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Sexual Predators Should Be Removed from Society

Anyone that hangs around here for more than a few seconds knows my position on child molesters and pedophiles - they should be removed from society because they are repeat offenders.  I came across a great opinion piece over at Fox News written by Carole Moore, a former police officer who is a crime reporter.  She sums up my own opinions eloquently in one article.  I encourage you to read the entire article over at Fox News, but I wanted to point out an excerpt that I really liked:

But in most cases, it doesn’t last. Until they finally kill a child — and amazingly, sometimes not even then — most child rapists will one day be back out, free to steal a child’s innocence or even his or her life. It’s time to tip the scales in favor of the kids.

Finally! Someone in Robes Slapped Down the ACLU!

Does this look ominous to you?  Frightening?  Does it cause you pain and discomfort? 

This monument, donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1966, is on property adjacent to a public park.  I can remember walking by this monument on my way to the park on many occasions as a kid.  I thought it was beautiful and it never crossed my mind that anyone would think it was offensive and needed to be removed.  Then "John Doe" comes along in 1991 to complain that he is an atheist and he has to see this monument on his drive each day and doesn’t think it should be there.  The ACLU jumped up quickly to support "Mr. Doe" in his efforts.  The citizens of Plattsmouth were not amused, and even discussed selling the property the monument was on for $1 (to a private citizen) so they could preserve it.  Oh, and the Omaha World Herald outed "John Doe" (his real name is Ron Larsen), and of course he felt that his life was in danger after that - poor victim that he is. 

Following much legal wrangling, appeals and other legal stuff, it appears as though there might be a win for the citizens of Plattsmouth! 

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed a ruling last year from one of the court’s three-judge panels that said the monument must be removed from the park.

The appeals court cited a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that said it was constitutionally permissible to display the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Texas Capitol. In that case, the high court said the monument was a legitimate tribute to the nation’s legal and religious history.

Lawyers for Plattsmouth had argued that the monument is simply a gift from a prominent civic group and not an endorsement of religion.

It’s nice to see that common sense *can* prevail in society - and it just happened to be in my old stomping grounds.

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