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Thursday is a Great Day of Observance

Okay.  This is exciting news!  Tomorrow, April 7, 2005 is "No Housework Day."  I’m very excited about this, because Lord knows I do housework every other day!


WTW Linky-Love


Just so’in ya know, I got me all screwed up on dat home brew my hubby Cletus made.  Shoot.  I damn near missed WTW.  It’s already dang near my bedtime.

Soooooooooooooooo….afore this hangover gets the best of me, I figger I should shoot out some linky-love to my WTW cuzins…

Preston tells us much ado about some movie guy who thinks that sandwiches are more ‘portant than anything.  Somebody dun thought he looked like the KFC Kernel Colonel.

Sadie Lou is ponderin’ her music awhile Beullah Mae stole her damn Lita Ford 8-track.  Beullah Mae looks all done up in her new South Park Trailer Court portrait…It’s incredibul what they done with her eyes after the accident.

This here cuzin Piled On the trash for us.  Lastly, Cuzin Red talked about some beach and a taxi driver, but I didn’t know the guy. 

I’ze gonna get back on dat papa son chair (why the hell do they call it that - there ain’t no menfolk ever wanna sit in that kinda chair) and pull my Mad Dog 20/20 up real tight.

Rae Dawn