve anything. It just corrodes your soul," Cashman told a packed Burlington courtroom made up mostly of people related to the victim.

How could you NOT be angry and want justice for a monster who willingly rapes a six year old and continues to do it for years?  But because there’s some inkling of insanity or because he may be able to be rehabilitated we should be okay letting him hang out in jail for 60 days?  This girl was terrorized for FOUR YEARS already.  This judge has effectively sentenced her to a life of worrying that she’ll see this man standing on the street before her each time she turns a corner.  And in the case of April Rogers, should she get some kind of reduced sentence, or time spent in a mental hospital, it could put her back into society sooner where she will have access to someone else’s child, or even her own.

My thought?  If someone commits a crime such as these, they should be able to plea and be tried with pleas of guilty or not guilty.  If they are found guilty time should be served appropriate to the crime.  If part of that sentence is treatment for mental disorders, so be it.  But it shouldn’t allow them to not take responsibility for the crime they committed and admitted to.  They should be held responsible and serve the time appropriate to the act.  After all, no one can bring little six-month-old Alex Tay back and no one can erase the harm caused to a young girl who was raped for four years.  BUT, justice should be delivered and criminals should be held responsible for the acts they commit.  No matter what.

No Pity from Me…Except for the Unborn Child

A few days ago, I brought you this story, about an in-home daycare provider, April Rogers, who chose to kill one of the children some parents trusted her to take care of.  Well, the plot thickens:

OMAHA, Neb.The woman accused of killing a child in her west Omaha day care is pregnant.

A judge on Thursday refused to reduce bail for April Rogers.

I’m sorry?  Because she is carrying a life in her womb we should feel sorry for her and lower her bail so she can GET OUT into society?  After she killed a 6-month-old, helpless baby?!?!?!?  Thank God the judge saw clear to deny it!

Yes, she should deliver the baby, but he or she should be removed from her care at birth.  She’s proven she’s not so good with taking care of little ones.  No, she shouldn’t be shown any sympathy for her condition.  She should get the appropriate medical care a pregnant woman needs for the sake of the child’s health.  And that is all.

Oh…and to thicken the plot further, there are actually parents who had this child killer taking care of their kids and said that April Rogers is the best daycare provider they had ever seen and knowing what they know now, they would *still* take their kids to her.  I have some advice - please seek mental health treatment immediately.  And while I’m thinking of it, perhaps someone who is responsible should think about checking on your kids because if you think this child killer is a great daycare provider, I’m a bit worried about how well you are caring for your own children.

Meanwhile, a family had to bury their 6-month old child today.  Please pray for them.  I have no words to say that can possibly address the grief they must be feeling.  I firmly believe little Alexander is near, watching over his family from Heaven.  Hopefully there is some small comfort in that. 

I Had a Gut Feeling…

When the story first broke that an infant was critically injured by a toddler at an in-home daycare, I couldn’t ignore the gut feeling I had that something wasn’t just right.  Based on this story, I wasn’t alone.

An Omaha woman was arrested Thursday, accused of Felony Child Abuse. The case is related to the injury of an infant in a home daycare on Monday.

Thirty-four-year-old April Rogers has been arrested in the case.

Ms. Rogers operated a home daycare at 184th and Van Camp Drive.

She initially told investigators that she was out of the room when a toddler began bouncing on the baby’s head.

That was on Monday but the story is now being questioned and Rogers was being held at the Douglas County Jail Thursday.

The injured child is six-months of age and as of the last report is still in critical condition. 

I’ve got to say that if what is speculated is true, and she harmed the six month old, the fact that she would LIE and try to pin it on a toddler seemingly would reflect the depth of her evil, vile character. 

How can anyone harm a child?  They are innocent, love unconditionally, and at the age of six months are developing their own, unique personalities…they smile and laugh and aren’t jaded by "real life."  Until some twisted, sick idiot decides that they wish to cause them harm.  Change their diaper, give them a bottle, hold them, comfort them, play with them.  Why hurt them?  Assholes.

UPDATE:  Not only did the daycare provider admit to harming this child, beautiful little six month old Alex Tay is no longer with us, passing away due to these injuries. 

OMAHA, Neb.Prosecutors said Friday that an Omaha day-care provider said she slammed a 6-month-old child’s head into the floor six times, and those injuries eventually resulted in death. Now, the Douglas County sheriff is advising other parents who used Rogers’ services to have their children checked for injuries.

All I have to say is that this waste of a human being has taken a life, and has ruined many others because of her choices to slam an innocent, helpless 6-month-old’s head into the floor.  How in the hell would anyone with a brain, eyes, a heart and as little as one ounce of sense make the decision to do this?  There is NOTHING a 6-month-old child could possibly do to cause this.  My knee-jerk reaction is to give this idiot daycare provider a little taste of what poor little Alex went through, but undoubtedly I’d have to stand in line.  What a waste of oxygen, this microbe of a human being. 

My heart goes out to Alex’s family - I hope my prayers can take away a little of the pain from your hearts and spirits.  My prayers also go out to the other families whose children were in the care of this woman.  I pray that your children are okay and you find some peace.

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Merri Must Rant

Okay, anyone reading my blog will know that I’m not a fan of the ACLU.  There just flat out is no need for an ACLU any more, particularly due to their extreme positions on the most basic things in life.  As a parent, and as a human being, I’ve just had it today.  My hubby pointed me to Little Green Footballs and three articles laden with ACLU bullshit.  You can read them here, here, and here.  I’m done, and the gloves are OFF.

I awoke today to yet another report of terrorist bombings in London.  I think everyone knows that it is very possible that similar acts of cowardice could take place here in the U.S. - it’s only a matter of when.  So in an effort, undoubtedly, to deter such acts it is reasonable that security measures get stepped up.  The NYPD announced that they would do random searches of bags for those commuters on buses, railways and subways.  The ACLU is saying that this goes against the very basic principles of the constitution.  I have to wonder, what do the card-carrying members of the ACLU have to hide?  Are they worried that the NYPD might find their drug stash? (They’ve got to be high the way they act…that’s the only thing that could explain it, right?)  I think that security measures will help lessen the threat of terrorist acts, even if it is only a little bit.  And just which side is the ACLU on anyway - the terrorists?

As the parent of a Cub Scout, I’m furious about the ACLU’s fervored war against the Boy Scouts.  If the ACLU had their way, the Boy Scouts would 1) allow girls to join 2) would be ran, all the way down to the den leader level, by pedophiles 3) would not be able to teach the scouts morals, and would instead show child porn videos.  Yes, part of what a scout learns is related to "love of God," but look deeper into the lessons taught to these boys.  The difference between right and wrong, treating people with respect, doing your part in society - when did these lessons become dangerous?  Even a family who doesn’t practice religion can find value here and these young boys grow into young men who can and do hold leadership roles in their communities.  Scouting has been well-established for years and years and no one has been harmed by allowing long standing relationships between the Scouts and military organizations (or other similar types of organizations).  The Jamboree has been held at Fort A.P. Hill for 25 years.  What the hell has happened in recent time that all of a sudden makes this relationship wrong, requiring the ACLU to sue to get it stopped?  Just because this event is sponsored there doesn’t mean that the main reason they sponsor the event is because the Scouts have "God" in their oath.   

The ACLU’s positions are extreme, they advocate the criminal far more than they advocate the victim.  They don’t think an opinion or idea is "right" unless it is one they belive in.  They have managed to manipulate so many in order to realize their goals and objectives (if you even could call them that).  And when they start screwing with my son’s organization, they’ve crossed the last proverbial line.  I realize we are in a country that affords us freedoms and these very freedoms allow this group to be in existance and have the agenda they do.  But when do *I* - normal, every day Amercian citizen Merri - get my voice heard?  I don’t WANT child porn legalized, I don’t WANT the ACLU to tell me what I can’t do, or what my son can’t do.  I don’t want the ACLU telling others what is right for me and "representing" me.  They don’t have a clue what is right for me - they haven’t even bothered to ask me - and I’m not sure who they are representing, but it sure as hell *isn’t* me.

I just had to get that off my chest.  And that is all.            

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Substitute Teacher Choking Student is Learning Opportunity?

I don’t need to make any comments on this story, as it speaks for itself:

BOSTON (AP) - The Department of Social Services is investigating a claim that a substitute teacher choked a 12-year-old boy until he lost consciousness.

The alleged incident took place last Thursday at the John Marshall Elementary School in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood, where Anthony Jackson is in the fifth grade.

According to a report in Wednesday’s Boston Herald, the teacher allegedly asked the class how long it would take for a student to black out. When students didn’t know, she began to choke the boy.

Anthony told his grandmother that the teacher held him so tightly around the neck for so long that he lost consciousness, the Herald said, and no one called for medical help after he fell to the floor. He quickly regained consciousness and was not injured, other than a slight headache.

School officials apologized to Jackson’s mother, the Herald reported. DSS received a complaint on Tuesday, prompting the investigation, agency spokeswoman Denise Monteiro said.

"We have a lot of interviewing to do," she said.

A preliminary report is due within 10 days.

School officials declined to release the substitute’s name. She has been given an administrative assignment until the investigation is complete and was told to stay away from the Marshall School and its students, school officials said.

"We take very seriously all claims of incidents involving students in schools," Boston Public Schools spokesman Jonathan Palumbo said.

Okay, so I was wrong and do need to comment on this.  How horrific, first of all, that an ADULT would think this is okay.  Secondly, in any other instance, the police would be called…this is an assault on a child.  This teacher could have KILLED him.  Okay, so someone called the DSS, but if *I* were the parent, I’d have called the cops. 

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