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Out of Fox News:

One day after retracting a story that said U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran , a top Newsweek editor acknowledged the magazine made "serious mistakes" but suggested to FOX News that no one would be fired over the incident.

Dan Klaidman, Nooseweek’s Washington bureau chief is truly a piece of work.  Mr. Obvious states "Clearly there were mistakes made here."  REALLY?  That guy must have been born that smart!  But then further bullshit ensues when he says "It was in good faith, they were honest mistakes, and we are trying to be transparent about it."

You know, by Dumbass Dan’s definition, murdering someone in cold blood is a "mistake" as well.  Whether it was "true" or not (and, gosh, we know it wasn’t true…as that reporter probably did when they wrote it), reporting this story is negligent.  Their blatant negligence caused harm and death to many, not to mention an erosion of the progress we have made.  Oh, and good old Dan also said that people at the magazine "acted professionally." 

Lastly, I have to say that I am SO SICK AND TIRED of hearing the liberals compare the actions of Newsweek to the President’s decision to invade Iraq.  These asshat talking heads sat in their chairs on the news shows babbling that in both cases "faulty intelligence" was used and that Bush’s "mistake" cost much more than Newsweek’s.  How can there even be a comparison, especially when everyone knows it is impossible to use "Newsweek" and "intelligence" in the same sentence?  Seriously, though, George Bush’s "mistake" has brought education to children who may have never seen the inside of a classroom otherwise.  George Bush’s "mistake" has brought vaccinations to well over 3 million Iraqi children under the age of 5.  Oh, and George Bush’s "mistake" has brought freedom to some 24 million people who would have otherwise had a life of fear and oppression.   

This is what Newsweek’s mistake has brought to Afghanistan: 

Responsible reporting, isn’t it?

Pray They are Safe

We can only pray that two missing children, eight-year-old Shasta Groene and her brother Dylan Groene, 9, are okay.  Unfortunately, other members of their family, including their mother and 13-year-old brother were found slain in their home.  An Amber Alert has been issued for little Shasta and Dylan.

COEUR d’ALENE, Idaho - Authorities said on Tuesday afternoon that they have no leads in the murders of three people found slain in an Idaho home. Earlier they issued an Amber Alert in the search for two children who lived at the house but were no longer there when the bodies were discovered.

"We have no leads, no persons of interest," said Kootenai County Sheriff Rocky Watson. "We’re just doing everything we can early because time is of the essence."

They were last seen getting off a school bus at their house Monday afternoon, the Web site for the Spokesman-Review newspaper reported Tuesday.

Watson said that finding the children was law enforcement’s main concern at this point. He said the county sheriff’s office was working with the FBI and other agencies and had dogs searching in the area near the home, which is about eight miles from town.

Authorities have said that while the cause of death remained undetermined, there were "suspicious circumstances" reported by a neighbor and the deaths were obvious homicides. 

At least in this case, as it stands, the father of the children has been ruled out as a suspect.  There have been entirely too many situations of late where children are being killed by their own father or mother.  That being said, it doesn’t bring any comfort to those impacted by these senseless murders.  I pray that Shasta and Dylan are found and that they have family and friends that can support them during this painful time.