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The White Trash ABCs

Hi ya’ll,

I figger I’d share with you the learnin’ I gave my cuzins Beulla Mae and Sadie Lou.  Theyze both have trouble amemberin’ their letters and I need to help them so they can figger out the menu at McDonald’s without askin for that special menu with the photos of the food on it.

Anyhow…hopin’ this helps you learn your letters and that it takes you up that memery lane about your heratige:

A - Al Bundy

B - Bolonie

C - Crimpin Iron (for those white hot date nights!)

D - Dungarees

E - Eight Track (I dun spelled it out so you’d get it)

F - Fluffernutter

G - Goober Grape

H - Headcheese (with Wonder bread and mayo..bodatious!)

I - Inbread (my cuzin’s dark secret..no, my other cuzin)

J - Joey Buttafucco (he has a butt in his name)

K - Kool-aid

L - Lita Ford (Sadie Lou’s faverite singer)

M - Mad Dog 20/20 (my favorite bevirage)

N - Nuckle Head (my dumass dog’s name)

O - Outhouse

P - Pork Rinds (mmmmmmm!)

Q - aQua Net (cain’t figger a Q word out - but we know ’bout Aqua Net)

R - rollers (hot or not)

S - Spears (Britney, that is…all preggers and all)

T - trailer - my dream home!

U - Under the trailer (where we go when we see a tornado)

V - Vaseline (white trash loob)

W - Weenies and Beenies (alright, the B was used already)

X - X-ray vision glasses (my ole man Cletus says they works)

Y - Yeti (my ex-ole man!)

Z - Zingers (a right tasty end to a meal)

Visit all my other white trash folk and ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

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