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Thank You for a Great Birthday!

So, I had a great birthday weekend!

Even though my crazy hubby left a crazy post on my crazy site, I simply cannot trade him in.  He treated me to a couple of nights of dinner on the town, a nice round of linky-dinky-love, and my favorite Rachael Ray saute pan and one of her signature knives from Sur La Table.  I’m pumped and ready to cook and cut things (muhahahah!)!

Thanks to my friends in the ’sphere who left me great birthday wishes….and for those of you who linked my site on yours!  Beth - you’re right, it was a rather interesting birthday post, wasn’t it?  Heh!  Dan, thank you for thinking of me, but why did you link him (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)?  Heheheheh  Speaking of him - thank you for the Jawalanche, Honey!! 

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Just Goes To Show You

There's no pleasing a woman. At least, I heard that was Eric's problem. ; )