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Sneak Peek - Rachael Ray’s Fall Show

ETonline.com has a sneak peek of Rachael Ray’s new hour long show debuting September 18!

“I want to start tomorrow,” she gushed. “I don’t want to wait because everything looks so great. The models are all done — and the set. It’s really getting exciting.”

The show, which will aim to be intimate and fun — and not celebrity-driven — is not just aimed towards food lovers and wannabe gourmet chefs, but for anyone looking to improve their lives — whether it be how to organize your office or trying something new outside of the kitchen!

Rachael recently revealed what tone the show will take. “I want the show to be a forum for people, but there’s not going to be any crying on our show!”

Rachael, who says she’s working with people she’s known for years as well as brand new staffers, says she’s going to keep the atmosphere super casual.

“We allow dogs and children so I want to go to work tomorrow,” she says. “I want to bring my dog to work with me. It’ll be a lot of fun!”

Tied to the article on ETonline.com is a video of her photo shoot promoting the show. It looks like she invited Isa-Boo to the shoot, too! :)

It will be interesting to see the launch of Rachael’s new show and her transition to things non-food. Do you think her show will be a success? For me it will depend on when it is on, the format and whether the topics of discussion are engaging. Her charisma can carry her traditional shows on the Food Network quite well, but daytime talk is so much different. Her plans aren’t controversial and she doesn’t plan on making anyone cry, so the show will need to be entertaining and stand out away from the Jerry Springers and Montel Williams of the world.

Left For Dead

Good news, and yet, tragic news.

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - A 1-year-old girl spent up to three days alone with the bloody bodies of her murdered family, her face kicked or beaten and lips cracked from dehydration, police said.

“She was left for dead,” Lt. Mike Handfield said Tuesday. “If she would have been here any longer, she could have perished from lack of food and water.”

Police found the bodies of Phuong Hung Le, 30, his wife, Trish Dawn Lam, 25, and Lam’s 6-year-old son, Tommy, on Monday when they conducted a welfare check at the family’s home, on a street lined with two-story stucco houses about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles in Orange County.

I wish that I were that officer:

The girl smiled at the officer who found her, Handfield said. “She clung to him and he hugged her. She was glad to be next to a warm human body, to have somebody with her.”

So the cloud appears to have a silver lining after all. But, it’s still a cloud. I rejoice in the fact that the baby was saved.

But, poor six year old Tommy. What did he do to deserve this? He could talk, that’s all.

Nothing Could Be Finer

Than this bill in Carolina.

(AP) The South Carolina House on Wednesday passed a pair of bills that would allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty for some repeat child molesters.

Support for the package picked up steam after a man was charged with kidnapping two girls and raping them in a dungeon behind his home earlier this year.

The related measures could send to death row offenders convicted twice of raping a child younger than 11.

I wholeheartedly support the death penalty for child molesters.

In a way, child molesters are worse than murderers. A murderer kills, and his victim, while no longer with us, goes to a better place. Even if you’re an atheist, you can’t disagree that death is a relief for the victims of some murderers.

A child molester is worse, because their living victim has to suffer the trauma for their actions their entire lives. 60, 70, 80 years and more. And a child molester to me somewhat akin to a murderer. The child molester murders the innocence of the child.

So yeah, I wholeheartedly support this bill in South Carolina. I hope our lawmakers do something similar.


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