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…and People Wonder Why I am for the Death Penalty

Well, it’s simple.  *This* is why I am for the death penalty:

SAN FRANCISCO — A search of San Francisco Bay continues for the bodies of two young children believed to have been tossed into the water by their mother.

Authorities have recovered what’s believed to be the body of a third child. The San Francisco Examiner reported that the body of the woman’s 3-year-old son was recovered about four hours after a witness reported seeing a woman drop the children off a local pier.

The search began late Wednesday afternoon when an unidentified man called 911 to report seeing the woman drop the children into the chilly water near a popular waterfront stretch.

Lashaun Harris, the 23-year-old "mother" in this case, is booked for three counts of murder.  Her excuse?  The "VOICES" told her to dump her kids off the pier.  Well, my "voices" tell me that she should receive the death penalty.  But it’s possible that she will have some "mental disorder" that would prohibit that from happening.  I personally don’t care.  There isn’t a person out there, mental disorder or not, who can justifiably kill their own kids and get away with it in my book.

Update:  No surprise, Lashaun Harris pled "not guilty."  Of course she has a mental disorder….and of course she’s going to get some testing.

The charges could bring the death penalty, but District Attorney Kamala Harris said she hasn’t decided yet whether to seek such a sentence.

Hmmmm….easy decision for me, quite honestly.  And this:

She said there will be a critical look at the way social services handled the woman’s case.

Of course there should be a critical look - they made the decision to return the children to this woman.  But more importantly, what consequences will there be for the family members who didn’t take her seriously when she stated she was thinking of feeding the kids to the sharks?  I’m so damn tired of people taking "critical" looks and feeling some level of pity for the family who "didn’t take it seriously."  DO SOMETHING.  In both instances (social services and the family members), they had information and history which led them to understand that this woman was not in her right mind (um, anyone who kills someone like this isn’t in their right mind, by the way).  The family should have kept the kids safe when social services decided that Mom and kids needed to be reunited.  Call me mean or hateful if you feel you must, but they are virtually as guilty as she is by not taking her threats seriously. 

I look into the face of any child (mine, but other kids as well), and I cannot fathom what these innocent, beautiful children could ever do to inspire such hateful acts, even in their worst moment.  To protect a person after they kill a kid, in particular their own, is just not something I can comprehend.  The criminal is not the victim here, whether they are mentally "ill" or not.

Vince Aut Morire linked with She Was Going To Feed Them To The Sharks