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Beth’s Blogiversary

Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is celebrating a full year of blogging today!  Beth’s blog was one of the first ones I ever read, other than, of course, the one owned by my most significant other.  Beth has become a close friend of ours and we appreciate all that she does to make the blogworld a better place!  Oh, and we really like that she swears…all the fuckin’ time!

Of course, Beth has no opinions, and she never will tell you what to do.  Most importantly she enjoys all asshats, moonbats and liberals…

…only so she can kick their asses to the curb!

Please stop over at Beth’s house and wish her the best Blogiversary ever! 

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy linked with Thanks, Merri!
You Know You Are a Blogger When…

Mr. Cranky puts you in his Quick Guide to Good Blogs

Thanks for the priviledge, Mr. Neocon.  I feel as though I’ve grown up now!

Carnival of the Recipes #39

Be sure to check out this week’s Carnival of the Recipes, hosted over at Boudicca’s Voice.  I was really impressed by the number of desserts this week - including a couple with strawberries - strawberry tarts and strawberry baked Alaska….yum, and strawberries are in season and taste sooo good right now!

Here it is first thing in the morning and I’m drooling!

Oh - did I mention that my recipe for Sausage & Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce Pasta is in the Carnival this week?