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10 Years Ago: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Ten years ago, on the morning of April 19, 2005, Timothy McVeigh parked a rented Ryder truck with explosives in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and, at 9:02am, a massive explosion occurred which sheared the entire north side of the building, killing 168 people. The site now houses a memorial to those who lost their lives due to this senseless tragedy. 

The numbers truly speak for themselves:

168 people killed

19 children killed

1 rescuer killed

850 people injured

85 rescuers suffer minor injuries

30 children orphaned

219 children lost at least one parent

462 people left homeless

7000 people left without a workplace

12,384 participated in rescue, recovery and support

387,000 estimated number of people in OKC who knew someone killed or injured in the bombing (roughly a third of the population)

190,000 estimated number of people attending funerals for bombing victims (19% of the population of OKC)

Over 300 buildings were damaged or destroyed

More than 1000 people survived

Source:  Governor Frank Keating’s office, 1995

Hopefully those whose lives were altered forever have been able to heal some over the last 10 years.  It is evident, when you look around the Internet, there are still many supposed "Americans" who empathize with the likes of Timothy McVeigh and blast the very ideals this country was founded upon.  May what we learned this tragic day keep us on an ever-ready watch for this kind of hatred and may we stop it before the hatred turns into another bloodbath.

Cowboy Poetry Week

You heard it first, right here, ya’ll.  This week is Cowboy Poetry Week.  You think I’m like a horse needin’ to go out to pasture?  Not me.  Take off your hat and kick off your boots because Cowboy Poetry Week is here!

And to honor this celebration, I bring to you a most amazing poem that I’m sure will bring back fond memories for many of you regarding baths as a youngun.  I especially like the part about the squealing hog.  Reminds me of the movie "Deliverance."  Enjoy, ya’ll!

Ma’s Old Galvanized Washtub

Did you ever take your Saturday Bath
An’ try to wash an’ scrub,
While squattin’ down on your haunches
In a galvanized washing tub?
If not, then you ain’t missed a thing.
But now I’m telling’ you what’s right.
I done it ’til I wuz almost grown
An’ every doggone Saturday night!
In summer it was bad enuff
But, in winter it was rough.
Spreading papers, buckets and kettles
An all of that sort of stuff.
Getting ready for that ordeal
Was only half the rub
Of takin’ a bath on Saturday night
In a galvanized washin’ tub.
Did you ever stand there stripped to the skin,
A wood stove bakin’ your hide,
A dreadin’ to put your dern foot in
Fer Fear you’d be burned alive?
Finally you’d git th’ temperature right
An’ into th’ tub you’d crawl.
That cold steel ‘ud touch your back
An’ you’d squeal like a fresh stuck hog!
Then you’d get outa the tub next to the stove
And stand there drippin’ and shakin’.
The front of your body is freezing to death
While the back of your body is bakin’.
Shiverin’ ‘n’ shakin’, burnin’ ‘n’ bakin’,
That’s the awful price I had to pay.
That awful ordeal’ll haunt me’
Until I’m old and gray.
I ain’t done yet?there’s something’ else
That I’ve been wantin’ to say.’
I wuz the youngest of all us kids
Who bathed on Saturday.
We all bathed accordin’ to age
And I fell last in order,
Which meant I had to wash myself
In their dad-blamed dirty water.
Now, I’m a guy (gal) o’clean habits
And believe in a bath a week.
It helps to keep me healthy
And freshen my physique.
But if I had my druthers,
I’d rather eat a bug
Than to take my Saturday bath
In a galvanized washin’ tub!

Author Unknown