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Poster Child for Tree Huggers Everywhere

Whatever you do, don’t trim her trees!!

FREMONT, Calif. (AP) - A woman incensed at utility tree trimmers was arrested after allegedly chasing workers with a chain saw and twisting the fingers of an arresting officer, police said.

Diane Kaiser, 57, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, theft and resisting arrest. She posted bail and was released.

She had been notified that workers would be coming to trim trees away from her powerlines.  When the workers knocked on her door and she didn’t answer, they proceeded to start the work.  She apparently didn’t like that too much.

When workers walked to the back of the house, Kaiser allegedly ran from the home cursing and screaming.

She then picked up rocks and began throwing them at the workers, according to police reports.

Kaiser then allegedly picked up a tree trimmer’s chain saw and pointed it at the workers, causing three to flee and call police. A fourth worker climbed a tree to escape.

Tree huggers everywhere are probably applauding this woman, honoring her as the Cindy Sheehan of vegetation! 

Oh…tree workers?  If you are ever in Nebraska, we have a tree that we want REMOVED.  Come on by, we’ll even serve you beer and food. 

Stop the ACLU! - People Praying is Comparable to Terrorists?

In yet another display of their radical views, the ACLU has opened mouth, inserted foot yet again.

A local ACLU director [Joe Cook, ACLU of Louisiana] equated al-Qaida terrorists with members of a Louisiana school board seeking to open their meetings with prayer.

Excuse me?

Referring to the school board, Cook said, "They believe that they answer to a higher power, in my opinion. Which is the kind of thinking that you had with the people who flew the airplanes into the buildings in this country, and the people who did the kind of things in London."

Mike Johnson, senior counsel and southeastern regional coordinator for the Alliance Defense Fund, said it best:   

"It shows the ACLU has become more and more extreme and marginalized," said Johnson. "So, to that extent, I like it when he talks, because he simply reveals who they are."

Johnson said the ACLU tries to "come across as champions of liberty, but the truth of the matter is they are extremists."

Yes, Mr. Johnson.  I would agree that he is the poster boy for ACLU propaganda.  Hammer to the nail, I say.

I can’t say I find this the equivalent to terroristic activities:

The board – which has opened each of its meetings with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, for more than 30 years – argues the invocations impose no restriction on any religious viewpoint, and any person who wants to lead the prayer may do so regardless of his religious beliefs.

Of course, someone had to complain and the ACLU had to come running.  I picture Joe Cook, tongue dangling out of the corner of his mouth, salivating at another chance to put the kibosh on prayer.

In an ACLU-mandated world, a person can’t pray, but they can watch child porn.  If a person doesn’t like their spouse, who just happens to be on life support, they can pull the plug without their confirmed consent.  Gosh, criminals are now the victims, and the victims are the one who have to do the community service.  For that matter, let’s pay child abusive murderers, who are card carrying members of NAMbLA so they have an easier time in prison.  Remove the Ten Commandments because they are just so offensive, take "Under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance as it is inappropriate and remove crosses and other symbols from the public eye.  Do not *ever* utter the words "Merry Christmas" and be sure to put the "It’s a Druid Thing" bumper sticker on your car so you can get out of those tickets you don’t want.  Laughable?  Hardly.  Almost all of this is happening today.   

When will the pendulum swing the other way?  At some point, will the ACLU come to my defense because I want the right to pray before a school board meeting if I so desire?  Will they defend me if I say that I reserve the right to say "Under God" because I believe in God?  Will they defend me if I say that I got a speeding ticket only because they pulled me over when I didn’t have my "It’s a Druid Thing" bumper sticker proudly displayed?

The ACLU’s extremist views continue to poison our society with ridiculous notions about what is "right" and what is "wrong" and the organization seems to get away with comments that were comparable to a famous talk show host, who ended up without a job because of the outcry following his comments about the "brave terrorists."  Where is the public outcry with this moron?  I, myself, will continue to speak out against the evils of the ACLU for as long as I can, or until they pry my rosary and my crucifix from my cold, dead hands.


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