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The Mail Gods Were Good to Me!

The Mail Gods were good to me…and no, this has nothing to do with my letter carryin’ hubby, either!  Heh!

I got my first ever, brand-spankin’ new, premiere edition of "Every Day with Rachael Ray."  For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is Rachael Ray’s new magazine!

Who has time to post when this is sitting on the coffee table.

More to come - including a review.  From the outside in, it looks good.  The magazine is an unusual size, so it stands out from other magazines.  The photo on the cover is nice - not too Martha Stewart-y or too Oprah-y, if you know what I mean - down-to-earth.  And for those of you who miss Boo, Rachael’s 13 year old pup/taste tester, the first article I read was about Boo’s passing and a recipe in Boo’s honor!  There are also a ton of recipes, including a picture for every one. 

More to come…in the mean time, I must read.  :-)

Jo said:

Didn't know she had a magazine out .. thanks for the info. I'll look for it in stores!

Yeah me too, didn't know she had one out. Must look for it in stores. But I'll wait for your review. Like it will be UNbiased! LOLOLOL ;-)

Happy belated birthday, Merri!