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Truck driver’s wife asks jury to spare his life for kids’ sake

HOUSTON The wife of a man convicted in the deaths of 19 people he was smuggling into the country has pleaded with jurors to spare his life.

Spare his life?

Tyrone Williams was convicted last month of smuggling immigrants in his truck. The 19 who died in the sweltering summer of 2003 were among 70 crammed into the trailer. The truck was abandoned about 100 miles southwest of Houston.

I stand 100% against illegal immigration BUT… These were STILL 19 human beings, out of 70, crammed like animals and left to die inside this sweatbox.

Karen Williams says she grew up without a father and doesn’t want her children to do likewise. Williams’ son and daughter also testified on his behalf.

What kind of a role model can this “father” be to his children while in prison for allowing the deaths of these 19 human beings?

Jurors could begin deliberations today on whether Williams gets the death sentence or up to life in prison.

I say spare the American taxpayer the cost of his incarceration, while springing to foot the bill of that wonderful chemical mixture.


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