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Nooseweek: Un-American. AGAIN!

Riding Sun has an enlightening post on yet further disgraceful "works" of Newsweek.  I encourage you to go read his article, but here is just a taste:

Newsweek’s false, retracted story about American guards flushing the Koran down a toilet at Guantanamo doesn’t necessarily mean the magazine’s staff hates America or Bush, or wants us to lose in Iraq. To be charitable, let’s just chalk that one up to sloppy journalism.

But I’m at a loss to explain this, from the February 2 issue of Newsweek’s Japanese edition:

As you can see, the cover story shows an American flag, dirtied and tossed in a trash can, its staff snapped in two. The large white text reads, "Amerika ga shinda hi", which translates to "The day America died."

I encourage you to read the whole article - this isn’t the only disgraceful Anti-American rhetoric Newsweek has to offer.  But I’m sure you’re not surprised.

My Blubber-Fest

The season finale of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is on and they are building a home for the family of PFC Lori Piestewa, who was killed in Iraq back in 2003. 

Lori’s mom and dad are raising Lori’s two little kids, ages 5 and 6 and the Extreme Makeover team is building a home for them.  Jessica Lynch is the one who nominated them for the show, following through on a commitment Lori and Jessica made to each other to take care of each other’s family in the event something happened.  Not only are they building Lori’s family a new home, they are also building a Veteran’s Center as well.

Okay, I usually blubber when I watch this show, but not until the end.  I started at, oh, 5 minutes into the show.  We tend to forget the sacrifices that are made during war.  Seeing the look on those little kids’ faces when they talk about their mom is beyond words.  But they are so proud of Lori - giving her life serving her country.

Off to cry a bit more (and off to hug the kids twice as hard).

Man Charged with Kidnap and Rape of Two Girls

Tammy at A Mom And Her Blog has posted a story about a man who is charged with the kidnap and rape of two young girls, ages seven and 13. 

Erick Thomas Knapp Jr., 31, confessed to investigators that he bound, gagged and raped the girls, ages 13 and 7, sheriff’s Capt. Michael Savage told the Charlotte Sun Herald for Sunday’s editions. He said there may be more victims.

The very frightening part of this is that this sick, evil monster snatched these kids from their HOME - a place that families consider the safest place to be. 

Tammy has it right - at least these girls are alive and had the bravery to come forward, even though this monster threatened to kill their families if they told anyone. 

One more evil soul off the streets.  Thank God.  Now hopefully the judicial system will work and KEEP him off the street.