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Mom Tries to Kill Kids with Poisoned Applesauce

How awful that a parent would scheme, plan and do this to their children:

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. — A mother is accused of trying to kill her children by giving them applesauce laced with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Police said 33-year-old Marianne Streeter, 33, of Ogdensburg, N.Y., took her 8-year-old son, Andrew, and 5-year-old daughter, Emily, to a motel in Canton, N.Y., and fed them the applesauce mixture on May 3.

Police found the children semiconscious in the hotel room after a 911 call. They were in critical condition, but have since recovered, according to TV station News10Now in Syracuse, N.Y.

And this woman - this non-parent - left them there to die alone.

They later found the mother in a cemetery, overdosed on antidepressants, but still alive.

A part of me wants to say damn it…a little bit longer and they may have found her dead. But the “human side” of me realizes that having her alive will allow the courts to deliver some type of justice - if any truly exists - for poisoning and attempting to kill her kids.

She’s being charged with two counts of second-degree-attempted-murder and two counts of first degree assault. Of course she is pleading not guilty. It’s also reported she was recently released from a psychiatric hospital where she received treatment. The “experts” might say that she should be able to get a lesser sentence (or no sentence?) if she has some type of mental illness, etc. I say keep her off the street and, in particular, away from children. She’s a danger to them and shouldn’t be put in a position to potentially harm them again.

Ann Coulter and the Small Town Radio Guy

I do believe most of you heard that Ann Coulter was going to be on “The Tonight Show” with George Carlin tonight, but here in Omaha, we had the distinct honor of listening to local buffoon, Tom Becka, “interview” Ann on the radio today.

I almost forgot about the interview, but was reminded when I stopped over at PTG’s place, who is a fellow Nebraskaland blogger. PTG said that it doesn’t matter how you feel about Ann Coulter, anyone would get a laugh out of the interview. Taking that advice, I sat down this evening and listened to this “interview.” You can listen to it here (hopefully it will be up for awhile).

As hubby quoted on his site, I found Becka to be thoroughly disrespectful, rude and disgusting. He was asking her to define about every word possible, not contributing to a meaningful interview whatsoever. She then asked him to define the word “define” in response to his NUMEROUS requests to define this word and that word and he got noticably irritated, at one point he even called her a bitch…yes, on public “small city” Omaha talk radio.

Normally I would just toss this aside, but I couldn’t get over his behavior and lack of respect….so I wrote him an email:


You truly blew this one. It was so evident you couldn’t stand even being on the phone with her, you couldn’t even give her a chance to talk about her book, which was the point of the interview as I recall you saying. You kept pointing out that she was taking the inflammatory road, yet you yourself were rude, disrespectful and certainly not anyone I would want to interview with. YOU were the inflammatory one here…you wouldn’t listen to her, you called her a bitch, you were audibly snoring, yawning, yelling, berating and overall made a fool out of yourself. This wasn’t an interview and it was never intended to be…it was you being 5 years old and not getting your lollipop at the checkout. What an embarrassment to Nebraskans. It shouldn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with a person’s position…you could at least be respectful and take the high road - you, after all, invited her to be a guest on your show - and you were the one who cast the first stone. How disappointing you had to resort to behaving like nothing more than a little brat. I expected much more.


So, of course not long after I wrote him, I got his response (typos and all):

How did I cast the first stone? i asked her a question about definitions. Her response was “define define”
I wouldn’t tolerate that response from my 3rd grade neice why would I tolerate it from a grown woman? I didn’t ask her to be on the program. They contacted us. I didn’t start yawning until she refused to answer my questions and just spewed her platitudes and rhetoric. If hse had answered the questions we could have had a discussion but she refused to answer them and I got peeved. by the time I started snoring it was obvious that she wasn’t going to have an itelligent discussion so I thought I’d have some fun. sorry you feel that way.
Thanks for listening


Becka himself stated that the interview was to discuss her new book, which never happened because of his approach to the interview. By the time she asked him to define “define” it was after he repeatedly (and virtually yelling) asked her to define simple words, not listening to a word she was saying. Toward the end of the interview, she started talking about her book, virtually ignoring him. He blames her in his email stating “it was obvious that she wasn’t going to have an itelligent discussion” (yes, the typo is his!) but if you listen, it is he who NEVER had an intelligent question to even respond to.

Hubby said he doesn’t believe Ann Coulter’s team contacted them for an interview. That was my initial knee-jerk thought, but it could definitely make sense, given Becka’s attitude and lack of respect through the entire interview. But see, it’s his show. If he truly didn’t want to interview her, he could have declined. But I suspect he put her on his show because he may be much more attracted to controversy in an effort to get ratings than Ann Coulter has ever thought of being. Difference is, he’s a small city radio host and her book was an immediate best seller. A wise man has said “…this guy should stick to interviewing Neighborhood Watch captains or some of the usual low-level ineffectual city bureaucrats.” Enough said.

Update: Hahahahahah….great top 9 potential Coulter books! Check it out over at The Nose on Your Face!