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Tomorrow is National Workplace Napping Day!

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, April 4, 2005 is National Workplace Napping Day!

Apparently, there are many places that celebrate this annual holiday, which occurs on the first Monday following Daylight Savings time.  When I scoured the official website of National Workplace Napping Day, I found it to be extremely informative and wanted to share it with all of you. 

National Workplace Napping Day is designed to make more people aware of the health and productivity benefits of napping. It is the perfect day for workplace nappers to lie down and be counted.

I would be interested in hearing how the masses are celebrating this day - please share in my comments.  I, personally, won’t be celebrating this holiday because I own a Select Number Bed and will be fully rested, of course!

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One Bad Republican Momma!

This is how we arm ourselves when we go out on the town in Omaha - especially on the North side…hehehe

h/t to Beth….what fun!  I had a blast creating my own Southpark character!

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