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Around the Blogosphere in 8 Minutes

I do have to say that it’s been a pretty busy day for me today.  I’m just now sitting down at my computer (other than the "blog fly-by" - you all know what I’m talking about!).  Work was crazy, our daughter had a fever, I went and got dinner, got the kids to bed and went to the grocery store.  Why the hell does that real life stuff always want to get in the way of blogging?  Heheheh…glad I bought some cheeze to go with my whine…

Anyway, since I don’t have a chance to spend enough time writing some posts tonight, I thought I’d lean on my blogging friends (plus we all love linky love, don’t we?)

Sex Offenders, Child Murderers and Assholes, Oh My!

My dear hubby, Eric, brings you yet another reason to hug your children extra tight (but yet another reason for me to RANT about getting child murderers out of prison and placed 6 feet under)…MiniVan Mom lets us know to be on the lookout for a pedophile/sex offender who is on the loose…and, well, this guy is just an asshole, but Buckley F. Williams gives us the down low on his upcoming "tell all" book!


Those irresponsible MSM whizzes at Newsweek who apologize (in their shallow, "have to" kind of way), but won’t hold themselves responsible.  I would have loved to write about this, but why, when we have such amazing stories already out there here, here, here and here.

Fun Stuff!

Wuzzadem and the Clippy chronicles.  You’ve GOT to go look.  OMG!  Lastly, stop over at Beth’s new place and Sadie’s new digs.  They’ve changed the wallpaper and the paint and they are ready for some visitors.  Check them out!

I hope I’ll be back in action tomorrow - this work thingy has just *got* to slow down!  Indeed.