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Another Broadcast Of…

The Jawa Report: Radio Edition!

I Can Follow Where Others Lead….

Yanno, I’ve been spending the week thinking about how I might write a post to describe what our weekend adventure to Nashville was like. But why should I when others do such a good job?!?!? Go check out this stunning piece over at 6MB!

Tonight, We Dine In HELL!!!!

Oh, yes. Today was the day “300″ came out on DVD, HD and Blueray…of course we bought it on blueray.

The movie was fabulous in the theater, but nothing quite compares to snowflakes flying off your flat screen, or grimy six-pack abs nicely defined, shaded, and shiny before your wide, focused eyes.

In all honestly, the movie is amazing. I love the special and visual effects…it’s so visually appealing and, at times, hypnotic without being artsy. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it…even for those of you who have as much estrogen running through your system as I do.

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