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Cold-Footed / Cold Hearted Bride

Fox News reports that missing bride Jennifer Wilbanks was never abducted and merely got "cold feet" - hopping on a bus and ending up in Albuquerque, NM.  It was apparent she knew everyone thought she had been abducted, as she even told her husband-to-be (or former husband-to-be, perhaps?) that her abductors let her go and didn’t know where she was (authorities traced her collect call to a pay phone in Albuquerque).

Fox News calls it cold feet - I call it irresponsible.  In this day, when so many women and children are truly being abducted and killed, this is playing with fire.  Tax payer money and fear are heavy costs paid for a fleeing bride’s "cold feet." I hope there will be consequences for her actions. 

UPDATE:  On MSNBC yesterday, they interviewed one of the police officers regarding the case, and when asked if any charges will be filed against her, he said there would not be.  False reporting, here….false reporting here…lots of money spent with 100 officers out looking for her.  I’m not surprised, though.


I saw this coming when I heard the first reports of her having been found and claiming abduction and sexual abuse. I'll send prayers her way, especially to her poor gut-kicked fiance (who was, after all, everyone's prime suspect) and family... and then hope to hell she at least gets nailed for filing a false report or something. Indeed, fricking waste of taxpayer $$!! >:[

Cao said:

It was a big wedding with 600 guests. CANCELLED! I wonder if the wedding planner got to keep the deposit.

Merri said:

I would imagine they will keep it - what a lot of work for nothing! Don't get me wrong - people have cold feet all the time. BUT TELL THE GUY YOU ARE DITCHING (oh, and your family, too) - don't act like you were kidnapped!

Raven said:

Wow...I hadn't yet caught up with all the news from over the weekend. What the hell is her problem? Just tell him. Don't get into all the mellowdramatic crap. She should have to pay some price for this...like you said with all the recent kidnappings, murders, Scott Peterson stuff...she wasted the time of many people.