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Scum-Sucking Pedophile

Take a close look at Richard Merritt, Jr., scum-sucking asswad:

This man was arrested in Lincoln, Nebraska after a period of weeks in which he repeatedly attempted to entice young children into his car by using cash.  There were at least 10 different reports on his efforts.  Thank God he was arrested, because when police caught up with him, he had a 10-year-old boy in his car.  Imagine the relief the parents must feel.

While police followed leads, the big break came when Lincoln police Chief Tom Casady overheard a captain talking about the case.

"I recognized that was the same M.O. Richard Merritt had been doing previously," Casady said.

The disgusting part of this is that Merritt served a sentence in 2003 for a series of exposure incidents - egregious enough that the police chief remembered the case.  You know how much time this miscreant served?  A whopping 90 days.  And here we are, just 2 years later, arresting the bastard for trying to get kids in his car to fulfill his sick fantasies. 

Parents were worried this guy would get off with yet another slap on the wrist as enticement is a misdemeanor in Nebraska (WTF???).  Luckily, they were able to charge him with attempted sexual assault of a child, which is a felony (his bond was set at $500,000).  Would you want this sick bastard parked out front of your child’s school?

In court on Wednesday, prosecutors said Merritt told investigators he fantasized about getting a child in his car and acting out his sexual fantasies, which included hearing the victim scream.

Given the number of ridiculously light sentences and the minimal amount of time served in some of these types of cases, I admit I’m a bit cynical about how this will turn out.

Kim Jungek said her son was walking with two other kids after school on Sept. 1 down an alley when a man approached and offered cash to get them in his car. She said she’s upset now that she didn’t call police.

"A number of other parents didn’t call police, and maybe if we would’ve put those pieces together, maybe he wouldn’t have had so many opportunities," Jungek said.

She said she’s glad Merritt faces a felony charge.

"I don’t want him out in my neighborhood or any other neighborhood. Misdemeanors would not keep him behind bars," she said.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that a felony conviction WILL, Ms. Jungek. 

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A Memo To Tara Reid

To:  Tara Reid, White Trash Actress Extraordinaire

From:  The WTW Staff

Tara,  per your most recent interview with that media giant "Steppin’ Out", you wanted to set the record straight.  We at WTW are ready to alert the public about your heavy-hitting statements.

Tara Reid wants to know: "Why is partying and having a good time bad?"


…these questions are for American journalists, like "there must be a journalist school where students are taught how to kill Tara Reid."

She wants to know "how come when someone else gets messed up or is a junkie or gets DUI’d and goes to rehab and is considered a hero again?"

Um, can you say Courtney Love?  We know, we know, Tara.  She is your idol…your hero.

She said she’s hoping for a great movie role to impress people with her acting so they’ll leave her alone.

For our sake, Tara, we will hope for a great movie role to show your amazing acting talent as well.  Like the Emmy-Award-Winning performance you had in "American Pie."  Stunning!

Reid also said she can’t believe people made such a big deal out of her breast falling out of her dress on a red carpet last year. She told FHM "you would think my boob had popped out and shot Gandhi!"

Tara, we here at WTW actually believe that would have made a much more sensational news story.  Could you get that to happen for us?

She said "people act like it was the worst crime in the world." She’s learned her lesson, though. She said she uses "double double tape" now, so her "hooters are under control."

…and for that we thank you.

Tara, we at WTW will always consider you the WTW cream of the crop.  Thank you for being you.

By the way, Howdy Doody called and he would like his boots back!


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