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Cold-Footed / Cold Hearted Bride

Fox News reports that missing bride Jennifer Wilbanks was never abducted and merely got "cold feet" - hopping on a bus and ending up in Albuquerque, NM.  It was apparent she knew everyone thought she had been abducted, as she even told her husband-to-be (or former husband-to-be, perhaps?) that her abductors let her go and didn’t know where she was (authorities traced her collect call to a pay phone in Albuquerque).

Fox News calls it cold feet - I call it irresponsible.  In this day, when so many women and children are truly being abducted and killed, this is playing with fire.  Tax payer money and fear are heavy costs paid for a fleeing bride’s "cold feet." I hope there will be consequences for her actions. 

UPDATE:  On MSNBC yesterday, they interviewed one of the police officers regarding the case, and when asked if any charges will be filed against her, he said there would not be.  False reporting, here….false reporting here…lots of money spent with 100 officers out looking for her.  I’m not surprised, though.

Happy Blogiversary to my Hubby!

I wanted to wish my dear hubby, Eric at Vince Aut Morire, a Happy one year Blogiversary!

I started my blog because of him, just to get into his head and find out what this "blog stuff" was all about.  Because of him, I’ve been doing it myself since December.  I only wish I could be half as good at touching the lives of others - I’ve been amazed at how many people he has touched.  Most of us have been hit with rolls of laughter at his deranged sense of humor, but many have also been touched because what he wrote about had directly impacted their lives and they want to thank him for writing about their loved one, when it seemed everyone else - ahem, note "MSM" - had forgotten.  He also has a way with the French, and I mean that with only the utmost respect…hee hee.

Honey - Happy Blogiversary!  I know I can’t say that I was supportive 100% of the time because I’ve always been trying to pull you away from the ‘puter to spend time with me (other than via email…hehehehe), but I am very supportive of why you do what you do and will always admire and respect your talent and straightforwardness. 

That being said, I wanted to give you a special gift.

Drum roll, please……


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