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White Trash Cooking - Stuff in a Jar

All righty ya’ll.  I know you’ve done heard of those meals in a jar that wimmin-folk make at Christmas time.  You know.  Cookies in a jar, soup in a jar, hot chocolate in a jar.  You know the stuff….gotta follow the directions, add the water or hot milk and all of that.  Well, I find them things nice to get at Christmas time, but not all that convenent simpul oh hell, easy to do.  Me and my old man Cletus, we done come up with a new "in a jar" product that don’t need nothing added, don’t need no mixin’ and will make life just a little bit more interesting for us all.  Moonshine in a jar.  A-yup.  Just crank ‘er open and toss ‘er back.  That’s all it takes.

I find that these make good gifts at weddin’s so the bride and groom can get all drunk and see what that married thang is all about.  I reckon it also is a nice baby shower gift.  The ma will need some of my majic joos once that youngun starts squallerin.  Hell, this would even be a nice item to have at your uncle’s funeral.  All them crying people - we all need a drink during those times.  It’s also great for momma’s day comin’ up.  You know yer momma wants some of this, doncha?  Hell, just shoot me a note and I’ll getcha set up.  Iffin I get too many requests, I may have to buy me another tub to set up more distillin’.  Yeee doggies!

Don’t fergit all my inbread friends and cuzins in the trailerpark:

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