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The Mail Gods Were Good to Me!

The Mail Gods were good to me…and no, this has nothing to do with my letter carryin’ hubby, either!  Heh!

I got my first ever, brand-spankin’ new, premiere edition of "Every Day with Rachael Ray."  For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is Rachael Ray’s new magazine!

Who has time to post when this is sitting on the coffee table.

More to come - including a review.  From the outside in, it looks good.  The magazine is an unusual size, so it stands out from other magazines.  The photo on the cover is nice - not too Martha Stewart-y or too Oprah-y, if you know what I mean - down-to-earth.  And for those of you who miss Boo, Rachael’s 13 year old pup/taste tester, the first article I read was about Boo’s passing and a recipe in Boo’s honor!  There are also a ton of recipes, including a picture for every one. 

More to come…in the mean time, I must read.  :-)

Thank You for a Great Birthday!

So, I had a great birthday weekend!

Even though my crazy hubby left a crazy post on my crazy site, I simply cannot trade him in.  He treated me to a couple of nights of dinner on the town, a nice round of linky-dinky-love, and my favorite Rachael Ray saute pan and one of her signature knives from Sur La Table.  I’m pumped and ready to cook and cut things (muhahahah!)!

Thanks to my friends in the ’sphere who left me great birthday wishes….and for those of you who linked my site on yours!  Beth - you’re right, it was a rather interesting birthday post, wasn’t it?  Heh!  Dan, thank you for thinking of me, but why did you link him (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)?  Heheheheh  Speaking of him - thank you for the Jawalanche, Honey!! 

Riehl World View linked with Just Goes To Show You
Do You Want a Sex Offender’s Opinion?

He apparently thinks you do:

ELKHART, IowaA convicted sex offender who served time behind bars says he wants to be heard — and he wants Iowa lawmakers to listen.

Dave Spencer, 52, of Elkhart, plans to be at the Statehouse this week to tell lawmakers about the effects of laws passed to punish sex offenders and restrict where they can live.

Let’s see:  The effects of laws passed to punish sex offenders and restrict where they can live protects people, in particular children, from proven sex offenders.  Said laws allow kids to be kids (as much as they can be these days), by making parks, schools, and libraries much safer places.  Oh, wait….Mr. Sex Offender wasn’t talking about the POSITIVE effects, was he?

Spencer said he isn’t asking that sex offenders go unpunished, only that the penalty be just.

He said he’ll ask lawmakers to revisit this year’s laws that place harsher penalties on sex offenders and a 2002 law that bans child molesters from living within 2,000 feet of schools and day-care centers.

Oh, yes.  Let’s revisit those laws.  Mr. Spencer, can you provide an iron-clad guarantee to me that any sex offender, particularly those of the pedophile type, will never again, absolutely NEVER commit another sex crime once s/he is released from prison?  No?  Didn’t think so.  Until then, I would recommend that the State of Iowa revisits those laws as you are asking….but makes them harsher.