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24: Rest In Peace, Curtis!

Whoa boy…what a second set of hours on “24″ tonight. Curtis (AKA Cola as any Blogs 4 Bauer fan would know), you sure will be missed. We understand why you did what you did, but you *knew* Jack would pull that trigger. C’mon, man.

So, Mister-Former-Terrorist-Who-Says-He-Is-Renouncing-Terrorism-and-Got-A- Pardon-Out-of-It-Guy, you better be for real and this had better not be some part of a twisted, sadistic plot. You wanna know why? Because Jack had to pop a cap in the neck of his boy Curtis for you. If Jack killed him and you are lying about what you are doing, you are soooo screwed. Because Hell hath no fury like a Jack scorned. You’ve been warned, Assad.

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