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Speedos are Back!

The AP reports that Speedos are now legal again for men in Cape May, NJ.  For more than 30 years, this resort area in New Jersey said a resounding NO! to men wearing the skimpy little suits.

Not that everyone’s cheering. It’s often the older guys - the ones with beer guts, or wrinkly skin, or unsightly tufts of hair - who wear the tiny swimsuits.

Oh, you mean like this guy?

"The people you want to see in the Speedos, you don’t," said Maggie Creighton, 19, who works in a downtown lingerie store.

I think young Maggie was hoping to see this guy there:

Sorry, Maggie.  Ain’t gonna happen!  That’s the stuff of Speedo catalogs, I’m afraid!

"A lot of people do come in and say ‘Do you carry Speedos?’ said Becky Fitzgerald, sales clerk at Della’s General Store. "It’s the 40- to 50-year-old group who ask. And it’s funny, their bodies aren’t the shape for Speedos."


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The Greatest Daughter in the World is Now Four

On May 1, 2001, a beautiful little girl came into this world.  She weighed a mere 8 pounds, 8 ounces but brought us tons and tons of love.

Her smile brings so much joy to others - to us, particularly - but to complete strangers routinely.  We have to be on our guard because she wants to hug and talk to every single person that she sees. 

Her biggest wish today, her fourth birthday, was to have a "Giant Care Bear" and it was supposed to be "THIIIIIIISSSS BIGGGGG" so Mommy got lucky and found the perfect one for her. 

You can tell that she really, really liked her presents.  Her Barbie has been dressed, undressed, put to bed, woke up, workout clothes put on and then back to bed oh, about 372 times during the past hour.  She has called her friend Kayla about 85 times on her "Barbie Princess cell phone" and she has done a few cheers as well, with her new cheerleading stuff.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bug - I love you!  I can’t believe it was already 4 years ago that you came into our lives.  We couldn’t imagine life without you!

Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday to me!  I’m Four Years today, and now I’m not three!