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The Iraqi Civil War? Nah, Just In Asshatland

From the Washington Ho’s:

BAGHDAD, April 16 — A group of masked, armed men believed to be Sunni extremists reportedly is threatening to kill a group of Shiite Muslim hostages in a central Iraqi town unless Shiite residents leave their homes, according to a police officer and Shiite Muslim officials.

Many details of the apparently still-evolving situation in Mada’in, a town about 30 southeast of Baghdad, remain unclear, including the number of alleged hostages, how and when they were seized, and how Iraqi police and armed forces are responding.

Abu Musab Zarqawi and his merry band of goatfuckers are once again trying to foment inter-denominational violence in hopes of sparking a civil war in Iraq.  Unfortunately for Mr. Zarcameljockey, the vast majority of Iraqis aren’t buying his particular brand of chickenshit.  Now, you have choices.  You can believe what you are fed through the media, or you can believe what is being written by someone who actually lives there.

Via Iraq The Model:

I’m sure that some "experts" will celebrate this incident and consider it a spark that will ignite the civil war fire they have been hallucinating about.
What such "experts" always fail to notice is that the conflict in Iraq is taking place between the people, the government and the coalition on one side and the extremists and remaining Ba’athists on the other side. It is NOT a people vs. people conflict; it never had and it will never be like that.

I really don’t blame people who live outside Iraq for believing the "experts"; they didn’t live here and they depend on the news to build their opinions.
But I live in Iraq and seen almost every city in it, so I know how thinks work and I know what the people think.
This time, the pathetic terrorists are trying to make it look like a sectarian conflict; it is NOT.

The Iraqis are free.  The Useful Idiots of the world can choose to believe that they are being brutalized at the hands of the Coalition, and that the new, freely elected Iraqi government is a puppet of the U.S.

But not a damn one of them will ever bother to read the likes of Iraq The Model.  Nor would a single one of them have the guts to go to Iraq and see for themselves.  They will, however, march in the streets with megaphones.

And call it courage.

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LaCabanna Lodge
I got a very nice email from Linda Stack, owner of the LaCabanna Lodge on Glen Lake, NY.  If you own Rachael Ray’s Open House Cookbook, you have already seen pictures of this beautiful Adirondack cabin.  If you don’t own this cookbook, you should check out Linda’s website:  http://www.RusticLogCabin.com.  It looks like a perfect place to experience the Adirondack region!  

Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids

Anyone who knows me also knows how much I enjoy watching Rachael Ray’s show "30 Minute Meals."  While I was shopping with my kids, my son saw her book "Cooking Rocks!  Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals for Kids."  He actually talked me into buying it.  Okay, so he didn’t have to talk long, but he convinced me that it would be a good idea to get it and we could cook together.

The book is very simple, and its approach is very appealing to kids (cartoon images of Rachael Ray for one).  It’s divided by age group, so it is easier to determine which meals you should pick out to prepare.

I asked my son to pick out his favorite recipe for me to share.  Here it is:

Cheese Fries

1 sack frozen french fries, any brand or shape, prepared to package instructions

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1 + 1/2 cups whole milk

2 + 1/2 cups shredded yellow cheddar cheese (approx 10 oz)

1/4 cup ketchup (about 3 squirts)

Read the package directions to see what temperature to set the oven at, and have your GH (Grown-up Helper) preset the oven.

Have your GH put the fries on a cookie sheet and put that in the oven.  Read the package directions to see how long to cook the fries and set the oven timer.  While fries are baking, have a GH place a saucepan on the stove and heat it over medium heat.  Add butter and melt it.  add the flour and stir.  Cook butter and flour together for 1 minute or so.  This is called roux (sounds like Roo, Tigger and Pooh Bear’s friend), and it helps to thicken up sauces.

Use a whisk to stir as you pour the milk into the pot.  Keep stirring until the milk gets thicker.  Use a wooden spoon or heat-safe spatula to stir in the cheese.  When all of the cheese melts, take the sauce off the heat and stir in 3 squirts ketchup.  This is your SECRET ingredient.  when everyone asks what you put in your cheese sauce that makes it taste so good, just say milk and cheese, you can NEVER tell what secret ingredients you add!  Tell your GH to keep the secret, too, or they can never help you again!

Pour the cheese sauce over the fries or serve the sauce on the side if you like dipping better.

Bradley rates this recipe at 4 out of a possible 5 frying pans.  To quote Alton Brown, he says "These fries are good eats, Mommy!"