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Jessica’s Law

I received a comment on one of my Jessica’s Law posts recently. Here’s the comment:

Name: Joe | E-mail: cajl@rock.com | URI: http://www.nojessicaslaw.org/ | IP: | Date: June 22, 2006

Jessica’s Law
You should look at Californians Against Jessica’s Law at http://www.nojessicaslaw.org/ to find out the real reasons for Jessica’s Law

Being interested in what anyone has to say on Jessica’s Law, especially those against it, I followed the link. I can’t even believe that such a site exsists, that there are people who think like this. They start out sounding reasonable:

Adult rape and the sexual abuse of a child are horrible, inexcusable crimes. No one in their right mind would argue this fact.The victims of sex crimes deserve our compassion, sympathy, and full support. We of Californians Against Jessica’s Law (CAJL) would never wish to add to the anguish, tragedy, and harm true victims have endured.

BUT….it continues with the following:

However; in the last three decades the hysteria over sex crimes, both real and fabricated, has become political and huge profits are being made off of the detection. apprehension, prosecution, defense, incarceration, supervision, control, and treatment of the sex offender and those wrongly convicted. The Sex Crime Witch Hunt Nightmare, as it is now known, is a multi-million dollar industry in California. With these kinds of profits to be made, The Sex Crime Witch Hunt Nightmare, has caught tens of thousands of innocent men and women in It’s ever widening web who now must endure the life-long Scarlet Letter of being a convicted sex offender.

The Sex Crime Witch Hunt Nightmare?!!? An industry? What kind of nonsense is that? The whole purpose of Jessica’s Law is to protect children. This group sounds as though they could care less about children.

63,000+ Californians are now required by law to register with the police as convicted sex offenders and this number continues to grow daily with no end in sight. These tens of thousands must also submit to sex offender community notification that plasters their faces, descriptions, and other personal information all over the internet warning their communities of their presence.

Well, isn’t that a shame? Poor ol’ sex offenders. What about the children who have had their lives ruined by these animals?

The drivel just goes on and on…apparently Jessica’s Law is all about money. Those GPS shackle people are fixing to make a fortune. OMG, is that not the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?

Now, I try to be fair, so I did a bit of searching on California and Jessica’s Law, and on the poor 63,000 sex offenders. Here’s part of what I learned.

Thank you for helping qualify Jessica’s Law, the Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act of 2006 for the ballot! We turned in 713,787 signatures accross the state. Here are some photos from the Sacramento signature turn in event:

Sexual Predator Punishment and Control Act of 2006 — Jessica’s Law

California has currently 63,000 registered sex offenders. One in every four sex offenders in California are currently missing.

How can we protect our children if we don’t even know where the sex offenders are?

One in four are MISSING?! And tracking these people is a bad idea?

I myself live in Florida, and thank God we have Jessica’s Law here. No, it’s not perfect, to be sure. But I think it’s acting as a deterrant, at least. And as for plastering faces on the internet, I’m all for it. I have three kids, if there’s sex offenders living close to me, I want to know where they are and what they look like, so that my family can be properly protected.

If you’re interested in Jessica’s Law, Bill O’Reilly has done a wonderful job publicizing it, and has information on which states are doing a good job, and which ones aren’t. I’m sad to say that Vermont is still not doing a thing to protect our kids. Makes me glad I moved to Florida.

Jessica's Law

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