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Bette Midler: Tree Discrimination!!

Environmental activist Bette Midler has gotten herself into a bit of a spot:

LIHUE, Hawaii — Bette Midler cut down more than 230 trees around one of her properties on the island of Kauai without a permit, and the state has recommended she be fined.

The staff of the Board of Land and Natural Resources recommended $6,500 in fines for having the trees felled and for building a graded road without permits required for the land zoned for conservation use.

Ms. Midler “didn’t realize permits were needed to remove the trees on a vacant 58,000-square-foot parcel of land on Kauai’s North Shore.”

“The whole idea with cutting the trees down was with the idea of improving the lot with native species” instead of the nonnative, invasive species that had grown there, Graham said. “It’s unfortunate that a mistake was made.”

The National Tropical Botanical Garden, which maintains three gardens on Kauai, will design a replanting plan that consists of appropriate native plants, Graham said.

A botanist hired by Midler after the fact said 120 Java plum trees, 100 octopus trees and 10 to 20 Madagascar olive trees that were cut down were all nonnative species. Some native trees also were removed from the property, the botanist said.

It’s rather interesting that someone who cares so much about the environment and global warming would fell well over 200 trees. Of course she’ll pay the fine, and of course there will be new, native trees planted in their places…does that make her close to godliness in the tree hugging world again?

Oh, and if Bette Midler, Tree Hugger Extraordinaire, can whack over 200 of her leafy friends, could she possibly remove 200 or so “nonnative, invasive” illegal immigrants from our side of the border? …oh, wait, sorry for my brief moment of EEEEEEEEEVIL Republican Thugdom.

Bette’s sure gonna have one VERY LARGE compost heap when this is all said and done. :-)

Bette? What did this tree ever do to YOU?

My IQ Dropped 30 Points…

Now….THIS is news (courtesy of the front page of Fox News:

I’ve heard about these three women every time I’ve turned on the radio. I’ve seen stories about them every time I log onto any site that might resemble something that has news on it. Duct tape anyone?!?!?!?

The Sopranos…Lamest Ending of a Series EVER

Both Vinnie and Beth share my sentiments (swearing, bitching and all), so I won’t try and write a major post on it. But I will say this.

I will never watch another David Chase “masterpiece” again.

I will never watch any “Sopranos” movie they may try to sell, unless they mail me a free ticket and pay for my popcorn, soda and babysitting expenses.

I will cancel HBO as soon as possible.

I will remain thoroughly disgusted that I bought some of the seasons on DVD (but will pat myself on the back for stopping when I knew full well the show was going downhill).

I will totally kick myself IN THE ASS for watching each episode faithfully, even after the show entered major suckdom a couple of seasons ago. Damn loyalty bullshit!

GAH! I think I need to go whack something. Er, maybe I’ll just go eat some fucking onion rings or something. Jerks!

…Is It a Sign of the Apocalypse?

Oh.my.Gawd. What will I do? How can I go to sleep at night knowing that Sanjaya did NOT absolutely suck on American Idol tonight? Honestly. I bitch about him when he sucks on the show. Which has been every week, pretty much. I rant that he shouldn’t be on the show. And tonight, while he was far from what I would call superior, he actually did a very decent job…and I’m kinda pissed about it! Note: Even more decent than others on the show [can you say Haley or that guy that thinks he is Justin Timberlake?]. Gah! Is the world coming to an end? Will the message of the Emergency Broadcast System be blaring from my cable box when I go into the livingroom? OH…THE HUMANITY!

News to Crawl Out from Under My Rock For!

Aren’t you shocked?

Baywatch beauty and “Borat” love interest Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from Kid Rock.

Pam wrote this shocking announcement on her website:


Yes, it’s true.
Unfortunately impossible.

Poor Pam and Kid. These were the tales being told after one of their three weddings:

Soon after her wedding, Anderson wrote, “I’ve never read or heard so much misinformation on this whole wedding fiasco…..We’re super happy newlyweds. That’s all I can say……we have a lot of love for our family and extended families.”

Er….well…..about 4 months of love, right?

America’s got talent

Now because Merri asked me to help pick up the slack while she was having a fun-filled magical time in Orlando with her family, I have lifted my self-imposed boycott of the news. So instead of being blissfully uninformed (because honestly, doesn’t everyone just need a break sometimes?), I actually know what’s going on around the world. After scouring news article after news article to find just the right one for Merri’s lovely page and after pondering political prose (wow, look at that alliteration) … I have finally found the most important and relevant thing going on in America right now!

America’s Got Talent premieres tonight on NBC. Who wouldn’t love a TV show that brings all of the gong show rejects into one building? It is like manna from heaven. I can’t wait.

… what? Troops being arrested? Saddam on another hunger strike? Idiotic Democrats? Yes, I guess those are all “important and relevant” too…

But did I mention that David Hasselhoff was a judge on America’s Got Talent?! How could this TV show go wrong?

Sigh. Isn’t denial grand?

“The DaVinci Code”

Okay, so why is this the hottest story ever? Why are people drooling until this movie comes to theatres? I don’t think it’s because they think Tom Hanks is hot, so there’s got to be something else. I, for one, can’t figure it out. I’d rather watch paint dry or count raindrops or something.

This Is Me Breathing linked with So Dark the Con of Rotten Tomatoes
STFU, Harry Belefonte

CARACAS, Venezuela — The American singer and activist Harry Belafonte called President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world" on Sunday and said millions of Americans support the socialist revolution of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. 

First of all, speak for yourself, idiot.  You cannot possibly prove or believe that millions of free Americans - people who have the very right and freedom to speak out against their own president that you mock - would support such crap at the level you "report."  Regular polling systems aren’t even wholly accurate, so what did you do to get this data….ask 50 people on a street corner and call that statistically significant for all Americans? 

Belafonte accused U.S. news media of falsely painting Chavez as a "dictator," when in fact, he said, there is democracy and citizens are "optimistic about their future."

I’m leaning the media’s way this time, Harry.  Of course, if it wasn’t for the media, we wouldn’t be hearing your ridiculous line of bullshit, but again, we live in a FREE country, dumbass.

Belafonte, take your little "America hating" friend Danny Glover with you and get the hell out of this country if you think it is so bad.  See what it would "really" be like to live in a country ruled by a terrorist and see how long you would last spewing the stuff you do.  In the U.S., you have the freedom to say what you do, even though you look like a clown.  In some other country, you sure could say it, but you’d then get a feel for what real terrorism is when you woke up with a sword slicing your head from your body.

Oh, Darn. Say It Isn’t So!

Oh darn.  Paris Hilton is telling us that she will be bowing out of public life to focus on family and her new man, Paris.  She even has it penned on her calendar to do this approximately 2 years from now.  Do we really have to wait so long? 

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