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I Can’t Help But Believe PETA is Involved….

The London Telegraph reports that a woman is breastfeeding two endangered tiger cubs.

A Burmese woman has been breastfeeding two Bengal tiger cubs, according to the London Telegraph.

Hla Htay, 40, a mother of three apparently began feeding the cubs at a zoo in Rangoon after they were removed from their “aggressive mother,” the Telegraph reported.

The mother tiger apparently killed a third cub from her litter.

Here’s the part that made me sick…

"I felt sorry for them so I decided to feed them before their teeth grow," she told the privately-owned English-language paper Myanmar Times, the Telegraph reported.

Before their teeth grow.  Hmmm….I wonder how she will be alerted to their teeth growing?  [insert loud piercing scream here]

The Bengal tiger is listed as endangered on the World Conservation Union’s red list, with the global population estimated at fewer than 2,500, according to the paper, which reported that a tenth of them live in Burma.

The tigers are apparently threatened by poachers who kill them for medicines and trophies.

…and this message brought to you by PETA.  Save the tigers and don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.

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It sucks to be him…

The Associated Press reports that a man was stuck in an elevator for 3 days following delivery of Chinese Food.

NEW YORK — A deliveryman who vanished after taking Chinese food to a Bronx high-rise apartment building was found alive Tuesday after apparently spending more than three days trapped in an elevator that had become stuck between floors.

This poor guy must have been having a 3-day streak of bad luck. 

  • First he gets stuck AFTER he delivers the food
  • No one found him even though he repeatedly cried out and pushed an alarm button in the elevator (yes, it was determined that the security camera and the elevator alarm were both working…um, I would beg to differ, wouldn’t you?)
  • Authorities conducted a door-to-door canvass of the complex over the weekend specifically looking for him and DIDN’T FIND him
  • Most notable:  "Even maintenance workers who were called to check out the disabled elevator on Monday missed Chen, police said."  WTF?!?!?!

So, this guy was stuck on the elevator between the 3rd and 4th floors for 3 days.  This was a 38-story building.  Either there was more than one elevator, or all of the tenants, police, security team members and other delivery people must have taken the stairs!

Those questions aside, Mayor Michael Bloomberg marveled at Chen’s good luck.

Don’t know that being stuck in an elevator and being missed by everyone who lives there, has a beat there, delivers food there and REPAIRS ELEVATORS there would constitute good luck, but I suppose we could agree to disagree.  Luckily the poor guy ended up being okay.

I will bet that Mr. Chen takes the stairs for awhile.

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A Point to Ponder…

Tomorrow, April 6, 2005 is "Paraprofessional Appreciation Day."  I got confused, as Administrative Professionals Day is usually toward the end of the month of April.  So upon further research, I discovered that "Paraprofessional Appreciation Day" is on April 6th and "Administrative Professionals Day" is on April 27th this year.

Just to be sure I was being politically correct and recognizing all levels of people related to professionals in my ever politically correct work environment, I decided to investigate the differences between these two iconic days of recognition.  Webster’s Dictionary helps us define the differences between these two professions:

Administrative Professional:  A person employed to handle correspondence, keep files, and do clerical work for another person or an organization  (for those of you in a non-politically correct setting, this would translate into the word "secretary").

Paraprofessional:  A trained worker who is not a member of a given profession but assists a professional.

Hmmm….I wonder where fetching coffee or washing the car fits in?  Of course I’m kidding, but when *I* was a secretary Administrative Professional, I did take care of the house and the cat for my boss. 

For me, I always need to understand things visually, so thought I would include a hypothetical organizational chart in a hypothetical situation:

So here are my points to ponder:

Since Fred has "professional" in his title, wouldn’t it seem natural to have paraprofessionals report to him, since they are required to work for a professional?

  1. Would Jack or Jill be able to report to Merri, or are they unable to since she truly isn’t professional? 

What is the point of this post, really?

Anyway, what I’ve concluded is that the florists, gift shop owners and Hallmark all got together and came up with another day in which to send cards, flowers and gifts.  Oh, and the restaurants - let’s not forget them either!

Don’t forget to hug your paraprofessional on Wednesday!  They truly do need a hug, as they aren’t really a member of any profession, but have to work anyway.