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Another Kerr(e)y Flip-Flopper

In an effort to emulate his idol, John Kerry, former U.S. senator and Dem presidential hopeful Bob Kerrey can’t seem to make up his mind about running for New York mayor:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bob Kerrey said on Monday it was "unlikely" he would run for New York mayor, backing off comments he made in recent days.


Kerrey, who is president of New York’s New School University, mused in an interview with The New York Times on Saturday whether he should enter the race for City Hall because he was so dissatisfied with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"This past Saturday I answered a question from a reporter who asked if I was seriously considering becoming a candidate for mayor of New York City, and I said I was," Kerrey, who was a member of the national commission that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, said in a statement.


"It is unlikely I will enter this race as a candidate."


But the man who admitted four years ago that a unit he led in the Vietnam war had killed unarmed civilians left the possibility of a run open, saying, "I intend to make a final decision and announcement later this week."

In other words, there’s a special on FLIP-FLOPS at Wal-Mart.

The possibility of a nationally-known Democrat running against Bloomberg had New York’s political establishment aflutter over the weekend.

Bloomberg’s Democrat rivals have been dogged by criticism they lack the vision to challenge the billionaire mayor. The leading Democrat — former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, who leads in some polls — has been relentlessly dogged over controversial comments he made that the 1999 police shooting of an unarmed African immigrant was not a crime.

Other Democrats seeking a run against Bloomberg have performed poorly in polls.

Kerrey told The New York Times on Saturday that he was disillusioned with Bloomberg’s efforts to gain federal funding to guard the city against another attack and that the mayor was spending too much time trying to get support for a new stadium as part of the city’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games.


"The political analysts were starting to yawn at this race and (Kerrey) added a little juice," said Douglas Muzzio, Baruch College professor of public affairs. "None of the four Democrat candidates have offered anything approaching a compelling vision to get rid of the mayor."

He said Kerrey’s announcement that he was unlikely to run showed "sanity had prevailed."

Sanity and Democrat in the same article.  I’d acquiesce and say that I would agree that sanity had prevailed, but I’ll log on tomorrow and Kerrey will be running for sure.  FLIP FLOP!

Bloomberg’s campaign manager Stuart Loeser said Kerrey had previously praised Bloomberg’s tenure in City Hall.

A spokesman for Ferrer did not return phone calls.

I think my hubby’s right.  It’s time to shred this guy’s "Nebraska residency" card!  No doubt, and no flip-floppin’ here!

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