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Economy Beer

So, it comes to this:

MILWAUKEE–Cash-strapped drinkers are starting to trade down to economy beers, the chief executive of Miller Brewing Co. said Thursday.

The Milwaukee-based brewer saw some shift between higher-priced, premium beers and economy beers such as Miller High Life and Milwaukee’s Best starting in January, Tom Long told reporters on a conference call.

I get it, to a degree. Our grocery bill grows exponentially every week, almost to the point I’m ready to actually establish a weekly budget for it…but Milwaukee’s Best? GAK!

Vinnie said:

Yup, time to go all Papaw and load up on Old Milwaukee Light.


Chris said:

OMG...it's come to Milwaukee's Best and PBR has it? It IS a recession :shock:

ptg said:

Remember the "Generic Beer" in plain white cans? Wasn't that awful swill produced to help hop-heads through the double-digit inflation that plagued us toward the end of the Jimmy Carter years?

Merri said:

Yes - remember it well as it graced the table in front of my dad on many, many occasions! Well, at least he didn't drink Billy Beer!!! :shock:

EBHome said:

I'm with you Merri ~ GAK!!!! That's the stuff we bought in college after spending the afternoon at the plasma donation center. We'd get just enough for a case and go back to the apartment and nurse our sore arms with some Swill!

Stroosinator said:

I canna do no more Buckhorn!

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