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Bauer’s Back!

See that picture? Yep…the one above. It’s started and I’m hooked…again! Another season of “24″ started at 7:00pm Central Time and we were planted in our chairs. It was AWESOME! The folks at Blogs 4 Bauer are hitting it hard again, and you really do need to go check them out. Any fan of “24″ will absolutely love the place. I visit it faithfully following each “24″ episode. Although I think I should write for them. I have the same crazy stuff going around in my head. There were two explicit things that they called out in their live blogging that I said to hubby during the show! First off, Prez Palmer’s (aka Michael Jordan’s) sister, the ACLU Islamotard-lovin’ phreak. I told hubby that she reminded me of Sherry Palmer (may she not RIP). Second comment was regarding the portion of the script that sounded like it was written for Yoda. See, ya’ll. I could be helping you out. Instead, I sit riveted to my HDTV-loaded, plasma-filled screen, yelling out things that could be live blogged. Er…perhaps that’s easy street. :-)