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See Shorty Shackled…a Summary

So notorious short-statured pedophile Richard W. Thompson is in the news again…along with the judge that thinks his stature and general presence wouldn’t bode well in jail.

There’s a petition drive in Sidney, Nebraska, focused on collecting the resignation of judge Kristine Cecava. I get the sense her decision wasn’t necessarily well received. Given the pedophile got off virtually with a slap on the wrist and a welcome mat to reoffend I can understand why.

A transcript of the sentencing hearing shows that Cecava considered a number of issues when determining Thompson’s sentence, not only his height.

“So I’m sitting here thinking this guy has earned his way to prison but then I look at you and I look at your physical size,” Cecava is quoted as saying in the transcript. “I look at your basic ability to cope with people and, quite frankly, I shake to think what might happen to you in prison because I don’t think you’ll do well in prison.”

Thompson was charged for having sexual contact last summer with a girl who is now 14.

“I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society isn’t misplaced,” Cecava said at the sentencing hearing. “It’s very hard to keep you in society when I know the risk is another child getting hurt.”

She shakes to think what might happen to him in prison?!?!? What about the girl he sexually molested, and on at least two occasions? Do you not think she shakes each and every day she knows this criminal is not behind bars?

Ms. Cecava, your decision on letting him be out in society truly is misplaced. You yourself state that you know there is a risk in another child getting hurt. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. How hard is it to put it together?

Of course, we should all be ashamed as her intentions are completely misunderstood:

Lincoln attorney Bernie Glaser, who said he’s been Cecava’s friend and colleague for 33 years, said her ruling has been misunderstood. The prosecutor didn’t ask for prison time, Glaser noted, and the judge took other factors into account when deciding that prison wasn’t right for Thompson including his mental capabilities and information contained in a pre-sentence report that is not public.

“We need more judges like her,” Glaser said. “I think they should be proud they have a judge like her.”

God help us if we get any more judges like her. …and God help the victims of any criminal that they might feel sorry for.

The petition drive in Sydney has garnered over 700 signatures - pretty substantial for a small Nebraska community.

In the meantime, “Top Cop” Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Attorney General has filed his appeal on the judge’s sentence in this case:

An appeal has been filed on Wednesday of a judge’s decision to sentence a sex offender to probation instead of prison based in part on his height.

Attorney General Jon Bruning and Cheyenne County Attorney Paul Schaub filed the appeal with the state Appeals Court. They said the sentence handed down last week to Richard W. Thompson of Sidney was excessively lenient.

I’ll say!

Schaub said he supports the appeal based in part on the recommendations of the victim, her counselor and custodian — all of whom said Thompson should be sent to prison.

Let’s hope that the victim - the REAL victim - is finally listened to.

Vince Aut Morire linked with Nothing Could Be Finer
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