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A Memo To Tara Reid

To:  Tara Reid, White Trash Actress Extraordinaire

From:  The WTW Staff

Tara,  per your most recent interview with that media giant "Steppin’ Out", you wanted to set the record straight.  We at WTW are ready to alert the public about your heavy-hitting statements.

Tara Reid wants to know: "Why is partying and having a good time bad?"


…these questions are for American journalists, like "there must be a journalist school where students are taught how to kill Tara Reid."

She wants to know "how come when someone else gets messed up or is a junkie or gets DUI’d and goes to rehab and is considered a hero again?"

Um, can you say Courtney Love?  We know, we know, Tara.  She is your idol…your hero.

She said she’s hoping for a great movie role to impress people with her acting so they’ll leave her alone.

For our sake, Tara, we will hope for a great movie role to show your amazing acting talent as well.  Like the Emmy-Award-Winning performance you had in "American Pie."  Stunning!

Reid also said she can’t believe people made such a big deal out of her breast falling out of her dress on a red carpet last year. She told FHM "you would think my boob had popped out and shot Gandhi!"

Tara, we here at WTW actually believe that would have made a much more sensational news story.  Could you get that to happen for us?

She said "people act like it was the worst crime in the world." She’s learned her lesson, though. She said she uses "double double tape" now, so her "hooters are under control."

…and for that we thank you.

Tara, we at WTW will always consider you the WTW cream of the crop.  Thank you for being you.

By the way, Howdy Doody called and he would like his boots back!


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White Trash Wednesday - The Real White Trash Woman

I haven’t posted much for White Trash Wednesdays the last few weeks, but I’m certain I found the epitome of a White Trash Beeeotch that everyone can relate to:


WTW - Our Favorite Sitcoms!


In my quest to provide my audience with a true depiction of white trash living, I have failed to point my beloved readers to a place that has chronicled and recorded a veritable smorgasbord of white trash personalities - the television.  I now take you on a journey through years gone by and hope to bring to you fond memories of our white trash past…

Who could forget the ever lovable cast of "WKRP in Cincinnati" - that adorable Les Nessman, the guy who brought you the news.  Or your general manager and mine, the "always in charge" Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson.  …and the most fabulous representation of trashiness, receptionist Jennifer Marlowe.  Who could forget all the mayhem of running this radio station in Cincinnati.  What a hoot!

Meathead, Archie, Edith - what an amazing cast of everyday folks in the early 70s.  Who better to epitomize that era than "All in the Family" - a family full of love, respect and affection for one another - well at least as much love, respect and affection that Archie could muster.  Archie also drank beer in a bar where people were smoking.  Yes, smoking was allowed on TV in the 70s.  See why this White Trash history is so important?

Ahhhhh…remember Schneider?  He truly made this show, "One Day at a Time."  What other show made light of guys who were always breaking into women’s apartments without their permission?  Who else ran around the set with a jean vest and cigarettes wrapped in his t-shirt sleeve?  …and what about his sage advice to these two young girls?  A memorable quote from Schneider to Barbara (persuading her to not lose her virginity):  "Always remember, and please never forget: A man is like a bow-and-arrow, and a woman is like a target. Bow-and-arrow needs practice. Target doesn’t."  Pearls of wisdom, I say!

Mel or Flo?  Who would YOU vote for the best representation of white trash?  I find it hard to decide.  You’ve got Mel, with his greasy, disgusting white t-shirt and crazy hat (but he can cook!).  Then you have the ever out-spoken Flo and her famous "Kiss my grits" one liner.  But she was usually saying it to Mel.  Do you ever wonder if they got together in the end?

The Ropers just had to get mentioned.  Not only did they take care of Jack, Janet and Chrissy’s apartment complex, but they were the hippest, best-dressed couple in the place.  Mr. Roper’s polyester vests paired with wide collared shirt were history-making.  …not to mention Mrs. Roper’s perm.

Last but not least, the king of white trash sitcoms and best representation of society as   we know it "Married…with Children."  Al, Bud, Kelly, Peggy "Wanker" Bundy….and Marcy, her first husband Steve and second husband Jefferson.  Hell, even Buck the dog was white trash.  This series covered the very heavy hitting topics of shoe salesmen, strippers, parental bedroom action (or the lack thereof), acne, bills, and old cars.  You name it, we learned it from the Bundys!

I hope I brought you some fond memories of your past, and that you will hold a special place in your heart for these, our most revered, white trash families and friends!

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NIF linked with The Alliance of Baby Monkeys
WTW - He Done Gone and Married a 13-Year-Old

Disclaimer:  Since there were no photographs associated with this news article, one cannot be completely sure the individuals in this story truly qualify as "White Trash" Wednesday candidates.  Please humor me, however. 

Okay, I apologize in advance to anyone who thinks it is acceptable for a 22-year-old pedophile to "marry" their 13-year-old victim.  NOT!  No apologies here and the only thing I’d do differently is go after the girl’s PARENTS for allowing the "marriage" to start with:

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A 22-year-old man faces criminal charges in Nebraska for having sex with an underage 13-year-old girl, although he legally married her in Kansas after she became pregnant.

The man’s lawyer said the couple, with their families’ support, "made a responsible decision to try to cope with the problem."

Ahem…allowing a 13-year-old child to attempt to raise a baby is a "responsible decision?" 

Matthew Koso, 22, was charged Monday with first-degree sexual assault, punishable by up to 50 years in prison. He was released on $7,500 bail pending an Aug. 17 preliminary hearing.

After the girl became pregnant, her mother gave permission in May for Koso to take the young woman to Kansas, which allows minors to get married with parental consent. The girl is now 14 and seven months pregnant.

"The idea … is repugnant to me," said Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning. "These people made the decision to send their … 14-year-old daughter to Kansas to marry a pedophile."

EXACTLY!  He’s a pedophile - not a responsible father-to-be.  What a sick-o. 

He said the marriage is valid, thanks to the "ridiculous" Kansas law, "but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to stand by while a grown man … has a relationship with a 13-year-old - now 14-year-old - girl."

Bruning, who has said he will seek a second term in 2006, has aggressively prosecuted sex crimes against children since he was elected in 2002

The couple were married in May by a judge in Hiawatha, Kan., just across the state line from Falls City.

Nebraska requires people to be at least 17 before they can marry.

Kansas law, however, sets no minimum marriage age, although case law sets the minimum age at 14 for boys and 12 for girls. The marriage must be approved by both parents or guardian, or by a district court judge, said Whitney Watson, spokesman for Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline. A judge also must approve if only one parent approves.

Sounds to me like a law in Kansas should be reviewed and amended, perhaps? 

Koso’s lawyer, Willis Yoesel, said the girl’s mother and Koso’s parents approved of the marriage. He said the girl’s father has not lived with the family for some time.

"It seems to me like they, as much as they could, made a responsible decision to try to cope with the problem," Yoesel said.

"The families are all united in this effort," Yoesel said. "I don’t know who is complaining. … What benefit is there to anybody in the prosecution of this young man?"

There was no comment from Koso, who does not have a listed telephone number.

My question is this.  Kansas has convicted pedophiles in prison.  Why, then, do their judges allow and endorse the marriage of victims of pedophilia to their assailants?

Please visit our fine WTW participants around ye ole trailer park (and a special callout to Mr. Neocon, who certainly can see into the future!):

NIF linked with Master Paladin Junior Grade
WTW - The Shady Bunch

Here’s the story of nine cousins
Who all had a record 13 pages long.
They were nine cousins, in a trailer,
The youngest one with a bong.

Here’s the story, of their bathtub moonshine,
that was left to rot when they all went to jail,
They were nine cousins, living all together,
But none could post bail.

Till the one day when they all met with Guido
Who posted bail for them for a small "cut",
Then this group got out and ran to Tennessee
Joined Preston just to form the Shady Bunch. 
The Shady Bunch, the Shady Bunch
That’s the way they all became the Shady Bunch.

Go see the rest of the cousins in the trailer park - you won’t regret it none!

White Trash Wednesday - White Trash Art

Hi ya’lls!

I got me a durn road trip comin’ up here in a spell.  Since I gotsta get my mobile trailer ready to go, I ain’t got much time to stop by.  But I did want to edeewcate you, my cuzins, by gettin’ you some culture:

That thare is white trash and art, all together in one.

Well, I’ll be damned - that thare is some White Trash Art as well.  I reckon we gots us a trend!

And that one thare, that is my favorite art piece.  Kinda looks like my garbage can, except for the whiteness.  I gots me bits of egg and pop all throughout, not to mention Mad Dog 20/20 stains.  That White Trash shore is purty.

Well, I reckon I must be off.  You done got yer culture, and I done spent some time with the best during cuzin’s this side of the trailer!

Ya’ll go visit everyone else, ya hear?

WTW Rachael Ray’s “Dirty Minute Meals”

So ya’ll.  Anyone one who knows me will tell you that I love that thar Rachael Ray of that cooking channel.  Well, me and my love of Al Gore’s internet (ya’ll got that thar joke, right? Right?  Damn…it twas just a joke.  Sheesh) got togethar and we found out that even li’l ole Rachael has a trashy side. 

Yes, she did pose in one of them man rags - FHM.  But I was talking about how she TALKS on her show.  This here lady over here, she calls it "Dirty Minute Meals."  That’s why that ole Rachael has so many males who sit in the dark watching her show - only to hit the button over to NASCAR when their ole lady walks in the room.  Lookie here - this is White (dirty) Trash at its finest, ya’ll:

On the Cuisinart… "Just go up and down. Quick quick quick!"

Corn on the cob… "I used to suck on the corn cob. So bad!"

On stuffing burgers… "Tuck this inside. That’s gonna be a tasty little surprise!"

On a cucumber… "We’re gonna put a little of him in."

On sharpening knives… "I make my baby brother do it for me, but he’s not always around."

On oiling… "I give it a little rub, though, to get the heat going."

On hot pans… "I want them waiting for me, not the other way around."

On the top of an onion… "I’m gonna whack it off here."

On chopping chard… "And I go right down to the stem."

On beating eggs… "See, you can just get down and dirty with ‘em."

On vegetarians… "Somebody in the house just doesn’t do meat."

"It’s not about ‘thicker is better.’"

On pre-washed spinach… "I get so excited about it, I’m stuttering. It’s a thirty minute girl’s best friend."

On breading chicken… "Try to keep one hand free, one hand clean, so ya got somethin’ to work with."

On bread under the broiler… "It’s a lotta back and forth, but man when it goes, it GOES!"

On grilled bread… "Transfer these to a plate and get these guys off, too."

On the Santoku knife… "It goes through anything wet like it’s butter."

Back from the break… "I’m Rachel Ray, and today, I’m pleasing a crowd."

Intro… "You’ll be able to make the whole crew happy in under thirty minutes."

"You need it three times, deal with it once. Right?"

On a lemon… "Oh yeah! Look at those juices flow!"

On the griddle… "On top, this is awesome."

On having friends over early… "And they’d be munchin’ that in just a few minutes."

On veal… "I’m gonna nest him in the middle so he gets some action."

On weeknight entertaining… "You may try not to do it too often, but once in a while, it’s inevitable."

On bay leaves… "I want a big one."

On variety of meats… "I’m gonna give you a little peek here at what we’re playin’ with today."

On a fakeout cassoulet… "It’s not exactly the same thing, but let me tell you, when you put it in your mouth, you’re gonna be just as happy."

On sausage… "I’m just gonna give ‘em a little prick."

On whisking… "I think I’m gonna use my stronger hand."

Outro… "My mouth’s gonna be really full soon."

"Don’t beat it too hard, or too soft."

On plating… "Remember to wipe off your lips there."

On prep time… "Good lord! She wants it faster!"

On salami… "I never met a salami I didn’t like, really."

So don’t ya’ll be afraid to tune into my pal Rachael Ray’s show.  She has something fer everyone!  And talkin’ ’bout sumthin’ fer everyone, don’t fergit to stop on by all my friends at ye ole Trailer Park:

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White Trash Wednesday - Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!

I cain’t help but thunk thar is some kinda jean-etic ties here (it’s all in the eyes my Momma says!):

Please take a gander at my other cuzin’s trailers:

The Ebb & Flow Institute linked with Blog Challenge Ubiquitousness
WTW - Pets Gone Wild!

Hi ya’ll!

Well, I reckun you all know that we White Trash grrls get all rambuncshius, especially afore we pop out little white trash sucklins.  Welp, I never knew, until my cuzin Otis tole me about our pets, that even our pets have their own kinda fun.  Lookin’ ’round the trailer park, I found out that I’ve been livin’ in Mad Dog land a little too much.  Ain’t it something how that Navy man’s coffee and a camera will getcha up and alert?

Anyway, I thought I’d dun share how crazy our pets get, too.  Hell, who says white trash folk are just human?  Take a swig of that whisky and set ‘er down on your TV tray - you ain’t gonna baleeve this!

This is Butch, our male pet squirrel.  He has a thang for beer, but mostly Bud.  He really enjoys it, but will only drink beer out of a can with a straw.  Damn finniky squirrel.  Oh, and here is his girlfriend Twila…she’s really into the leather thing.  We tell him she ain’t no good, but  he won’t listen.  He loves that Twila, but I think she’s in it just for the sex. 

Well, them squirrels sure keep things hopping, but our cousin, Mike (we call him MJ) has this thare monkey that has taken up smoking.  We have a shot of him smoking his Marlboros, but we know that ain’t all he’s smoking, crazy crack monkey.


hogs that thare remote.  My cousin Beulah Mae, she’s got this big ole pussy cat that sits on her couch watching Whiskas ads and drinking beer.  That damn cat owns her.  She’d dun tell you she trained the cat that way, but I know better. 

him an alcoholic rat.  He and Beulah Mae’s cat get together and sing show tunes after they’ve had a six pack.  It’s pretty  terrible to listen to I gotta say. 

Lastly, our damn dog Rover.  I can’t keep a smoke one or a pack of beer in the fridge a-cuz of that damn dog.  He’s sure smart when he’s sober, opening the damn ice box and all, but gets dummer as the drinks go down.


Welp.  That’s the end of my little story.  Ya’ll just gotta stop by our trailer park and visit my cousins and their pets.  You just won’t baleeve your eyes:

WTW - This Criminal is a Chicken

Just when you thought crime wasn’t high enough, even animals have to get in the act:

RIDGECREST, Calif. (AP) - Linc and Helena Moore may have finally learned the answer to that age-old question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the chicken doesn’t know jaywalking is illegal.

Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy J. Nicholson does know, however. The deputy issued a ticket March 26 because one of the couple’s chickens allegedly impeded traffic in Johannesburg, a rural mining community near Ridgecrest, some 220 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

The Moores were in Superior Court on Friday to plead not guilty. A trial was scheduled for May 16.

Nicholson has declined to discuss the matter, but sheriff’s Sgt. Francis Moore said chickens on the roadway have been a problem in the community of 50 residents. Officials didn’t believe it could be resolved by simply issuing the couple a warning.

"Sometimes you have to let people talk to the judge," Moore said.

The chicken’s owners say they believe they were cited because they were among several people who complained that sheriff’s deputies haven’t done enough to control off-road vehicle riders who create dust and noise in their neighborhood.

Sheriff’s officials say that isn’t so, adding they are doing what they can to keep off-roaders away from homes.

"The chicken thing has nothing to do with the motorcycle thing," Moore said.

I, however, discovered the truth regarding why the chicken really did cross the road…


WTW - White Trash Manuel on Dumpster Diving

Now ya’ll, I’ve done brought you some of the most speshul infonews on how to add to your bottom line - and I ain’t meaning your "bottom" line, but yer collecshun of stuff.  Iffin’ yer like the rest of us Trailer Livin’ Queenies, we prides ourselves on what we find in the trash of others.  Some may call it dumpster diving, I call it "treashure huntin!"

Treashure huntin is a simple event.  You should bring your pickup with you, though, because I have found me some very speshul items, sometimes requirin’ a bit of room.  PLUS, you need to be careful of some things as they may be covered by the goo of the trash that is mixed in with them treasures.  Iffin’ you put them in the back of your pickup, it won’t get them there vinyl seats messy, you know what I’m sayin’?

Treashure huntin is something you can teach yer family pets or work  animals to do on yer behalf.  It makes it so much easier to say "officer, I dun dinunt do anything wrong.  Old Bess don’t know what’s right and whats wrong thar."  And it’s nice to teach yer pets starting small.  My ole man, Cletus, thinks that soon our bird Alfonzo will move up in the world.  He started out in a little ole oleo dish and has now gradumiated to a most fine kitchen sized bin.  I reckon he’ll be able to fly in and swoop up most anything once he’s done with his learnin’.

Ya’ll know that there are treasures out there.  Hell, most of our trailer parts comes from our adventures.  There have been a few major finds for us, but mostly junk.  One day, we were diggin’ through the dumpsters outside the Piggly Wiggly.  Thar was this crazy picture of a woman - she looked all pissed.  I suspect she ain’t had her Mad Dog in a few days.  My ole man said he thought it looked like a picture he seen on the tellie that was called "the Moaning Lisa."  I ain’t reckon this woman would be moaning about anything but maybe her corns.  Welp, long story short, some museum wanted it and mumbled about a theft and thanks for finding our stuff and all that.  It was a damn ugly picture anyways - for shore it weren’t art.

Then there was the day we found some jewelry.  It looked something like that rock ole whats-her-name tossed over the boat on that thar Titanic movie.  You know, the old lady who wanted to be with that Leo guy (the one who drown - the best part of that movie, for most certain).  Anyway, I digresses.  Some guy with a bald head and a bow tie came runnin’ up to the treasure spot and says to us, rather loudly I may add here, "That’s the Hope Diamond!"  I clutched on to it tightly and yelled back at him "I HOPE it’s cubic zurconia!"  He said it wasn’t so I tossed it to him and set him straight.  Ain’t nothing like CZ in its finest form.  He told me he’d get that thar jewelry back to the Smithsewnington or some gawdawful name.  What the hell name is that anyway?

We also found Phyllis Diller in a dumpster.  I think that’s enough saidalready.  Let’s just say she fit in with her invirinmunt.

Like I said, we have found many a treasure as have many of our relations and freinds.  I think back to our friend who found a piece of grilled cheese with the Virgin Mary on it.  Hell, after she sold that damn piece of grilled cheese we looked for weeks and never quite got as succesful as her. 

Oh well, our biggest and proudest moment was when we found our new shit pot.  My ole man says it is the most comfertable throne he has ever had the priveluge to partake in.  We did have to clean it up a little bit, but it fit right in the double-wide.

You may wonder how my ole man and I learned our treashure huntin’ prowess.  Well, we done got a couple of books from the place that let’s you borrow such thangs and we wanted to let you know what they were:

You can’t go wrong with these books - iffin you can’t read, stay at the book place.  They have story time and I reckon if you beg them they may read one to ya.  Or at least show you the pictures.

Don’t fergit all my dumpster divin’ divas and dirks in the trailerpark:

NIF linked with The Impersonal Enlightenment Fellowship
White Trash Cooking - Stuff in a Jar

All righty ya’ll.  I know you’ve done heard of those meals in a jar that wimmin-folk make at Christmas time.  You know.  Cookies in a jar, soup in a jar, hot chocolate in a jar.  You know the stuff….gotta follow the directions, add the water or hot milk and all of that.  Well, I find them things nice to get at Christmas time, but not all that convenent simpul oh hell, easy to do.  Me and my old man Cletus, we done come up with a new "in a jar" product that don’t need nothing added, don’t need no mixin’ and will make life just a little bit more interesting for us all.  Moonshine in a jar.  A-yup.  Just crank ‘er open and toss ‘er back.  That’s all it takes.

I find that these make good gifts at weddin’s so the bride and groom can get all drunk and see what that married thang is all about.  I reckon it also is a nice baby shower gift.  The ma will need some of my majic joos once that youngun starts squallerin.  Hell, this would even be a nice item to have at your uncle’s funeral.  All them crying people - we all need a drink during those times.  It’s also great for momma’s day comin’ up.  You know yer momma wants some of this, doncha?  Hell, just shoot me a note and I’ll getcha set up.  Iffin I get too many requests, I may have to buy me another tub to set up more distillin’.  Yeee doggies!

Don’t fergit all my inbread friends and cuzins in the trailerpark:

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy linked with Evil poetry
WTW - Parts is Parts?

Okay, ya’ll.  Here is a real White Trash Candidate.  This here guy dun decided that he wanted to practice his cutting technique on body parts - parts not his own, mind you.  I reckon he done thought no one would never know since they was just parts.  Here’s the story:

WOODLAND, Calif. (AP) - A morgue assistant accused of stealing body parts from a medical school so he could practice dissections at home was sentenced to more than two years in prison.

David Lawrence Beale, 47, was arrested in 2003 after more than 150 pounds of decomposing body parts, including two heads, were found near his Davis home. He pleaded no contest Monday to stealing human remains from the medical center at the University of California at Davis and possessing methamphetamine.

"This is a crime involving a great deal of callousness," said Superior Court Judge Michael Sweet.

Police initially suspected homicide when a tip led them to human remains in the trash at a trailer park where Beale once lived. Lawyers for Scott Peterson traveled to the area to search for evidence that Peterson’s wife, Laci, had been killed by a cult.

Beale allegedly told investigators he had been taking remains home for more than a decade. The parts were from cadavers donated to the medical center for research.

There just ain’t something right about a man takin’ body parts home.  How do you plan for somethin’ like that?

Be sure to check out my cuzins on the WTW blogroll on the right side of this page!

The White Trash ABCs

Hi ya’ll,

I figger I’d share with you the learnin’ I gave my cuzins Beulla Mae and Sadie Lou.  Theyze both have trouble amemberin’ their letters and I need to help them so they can figger out the menu at McDonald’s without askin for that special menu with the photos of the food on it.

Anyhow…hopin’ this helps you learn your letters and that it takes you up that memery lane about your heratige:

A - Al Bundy

B - Bolonie

C - Crimpin Iron (for those white hot date nights!)

D - Dungarees

E - Eight Track (I dun spelled it out so you’d get it)

F - Fluffernutter

G - Goober Grape

H - Headcheese (with Wonder bread and mayo..bodatious!)

I - Inbread (my cuzin’s dark secret..no, my other cuzin)

J - Joey Buttafucco (he has a butt in his name)

K - Kool-aid

L - Lita Ford (Sadie Lou’s faverite singer)

M - Mad Dog 20/20 (my favorite bevirage)

N - Nuckle Head (my dumass dog’s name)

O - Outhouse

P - Pork Rinds (mmmmmmm!)

Q - aQua Net (cain’t figger a Q word out - but we know ’bout Aqua Net)

R - rollers (hot or not)

S - Spears (Britney, that is…all preggers and all)

T - trailer - my dream home!

U - Under the trailer (where we go when we see a tornado)

V - Vaseline (white trash loob)

W - Weenies and Beenies (alright, the B was used already)

X - X-ray vision glasses (my ole man Cletus says they works)

Y - Yeti (my ex-ole man!)

Z - Zingers (a right tasty end to a meal)

Visit all my other white trash folk and ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

The White Trash Wednesday Blogroll:

WTW Linky-Love


Just so’in ya know, I got me all screwed up on dat home brew my hubby Cletus made.  Shoot.  I damn near missed WTW.  It’s already dang near my bedtime.

Soooooooooooooooo….afore this hangover gets the best of me, I figger I should shoot out some linky-love to my WTW cuzins…

Preston tells us much ado about some movie guy who thinks that sandwiches are more ‘portant than anything.  Somebody dun thought he looked like the KFC Kernel Colonel.

Sadie Lou is ponderin’ her music awhile Beullah Mae stole her damn Lita Ford 8-track.  Beullah Mae looks all done up in her new South Park Trailer Court portrait…It’s incredibul what they done with her eyes after the accident.

This here cuzin Piled On the trash for us.  Lastly, Cuzin Red talked about some beach and a taxi driver, but I didn’t know the guy. 

I’ze gonna get back on dat papa son chair (why the hell do they call it that - there ain’t no menfolk ever wanna sit in that kinda chair) and pull my Mad Dog 20/20 up real tight.

Rae Dawn

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